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Meaningful Pausing and Astrology Forecast May 2- May 8

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we experience a darkening waning moon, on the way to a New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday May 11.

So this week hold back from any big starts, dominant agendas, or impulsive actions. Actually it is doubtful you will feel motivated toward any big movements anyway.

There are no planets this week in Fire signs. And only the Moon will go into a fire sign until June 11 when Mars goes into Leo the day after a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini on June 10.

Only two planets, Jupiter and Saturn in air sign Aquarius, are in a anything other than Yin (water and earth) signs now.

So the energetic movement is “down and in” instead of “up and out”.

Some people tend toward feeling depressed when there is a lack of air and/or fire elements.

There is a lot we are working through now, on pretty deep levels of consciousness.

Recent passage into the Age of Aquarius has us needing to do rapid and deep transformation of consciousness.

The energies from the new consciousness and paradigm are moving fast- as time itself has also been moving.

As they attempt to shift our consciousness, they meet up with blockages from old traumas and wounds, as well as old ego stories that seek to keep status quo Ground Hog Day sameness.

For me Time seems to be so much faster now. In a given day I often find my self hurrying to catch up to Time.

And the new consciousness, moving fast, meets up with blocks of resistance. This can cause psychological distress, but in many people is now causing bodily distress as well.

The root chakra seems to be stressed a lot lately, and some of that is because old traumas are being triggered, traumas that are conditioned to activate fight or flight response in us.

We have opportunity now to change our response to stress, especially so if we increase our meditation, physical exercise, and time in Nature.

That can facilitate our ability to open up to the new energies of the New Paradigm.

Really we do not need to overhaul our lives necessarily. Instead we essentially need to surrender our mind’s need to be in control all the time.

We are learning to let go, surrender, and trust the process. Linear goal orientation is giving way to being in the moment, surrendering to higher self and Universe, and enjoying life.

The “Feminine” is circular not linear, and does not need to win or dominate. Its Return, so to speak, will disarm and make relating more genuine and satisfying. Relating stops being “tit for tat” measuring; and instead brings from the heart connecting.

This week, as we move through yin-ward connection to body and soul; resist the mind’s desires to worry and doubt so much.

Eclipse Season will begin at the Taurus New Moon on May 11. Two weeks later is the first of two eclipses: A Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on May 26, followed by a Solar Eclipse New Moon on June 10.

Old disconnected and demonizing projections on “the enemy” will be stirring up drums of war in the Middle East and Ukraine, and possibly in China/Taiwan during Eclipse Season.

This week the Sun square Saturn on Monday, as the Moon moves into its 4th quarter that day also; says Stop pushing forward. Accept the current situation as it is now. Times of change will be here soon enough.

See you next week,


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