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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde, and Astrology Forecast August 6-12.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week brings us important energy shifts as we experience a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius and Mercury Retrograde.

On Monday August 7 there is the first of 2 eclipses this August:  A Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius at 2:11 PM EDT.

This is not a total lunar eclipse and it will not be seen in the United States as it happens during daylight hours all across the North American continent.

The Sun will be in Leo and the Moon exactly opposite in Aquarius.  

Lunar Eclipses are always Full Moons, and have the Sun and Moon exactly opposite one another. The shadow of the Earth covers the Moon creating the eclipse.

The Sun will be at 15+ degrees of Leo and the Moon will be at 15+ degrees of Aquarius. In this Full Moon Mars will be conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon, as it will be at 11+ degrees of Leo.  Mars will add more forcefulness to the event.

So if you have any planets in the mid degrees of fixed signs Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, or Scorpio you will be more affected than others.  And of course the Leo and Aquarius planets will be the most important.

This is a Full Moon, so those of you who are sensitive to the energies of Full Moons will be especially energized as eclipses have much more energy and power than the usual Full Moons.

I do not expect this Eclipse to be as important or strong as the next one,  a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo.  But it is still strong and important.

Eclipses “intend” to shake us up, take us off our usual balance, and create conditions for breakthroughs and awakenings, or for breakdowns.

An issue to be aware of with this Lunar Eclipse will be about expressing and knowing one’s heart (Leo), or instead using one’s head or mind for knowing (Aquarius).

As an example if someone was out choosing a car to buy, would they choose the one that they love because of its beauty and gadgets or would they choose the one they think is better for the environment and for lower gas mileage?

Aquarius is not only more leaning toward the mind, it is also leaning toward what is more socially conscious or better for the community. And it also tends to want that which is different, not necessarily what is considered “normal”.

Leo is more concerned with what opens its heart, is more popular, and perhaps gives it a better image. It likes people or things that it “falls in love” with.

Neither way is better, just different, as we need to trust both our heads and hearts.

Globally there may be conflicts between that which a strong leader demands (Leo) versus that which the larger community demands (Aquarius).

Aquarius sees the strong leader taking the power away from the people.  Leo sees the community of “equals” as never getting things done, indecisive, and without clear direction.

They need each other.

Pay attention to these issues playing out in your personal life and in the greater world. Watch for events in the 3-4 days surrounding this Eclipse for signs of what is wanting to break through or break down.    What is needing to be let go from the past, and what does one need to be open to that one is moving toward?

What represents the old chapter and old world, with its old patterns and beliefs; and what wants to open up that represents the new chapter in our lives?

Eclipses are good motivators for change and transformation.  Relationship issues may more likely show themselves than is usual. If so, then it is time to deal with things that have been pushed under the rug of our consciousness.

Wanting to more authentically express oneself may happen at this time.  And ego battles may be more likely now too.

The next Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21 will be even more likely to bring out these issues.

Not long after the frequencies of the Lunar Eclipse this week subside, we encounter Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury goes Retrograde in Virgo at 9 PM EDT on Saturday August 12.

Mercury will stay Retrograde during the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, and will last until September 5 when it goes back Direct again. It will go into Leo during its Retrograde journey, which is where it will be at when it goes back Direct.

Like all Mercury Retrograde periods, our perceptions naturally change, as we tend to look at things differently.

We may give pause and shift our thinking about what we had previously planned on doing or saying; and we may then want to go in a different direction.

Do your best to wait until Mercury goes back Direct before making a final decision.  And it often takes a week or so after it goes Direct before real clarity appears.

And with Eclipse Season shaking things up and potentially creating more chaotic situations, the fogginess of Mercury Retrograde will make clarity and direction even more difficult to ascertain.

Let this Eclipse Season play itself out before jumping to conclusions. Of course we want to know what to do as soon as possible, but sometimes like now, we need to let the process unfold all the way.

Trust the Universe and your own Self to bring you what is right at the right time.

September should be as energized  and even more filled with important events than August, as the New Moon on August 21 opens up a whole new lunar cycle that reaches almost to the Autumn Equinox.

The Portal of new energy opens up on August 21 and many new experiences and events will follow.

But for now, we have a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon to experience, and it will bring a shift of energies, and also events that could be important.

Later this August we will encounter the Total Solar Eclipse with Mars not far away from it,  at close to the same time as Saturn going Direct,  Mars sextile Saturn and Jupiter, and Jupiter sextile Saturn.  

The last part of August will see the speed of change picking up steam. And this speed of change will continue through September and beyond as a Portal will be opened at the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21.

But for now, this week gives us an important Lunar Eclipse in Leo/Aquarius, that has within it Mars in Leo conjunct the Sun in Leo and opposite the Moon in Aquarius.

That will be followed closely by Mercury beginning its Retrograde movement on August 12.

Now is the time to let yourself let go and just take the roller coaster ride. It will start relatively slowly and pick up speed as it goes, with its most intense period being around the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo.

Please take a look at new video I made about the coming eclipses:

Till next week,


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