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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon and Astrology Forecast for June 28-July 4

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Right now we are to experience an important and powerful week ahead.

The third and final eclipse of this current Eclipse Season bursts open this week:  A Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn. It comes late this week, on Saturday July 4 at 9:44 PM PDT.

So the world and country and personal lives continue to be shaken up.  This Eclipse Season merges with other life shifting planetary patterns and two important Retrogrades.

The first two eclipses were on June 5 (a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius), and on Summer Solstice (Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer).

The Minneapolis power abusive murder of George Floyd caught fire early in the current Eclipse Season , just after the Gemini New Moon of May 22 (which opened the doors for this Eclipse Season).

The previous Eclipse Season began around Winter Solstice, and brought on the Covid Virus, which brought on the shakiness of the Stock Market and Economy as many people temporarily or permanently lost their jobs.

And this current Eclipse Season, which has more clearly shown us the historic plight of Black people in America and across the globe, has not finished yet.

This week, on Saturday June 27,  we begin the week with Mars leaving “go with the flow” Pisces, and entering an unusual 6 month sojourn in “full of force initiator” Aries.  It stays there for around 6 months because it goes Retrograde, then back Direct during that time period.

Moving from Pisces into Aries is like winter moving into spring.   Mars in Aries encourages us to experience fresh starts and to take action where action is needed.

Mars loves to be in Aries, and can express its true energetics there.  When healthy it can be forceful, brave; true to self; competitive; alpha; independent; assertive; straight forward and direct; initiating; “take charge”; free spirited; and believing that being true to its organic nature is what god intended.

Mars is also known as the god of war, and in Aries it feels more powerful than in any other sign.

Speaking up and asserting will be more common place over the next 6 months, and in the greater world we can expect war drums to be beating rather passionately as we move closer to Election Day in November this year.

We are talking about the rather obvious Culture War in the USA, but also strongly suggested is a real war. Likely candidates are Israel and Palestine; North Korea/China and USA;  India and China; Iran and USA.

In our personal lives people are more likely to take issues and arguments to the edge, and into crisis mode.  “Biting your tongue” and not saying anything will be much more difficult to maintain.

As Venus just went Direct this past week, relationships will slowly be able to reveal their current condition, after these several weeks of Venus Retrograde relationship focus, and what remedies are available to transforming toxic patterns of relating.

Of course offsetting the Venus Direct movement, we are now dealing with Mercury Retrograde until July 12.

So even with Venus back Direct, relating and communicating can be challenging and/or confusing. Left brain logic is more difficult to retain, and is more difficult in finding clear thinking and trusted conclusions.

Right brain imaginative creative perceptions may be more reliable, as we swim through images and synchronicity, and having signs and symbols lighting our way forward.  The Universe will not abandon you, but you may abandon the Universe if you do not get your way or get what you want.

Demanding what you want from the Universe is a childish connection with the Universe, projecting parents onto the Universe.  The Universe is more “concerned” with what you need to fulfill this lifetime’s soul journey and soul destiny. Your Higher Soul Self is connected to the Universe, while your ego self is connected to demands from a parental god entity.

The changes in the world will get more powerful this summer, and the old normal will fade away more and more from our rear view mirrors.  Better now to get used to leaving “normal” behind.

We have been entering a whole new world this year and we do not know the “rules” of that new world yet.  In some ways we are like babies in the birth canal, slowly losing our memories of our last incarnation, getting ready for our new life adventure.

We are being disoriented from our old life’s agendas by the Covid virus; by a changing of the economy which is in its very early stages of transformation; and by a deep shifting of our view of police and military, especially in regards to African Americans and all peoples of color.

Can you not feel that this is more then just the old pattern of band-aid fixes, and then going back to how it was?  This time these changes are at the core of our collective hearts and souls. No going back.

And if we push to get back to normal, the virus will get stronger, protests more violent, and stock market more in crash mode.

We need to commit ourselves to this new world, age, and paradigm.  The Age of Aquarius has open arms for our arrival, and Winter Solstice this year shows us  a major door open for our souls into that New Age. This happens at the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.

By then we will have passed through an important presidential election, learning if that open door takes us further into the demons at the door step or instead shows us a beautiful horizon just ahead.  Demons or beauty at the door may depend on the results of the election.

So this week we start with Mars beginning a long stay in Aries and ends with the power of the last of 3 eclipses: a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer on the birthday of the USA July 4.

In between those two events we experience the 2nd of 3 passes of Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

The first was on April 4, the second on June 29/30 and the third on November 12, just after the election and just before the first eclipse of the next Eclipse Season in November/December 2020.

These Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions this year give us the combination of god on high Jupiter and god of the underworld Pluto.

That is such a powerful meeting, one that seeks to unite “heaven and hell”, light and dark.

Combined with the Lunar Eclipse and Mars entering an extended stay in Aries, we can expect more shakeups of the world and our personal lives, and most importantly a shaking up of our consciousness from old paradigm viewpoints, into Age of Aquarius viewpoints.

Do your best to let go of the shore as your boat journeys into new consciousness. You are ready, so just let go and trust the river of Life to take you into these new life vistas that are deeply connected with your greater destiny this lifetime.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn shows us a permissive nurturing parent who loves you unconditionally (Cancer), with a taskmaster more strict parent who challenges you to be at your best and to contribute to this world with accomplishment (Capricorn).

Make sure you feel safe and cared for (Cancer), but also feel your desire to accomplish in the world (Capricorn).

The USA chart’s Sun in Cancer is greatly affected by this Lunar Eclipse. The identity and expression of the USA is being challenged. Who are we?

The Empire is in the first stages of collapse.  We need to return to our old identity of United States of America, back to the values at our origin.  Statues representing our abuse of power with Native Americans  and African Americans are coming down. But the founders of this country brought a new experimental dream of equality, power to the people, freedom and liberation, and diversity within unity to the world.  But it was not intended to dominate the world and make in our image.

As the USA transforms, we all transform too.

It is good now to journal your thoughts and feelings now, and most of all to learn to stay present for all you are thinking, feeling, and doing.

You are leaving behind the old chapter of your life, and that is not easy. But it is best for you to release and say goodbye, with as much love in your heart as you can.

Till next week,


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