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Meeting the Challenges and Astrology Forecast July 12-18

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

For some there is a real sense of relief when Mercury goes back Direct, as it does tonight at 4:26 AM on Sunday July 12. Mercury began its Retrograde dance on June 17, just before the powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon on the Summer Solstice.

That Solar Eclipse on the Solstice shows us some of the “signature” for the whole summer season. That conveys to us the power of that planetary event, which will play out this summer in great intensity and with important events.

Back in 2001 there was a Solar Eclipse right on the Summer Solstice, as there is now.

And we know that before that summer was over, the Twin Towers in downtown New York were attacked and collapsed, killing hundreds of people.

And with the Summer Solstice this year, we see another Solar Eclipse on that first day of summer. And this year we have Mars in Aries hanging out with the Solar Eclipse.

And from June 20 until July 13, we have been carrying the added burden of Mercury Retrograde. And hanging out with Mercury Retrograde, we had Venus Retrograde until June 25.

That has brought a lot of confusion or unknowing into our relating and communicating.

It may have been taking us into more talking and processing than usual.

Now the Eclipses have passed, and Venus and Mercury are back Direct.

So now, we move through the waning half of the lunar cycle.

It is a great time now to clear the air, cleanup the mess, and see where we are at, after having experienced the powerful Eclipses and the Retrogrades, as well as the 2nd pass of Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

The next New Moon is in Cancer again, on Monday July 20. That will effectively end this Eclipse Season.

But we won’t actually be resting that much as Mars in Aries will create much restlessness in those who are thinking of taking time off and relaxing.

Even with such motivational energies for moving forward and taking action, Mercury and Venus, having just recently gone back Direct, require us to better understand ourselves, to look more deeply and objectively at our situations, especially at relationships and our patterns of relating and communicating.

Every time now that we go through a disappointment in our patterns of relating, we can let that disappointment motivate us to work on and improve how we relate and communicate.

Are we truly present with others? Are they truly present with us? Are we really listening at what they are trying to say, which is sometimes under the covers of our B.S way of relating which is about not really saying anything.

When we do that or when we try to avoid real conversation, we are setting the stage for a slow-mo leaving of the relationship.

Someone will one day ask you what went wrong with the relationship, and you will not really know what happened. You will only remember that you lost interest.

Relationships that have been with us for a long period, most of the time can fade away as we take them or the other person for granted- until it is too late.

And of course the opposite is just as likely to happen: Someone takes you for granted, you drift away, and then find your self attracted to people who “see you” and appreciate you.

I can think of no really good reason to stay with someone who you no longer want to be with, who you are just going through the motions with.

You can try to work it out or go to counseling, but if it has truly died, real people with real hearts and souls will not be able to stay in a “soul dead” relationship.

And Mars in Aries for the next 6 months will tend to get us to want to take action, to move forward in some meaningful way.

This week has other signs of increasing energy, besides Mars in Aries.

On Tuesday the 14th, the Sun opposes Jupiter, bringing needs for stronger self expression. And that same day has Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries.

That adds more energies for going after what you want and/or what you need.

And on Wednesday the 15th the Sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn. So in effect the Sun in Cancer has been opposing the recent exact conjunction between ‘god on high’ Jupiter and “god of the underworld” Pluto..

Watch for people in the world with huge ego problems pushing others out of their way so they can get want they want.

This is old Paradigm- one of us will win and get what we want, while the other one gets nothing or very little.

Who started this most dysfunctional habit of relating? Why do we compete with people we are in a romantic relationship with or even a close friendship?

Win/Win is the new way of having relationship. You look for solutions that have appeal for both people though perhaps not exactly what each thought they wanted.

Win/Lose is good for sports or other activities that are mainly meant to be competitive, but in romantic relationships, or even relationships between countries, there is a win/win answer that is out there if you are looking.

And in the world, with Mars in Aries for 6 months, along with Covid; with a shaky economy; and tension within the Culture wars, we can expect extreme difficulties on our way to an election with both sides so heavily invested in the outcome. People are like life and death around who is going to win this election.

America is in a very weak place now, with a president not respected in his own country and all around the world. We are very vulnerable now, and other countries we have made into enemies are for sure looking to take advantage of that reality.

It is time now, with the dust clearing from an Eclipse Season coming to an end soon, and Venus and Mercury now recently back Direct, to look at our individual lives and the state of the world as well.

Mars in Aries will keep us awake now, and the most intense is yet to come with a Presidential Election that will combine with another Jupiter conjunct Pluto; Saturn conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius on the Winter Solstice; and Mars going back Direct.

I will be doing more Webinars starting in September, going all the way into the Election, as well as some Psychological Astrology classes this Autumn.

See you next week,


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