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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra/Aries and Astrology Forecast October 14-20

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we move through increasing intensity as we move toward our first eclipse this autumn.   There is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra/Aries on Friday October 18 at 7:38 PM EDT.   Jupiter will square the full moon partners Sun and Moon to form a potent Cardinal T-Square.

Lunar Eclipses are many times stronger than the usual full moon, and Jupiter forming the Cardinal  T-Square make it even more powerful.   Cardinal signs are the first sign of seasons: Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn; so they signify initiation or new starts.

So energies are pushing us to move on into new chapters of life.  Some of the themes at the portal of the new chapter are based this week on the following astrological issues:  Libra versus Aries is respectively peace versus war; or harmony versus conflict; or making relationship and compromise versus willful headstrong positions.

Jupiter in Cancer squaring those Full Moon signs brings an emotional need for being true to the higher values of one’s group or “family”.

In the greater world, in synchronistic timing with the Lunar Eclipse this week, there is an important meeting between world powers and Iran on Monday the 15th to work out an agreement about Iran’s nuclear program.  Ultimately its success or failure will bring our world closer to either peace or war in the Middle East.   As I have been writing for a long time, the transformation of our world into an Aquarian Age rests in large part on the happenings in the Middle East.

It also rests largely on the economic condition of our world, with much emphasis on the United States financial condition, as its Empire is the engine that runs much of world’s economy.

And this Thursday the 17th, just one day before the Lunar Eclipse, the debt ceiling must be raised in the United States, or it will default on its world debts.  Potentially, that default would bring great destruction to the USA and world economy. There are signs of a severe economic meltdown on the way, whichever way the talks go.

Just a few weeks ago it looked like World War III might ignite if the USA bombed Syria.  At the last minute the bombing was halted when President Obama turned to the American people and Congress for support of the war.  Their negative response to the potential bombing and President Putin of Russia’s support to break down the chemical weapons of Syria brought peace.  Now Iran,Syria’s ally, is also on the verge of making relationship with the USA and world powers, which would bring more energy toward peace and Aquarian Age world equality.

So this coming week will be a turning point with both Iran and the Middle East on the one hand, and the USA and world economy on the other hand.   Compromise and peace (Libra) or a willful strong warrior’s stance (Aries) is the issue brought from this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which is quite evident in both the Iranian conference and the raising of the debt limit and opening of the government.  Democrats and Republicans are in obvious conflict over these economic issues.

What is likely to happen in both issues is that a weak compromise or agreement will be made, pushing the true resolution of both the economic issue and the Iran issue to another day.  Yet because of the volatility of this current Eclipse Season, unpredictable events could bring down all efforts for compromise.   Keep in mind that ultimately our world and especially our country require a huge overhaul of change, and the status quo old paradigm must die.

Then on Monday the 21st Mercury goes Retrograde shifting thinking again; on November 1st powerfully transformative Uranus and Pluto make another exact square to one another; and on November 3 there is a Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio bringing passionate and intense emotions back more strongly than before.    The Middle East, the economy, and other as yet unknown events may explode into our world before the year is over.

And whatever is left undone will for sure come back in a very powerful manner next spring at the Uranus/Pluto Grand Cross which happens at the same time as two new eclipses, in April.  That grand cross will be exactly, by degree, making aspect to the USA natal Sun placement of July 4 1776, the birth day of the United States.

And President Obama this Autumn Eclipse Season is facing an important Saturn and Scorpio Solar Eclipse square to his Sun in Leo.   The temperature of stress and turmoil for his life are increasing dramatically.   Exactly what forms of experience that takes is not fully known yet.  But he is bucking some of the ingrained ways of being in Washington and has many angry enemies.

The climax of the Uranus/Pluto square and challenges to USA superpower status in the world will be in the Spring and Summer of 2014,  yet events this Autumn 2013 will show us many clues as to the direction of the tides of change.

In your personal life, the Autumn Eclipse Season will shake up whatever has been on hold.  There will be movement and energies wanting to break open anything stuck.  In that process some ways of being or relating that are going nowhere will be stressed and pushed to “get out of the way”.

The Libra/Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will bring you to a place of needing to work out issues in a way that both honors both your need to stand your ground and your desire to make relationship or compromise.  Because of the intensity of the aspects, stronger emotions may be expressed, and new ways to look at a situation may open up after the old ways find no solution.

In some cases flashes of inspiration will awaken you to having a breakthrough out of the old stuck patterns.

Remember that the process of transformation out of the fearful controlled ego requires a releasing of the “old you”, of people and situations and mind frames that keep you stuck and running through the old mazes over and over again.  We have all been programmed by family, society and earlier life situations to see our selves and our roles in limited fashion.

At these times of intensified planetary movements, we are given potential escape hatches out of the masks of our old self.  Our authentic soul self wants out so we can live our “best life”.   You are ready to grow to another level, to evolve, to embrace your true self.   And in that process you will need to shed that which keeps you trapped in an artificial role and ego.

The power of transformation accelerates now in this Autumn Eclipse Season.  Healing energies are stronger also.

Your desire to hold onto that which is familiar may be strong also, especially as you sense an unknown chapter of life beckoning you.   You do not usually have to go off with none of your old “belongings”.     It is best if possible to make your own compromises with change or keeping the old.

Often we can find a way for change without giving up the “baby with the bathwater”.  But sometimes we are truly faced with a big letting go, bigger than we think we can handle.  Yet in a transformational context, all happens for a reason, and that reason is our own soul growth and evolution, and the evolution of our world and human family.

Take the ride of this Eclipse Season with an open heart and open mind, yet with your feet on the ground and centered in your soul and the Universe.

There is a new YOUTUBE video out now

See you next week,


You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

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