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Mercury Direct and Astrology Forecast May 22-28

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

On Sunday May 22 Mercury goes back Direct again.  Iknw for many of you that feels like a big relief, as the last three weeks have been difficult.

We truly have entered a whole new chapter of our lives, one that feels challenging for some.

WE leave a old plateau of familiarity, a comfort zone of sorts, even if not entirely satisfying.

But nevertheless it is time to move forward.  At least now, with Mercury going back Direct, the road ahead will have more clarity soon.

It can take sometimes a couple of weeks after Mercury goes Direct before full clarity is seen, but at least this week we can feel the shift and the movement forward.

It may not be until June 4 at the Gemini New Moon when the fogginess has totally lifted; and not till June 29 (when Mars goes Direct) before you feel your will has surrendered to the New World you find your self in.

By then you will be more clear about what you want in this new chapter and what direction is right to take.

July and August bring more action and important events to our personal and global lives. And then it is Eclipse Season, with a very powerful Solar Eclipse on September 1 that will propel us exponentially ore intensely into this new era of our lives.

For now however, as Mercury rights it self again, we begin to shift our perceptions into clearer focus.

On the 24th Venus leaves physically oriented Taurus for mental and social Gemini.

It is time to get off your couches of comfort and to interact more with others socially and mentally.

Venus in Gemini is also rather light and airy, so you can let down your hair and enjoy the conversations.

On June 26 there is an important Jupiter square Saturn aspect- Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius.

Jupiter and Saturn have a 20 year cycle with one another, and important cycle in understanding the travails in the world.

This last cycle between them began in May 2000, when they were conjunct in Taurus.

That conjunction was square to Uranus in Aquarius, symbolically letting us know that there would be a stubborn holding onto old ways of being (Taurus planets) versus new ways of being aligned with the Age of Aquarius (Uranus in Aquarius).

That conjunction sets the tone for the whole 20 year cycle.   Starting in the Bush years there were attempts to hold back the tides of positive change, while during the last 8 years of Obama there have been attempts to help create a Diversity in Unity world.

Now at the Jupiter/Saturn square, we face the last 5 yars or so before the Age of Aquarius officially begins.

In December of 2020 Jupiter conjuncts Saturn a 0+ degrees of AQuarius, symbolically bringing in the New Age.

That does not mean that all will be a world of Shangri-La. ON the contrary, as it is the beginning of a 2160 year cycle in Aquarius, muc work will still need to be accomplished.

So the next 4-5years are very important. The quality of this Age of Aquarius depends on us. The port will be opened, but we will be responsible in large part for how it all manifests.

And how much healing will need after what happens in these next 4-5 years? How much destruction will we need to clean up and repair?  What will be the quality of our collective human consciousness then.

It is so impornt now and for the next several years to break the chains of programming the world has over so any people.

We cannot create a new world unless we see outside the boxes of programming and awaken to our new world and its new energies.

It i somewhat encouraging this year, during the presidential primaries. to see people fed up with the current system, which is the old world and paradigm dying.

No matter who they are for, they are fed up withe the old. Ihave not seen this scale of revolt since the ’60s, with more to come I am sure.

For each of us, it is best to find a way to let go of the old inside out own mind and heart, so an empty vessel can be formed,  That empty vessel will receive the new light, love and truth from the Age of AQuarius.

For this week, take your time gaining clarity. It may not come together all at once.

Decisions can soon be made.

The Jupiter/Saturn square, which is so important to our societal well being, can also be important personally.

Jupiter represents that which inspires us, lifts our spirits, and gives us hope for the future. Saturn contracts and tells us what is real and logical.

So you may go through an internal struggle this week between feelings of upliftment and hope versus feelings of sadness or even despair.

Find the right balance for you between hope and reality.

See you next week,


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