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Mercury Direct, Summer Solstice, Full Moon End of Eclipse Season, and Astrology Forecast June 20-26.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Eclipse Season is coming to a close this week, as we meet up with a Full Moon in Capricorn on Thursday June 24 at 2:40 PM EDT. Other meaningful planetary shifts this week also show how shifting tides of collective experience.

Prior to that full moon signifying an end to Spring 2021 Eclipse Season, we experience the annual shift from Spring to Summer at the Summer Solstice on June 20 at 11:32 PM EDT. Jupiter goes Retrograde on that same day, bringing energies of expansion and needs for upliftment and inspiration. Since happening on Summer Solstice, those Jupiterian needs are part of the signature for Summer 2021.

Remember that Summer Solstice is the time of year when Light minutes of the day are at their fullest. But that is the turning point when darkness begins to gain more and more every day.

Another most important happening this week is Mercury leaving its Retrograde energetic, in order to stop and then go back Direct on June 22 at 6 PM EDT. It will take 10 days or so before clarity and direction can be trusted to show.

So this week brings to us a major earthly human Passage.

We now begin to need and slowly let into our consciousness greater perspective; a knowing of current “reality”; a greater desire for direction and purpose; and a surrender to that which is greater than us.

I do not mean a surrender to the pressure put on us by Society, or big Government, or Corporate Structure.

I mean a surrender to All That Is; to Universe; to God or the Gods; to the Feminine and Goddess, to Life.

Since early 2020, during and after that Eclipse Season and powerful Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn; Covid burst into our lives. That was quite shocking to our systems; especially so as we soon were told that we needed to stay home, work and get schooled remotely.

We were also told we needed to stop making physical contact with one another. We were and largely still are estranged from one another, more and more isolated.

Some are at least somewhat trusting of government and the system. Others are getting more and more involved with and believing of conspiracy theories. The Truth often feels quite illusive nowadays.

Covid is real and we need to take that in to protect our health and well being. But where it came from and what its purposes are is still a mystery. The control it has had over us is troubling.

Many of us are still wanting things to unfold in a way that we will learn what is truly happening at the deepest and highest of levels of consciousness. We are dedicated to finding and bringing those truths to our readers and listeners.

So Mercury is back Direct this week after June 22, but we know we will need 10 days or so of its Direct motion before we get enough clarity and direction.

The Full Moon in Capricorn this week on June 24 should bring the intensity level down to a place of some comfort and safety.

The Sun in Cancer begins Summer 2021. Cancer is the Great Mother archetype. That Sun in Cancer opposes the Moon in Capricorn to form a Full Moon.

Capricorn is the Great Father archetype. As such Capricorn is the taskmaster that expects results and production, no excuses. Showing love and human concern can be more difficult for this archetype.

Cancer as the Mother archetype is unconditional with its love, but has a difficult time with boundaries, as well as making rules and keeping to them.

Capricorn seeks security in the outer materialistic, success oriented world, where rules and boundaries need to be respected.

Cancer brings safety and security to the inner world of personal life, feelings, Inner Values and sensitivities. It cares more about “being a good and caring person” than it does about worldly success.

So the Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn brings out our needs to feel safe and secure, both inner and outer. Where do you need more trust in feeling safe? In the world or in the family?

Do you need to put more effort into being successful out in the world; or do you need to put more effort into your family and friends and inner values?

So this week allow your mind to slowly bring to you some clarity and direction, do not push or strain your brain. Trust that what you need to know will come to you when the time is right.

And also let your self feel your needs for more comfort, safety, and emotional and physical intimacy.

You can stop trying so hard, and stop pushing some agenda that you think will make you feel more certain and secure.

It won’t. We are all in new worlds now, and other dimensions are slipping into our minds and hearts. The veils between worlds is thinner than ever. More often than usual now, my peripheral vision sees and senses figures moving. No one else is known to be in the room.

These other dimensions may also be carrying the ETs/aliens who seem to be wanting to be known more and more in 3-D reality.

Right now the old world is getting ready to break open and break down more and more. Inflation, the Economy, the Stock Market are showing cracks in their foundations.

Israel and the Gaza Palestinians are getting closer and closer to a major war that will involve many cultures and nations of the world.

The issue of Abuse of Power is pointing its finger at Israel.

And they should know better, as their culture faced one of the worst Abuses of Power from Hitler and Germany during World War II.

The Age of Aquarius demands we let go of the desire to abuse power over others, feeling superiority over the others.

Juneteenth being a major holiday now in the USA shines some light from the Age of Aquarius on the horrors of Abuse of Power during slavery in the USA.

Radio show next Saturday June 26 will bring us Lauren Perrault, a gifted psychic and medium who will be taking calls and giving mini readings.

Then after that we will have some weeks of guests who have experienced the ETs, to tell us who they are and what they may want now as we transition more fully into the Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


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