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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius and Astrology Forecast May 31- June 6

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We let you know this current Eclipse Season was beginning at the Gemini New Moon on May 22.

And what a powerful and disturbing week it was after that New Moon in Gemini.

What happened during this last week gives us a sense of some of the issues that will be important during this Eclipse Season.

The first actual eclipse is this coming Friday June 5 at 3:12 PM EDT.

The issues that were initiated last week that will be themes for this Eclipse Season are so evident.

An African American man, named George Floyd,  was being held by police in Minneapolis Minnesota for apparently passing a counterfeit bill for $20 at a local store.

He had no weapon and was said not to have resisted arrest.   A policeman put his knee down on the prone man’s neck.   Mr Floyd was heard on the video of this incident crying out because he could not breathe.  He was held down in that position for almost 10 minutes, during which time he died.

He was murdered. And several other policemen stood watching and did not intervene to save Mr. Floyd.

Protests have turned into riots not only in Minneapolis, but in cities all over the country.  The collective anger from African Americans and also from people of all colors, is pent up rage from the injustices perpetrated against them since they were put into slavery during the early days of America.

The Civil War of 1860-1865 was largely a war between slave holders in the South and people in the North. The North was considered as a country called the United States, led by President Abraham Lincoln at that time.

This was the first major culture war in the USA. And that Culture War still exists in the USA.

This culture war has been more evident over the last few years, especially since a Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville Virginia in August 2017, one that was filled with white supremacists. That turned into riots that ended up killing a young woman.

It happened during the Summer Eclipse Season of 2017, whose planetary highlight was a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo.

This time, rage will likely continue and increase in intensity, as people are fed up with the injustice that has lasted so long in America.  The ’60s brought some breakthroughs, but the job was not finished then, nor was the movement into the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Another issue that got strong last week was the war of words between China and the USA over Hong Kong and China’s newly passed law giving it more security controls over the island that is democratic and very capitalistic.

China is threatening more controls over Hong Kong. And it last week threatened to use force against Taiwan if it tried to become independent from China.

War of words also got strong with Iran, which brought oil to Venezuela.

Also last week, countries, including the USA, have opened up more out of  lock-downs caused by the Covid Virus.

And though the Stock Market has been recently mainly going upward, the economy in the USA is on shaky ground since Covid began its power over humanity last winter.

The USA Empire is eroding from the outside and the inside now, as did the Roman Empire which began around the time of the beginning of the Pisces Age, which is beginning to end now. The Age of Aquarius is waiting in the wings.

This Eclipse Season is already important and powerful as was the last one, which was last winter.  That Eclipse Season, along with the devastating Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, opened the gates for the Virus and breakdown of the Stock Market.

So this week as we move into the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday, it is best to ride the wave of change and release what in your life needs to go now.

With Venus Retrograde at the same time (until June 25), this Eclipse Season will have relationship issues in the spotlight of our lives, all kinds of relationship including romantic, family, and friends.

This is a majorly good time to make changes in relationship, to look old toxic patterns “right in the eye”, at the core of the problems.

From there one can experience what needs to be accepted, what needs to be worked on, what needs to be changed and transformed, what needs to end.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon has the Sun in Gemini exactly opposite the Moon in Sagittarius. This combination promises needs for much communication now.  Gemini is in charge of the objective facts and details, expressing the message, and clear communication.

Sagittarius is in charge of intuitive understandings, finding meaning, providing the bigger picture, and working for solutions.

Neptune and Mars in Pisces are square to the Sun and Moon of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius. This forms a strong mutable T-Square, which pulls us in three different directions, and can cause stress and anxiety in many people.

So clarity will be most important as the tendency will be for some fogginess or difficulty in understanding what is being said.

From a more positive viewpoint, the Pisces planets can help bring in a more imaginative perspective with liberal use of metaphor and image to explain what is not readily understood.

And of course keep in mind that Venus is Retrograde during this Lunar Eclipse, so old relationships or old relationship and communication patterns will likely be present.

Releasing the attachment to those old relationships in our minds and hearts is quite possible at this time.  And with that release, the old stuck patterns that came with those relationships can also be released.

We are moving into the Age of Aquarius and there is much work to be done in letting go of the old consciousness.

The old consciousness will fight to stay alive. The old world will fight to stay alive.

And out in the greater world “out there” there may be military action taken in our cities and martial law enacted.  Chaos versus Order is likely to be part of what happens during these transitional times.  There already is the growing chaos of the Virus, volatile Stock Market, and riots in the cities.

It is not out of the realm of possibility that that chaos and lack of control will cause an over-reaction of domination and rigid control by government forces.

There is much more Eclipse Season coming after this week’s Lunar Eclipse. There is an unusual 3 eclipses in row. The next two eclipses will be a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on Summer Solstice, and another Lunar Eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn on 4th of July.

Mercury will join Venus being in Retrograde on June 17; and there is another Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on June 30.

Please join me in my next Webinar on June 6, just after the Lunar Eclipse on June 5.

It is a powerful time for the webinar which will put world events in perspective, look at charts of world leaders and countries, view charts of candidates for President and Vice President, make prediction of coming events, and deeply discuss how our personal lives and consciousness will be open for transformation now. Change is here, the old normal is gone, a new normal has not yet formed. Let’s look at the Big picture and our Age of Aquarius.

The fee for the Webinar is $20 payable through PayPal.   It is on Saturday June 6 at 10:30 AM PDT and will last until around 12:30 PM. Questions and comments at the end will be very welcome.  The Webinar will be on Zoom. If interested in registering please write Leo at

Till next week,


My next Webinar is on June 6, the day after the first Eclipse on June 5.  it will be powerful and informative. Write me at to register or for more information.

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