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Mars Going Direct, and Astrology Forecast for March 7-13

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

If your life has been lacking movement,  and you don’t know what to do, you are not alone.    Big changes are coming this spring and summer,  but for many right now life seems stalled.  It is a calm before the storms.

 So making plans and knowing what to do next may be challenging.  Remember it is Pisces time of year, the last month of winter before new beginnings in spring. Energetically, spring equinox is arguably equivalent to a true New Year.   And to add to the feeling of life being stale or stalled right now, remember that Mars is still retrograde, though turning direct this week. More on that later in this blog.

And life in the bigger picture may look foggy now.   What direction is the economy really going in?

“Experts” are saying we have turned a corner and things are beginning to get better.  Is that what you are feeling in your life? I believe, knowing the astrological aspects and how they impact the USA chart, that deeper transformation of the economic system will be needed before things truly get much better.

 And the big picture also tells us even bigger change is coming.   We are changing Ages.  2012 is so close now.  And astrological aspects for 2010 portend strong shifting tides of change for all of us.

Already many have been thrown off balance by a weird winter.  Is it climate change, global warming, or just a plain old weird winter that happens sometimes?  And what about these huge and destructive earthquakes so close together, most especially the ones in Haiti and Chile.  Is this shaking a metaphor for the foundations of our old world crumbling?

 So many of the American people are not trusting our government, big corporations, or either politcal party anymore.   Are we therefore moving more strongly back to our roots as a nation, which is about power to the people, not special interests? Or are we instead in some serious decay as a nation? 

And look at how countries like China, India, Brazil, and Iran are becoming more powerful countries.  The USA and Europe will soon no longer dominate the world. 

 The amount of resistance the USA and Eurpope have to this sweeping world change will determine how large the battles between nations will become.  More resistance to the burgeoning multi polar world equals more trouble for the world.

And technologically we keep growing by such leaps and bounds, for better and for worse.    I have been using Skype lately to talk to people who appear on my computer screen as we are talking to one another.     Technology, in this case, is bringing us closer to one another.  Who would have guessed, 20 years ago, that we would be having these “in person” conversations on our computers.    And the wonder I felt while watching Avatar in IMAX 3-D gave me an amazing experience.   And of course “googling” for all sorts of information is such an improvement over having to use so many reference books at the library to get that same information.

But technology has also gotten us, in many ways, so detached from our emotions and each other- at deeper and more intimate levels.  We text or email instead of talking or being in person.     Are we leaving behind our feelings as we enter our a New Age?

The biggest picture tells us our world is changing so fast and we sometimes do not know what to do or where to go.  Where will the good jobs be 20 years from now?  This confusion can make it hard to know what to take in college or what jobs to apply for or career to choose.

These changing times feel similar, in some ways, to how it felt in the late ’60s and ’70s.     The world was then changing so unbelievably fast.  The sexual revolution and the mind expanding drugs were taking us rapidly off our normal balance and paradigm for living. The Viet Nam war and the draft were making it difficult to know what directions to take in life.   People were going to college or going to Canada just to avoid that unjust war.  Others had to give up their careers or loved ones to have to go to war, against their will. 

 Old gender roles were being transformed, civil rights for black people were shaking up the status quo.

And overall there was a growing mistrust of “the system” we were living in here in America.   We were tired of the corruption, the materialism, the lies and deception by the people in power, the killing of innocent people in war, the injustices, the lack of love and caring in the prevailing world order.  

And now  those same problems are staring us in the face again.  But now so many have become much more cynical, with less hope for true and deep change.


And in the smaller picture of our coming week ahead, March 7- March 13:

It is Pisces tme of year until the spring equinox on March 20, when the Sun goes into Aries.   Pisces brings the washing away of the ghosts of the past year, a cleansing and healing.  One needs at this time of year to let go of ego controls and instead to yield to a power greater than ego, the power of the Universe.  This letting go in itself is healing, as stress is alleviated through surrender.  One can then go with the Pisces flow, Pisces being the flow of the ocean of water and the ocean of space, where one floats beyond the pull of gravity.  Use this Pisces time of year to get ready for the thrust forward in spring by releasing that which is ready to die in your life.

But before spring equinox we experience new beginnings through Mars going direct after having been retrograde since mid December 2009.   It has been difficult for many during this Mars retrograde period, to  know what one truly wants and where one is going in one’s life.  Mars goes direct this Wednesday March 10.

Do not expect that miraculously you will all of a sudden know exactly what you want and where you want to go with your life.  Nevertheless, Mars Direct will signify a shift in consciousness and a feelinbg of movement forward.  You will feel the ignition of your life car being turned on.  Matters of desire and direction will begin to clear up.  You will feel like moving forward again.  But remember it is still winter and there is more inner reflection and healing to do. 

Then comes te Spring Equinox. And then comes a most active and eventful spring and early summer season!

“See” you next week

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Check out my website for more writings.  Go to the archives page to read our publication:  Spiritual Renaissance.  And you are welcome to visit our services page to see about astrology readings.

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