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Mercury goes Retrograde on Election Day and Astrology Forecast November 4-10

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we let you know last week, the Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus on Monday October 29 would be quite powerful and would open the flood gates to the Eclipse Season of Autumn 2012. Well Sandy blew into the east coast of the USA right on the Full Moon, and it was a most devastating storm.   Many homes and lives were destroyed, and millions are still in the cold waiting for power to be turned back on, waiting in super long lines for gasoline.   Iconic American places like the Jersey Shore and Atlantic City Boardwalk are gone, destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

We spoke last week about how this storm, entering the eastern USA where the Sun rises for the country, was symbolic of a new day dawning in America.  And that new day began in a most powerful and devastating manner.   And at the next marking point in the lunar cycle, on November 6 at the last quarter Moon in Scorpio/Leo, Mercury will be stationing and going retrograde on Election Day in America.  We will be electing a President for the next four years, an important 4 years during which Uranus square Pluto will complete its current transformational dance together.

The world and the USA will change in ways during that time period that we cannot fully comprehend at this time.  It is likely that the ’60s Uranus conjunct Pluto revolution will pale in comparison to what is coming over the next several years.  From now until April 2014, when Uranus squares Pluto in a Grand Cross with Mars and Jupiter, all of which make extremely close aspect to the USA natal Sun in Cancer, the United States as we know it will transform as never before.  I believe by 2020, looking back on now, we will have a difficult time recognizing how it used to be.

The Superpower status of America will be gone, and the USA will be more an equal member of the tribe of peoples all over the Earth.  This does not mean we are a bad people who will be punished. This simply means that the age when empires flourished, beginning with Rome at the very beginning of the Pisces Age, is a time of the past. Aquarius is about liberation and equality, about Diversity in Unity, something the USA has been an example of.

But now that the USA has become a colonialist power and Empire, it has moved away from its enlightening glow; yet its original example is a template for the way the world is moving.  We will soon be a multi-polar world, with no one savior or special privileged nation.   This world stew was created with many different ingredients of peoples and races and nationalities, and in an Aquarian Age all are honored as integral to the overall flavor.

So every time we enter a period of important planetary configurations, as is the current Eclipse Season we now find ourselves within, there is a lot of shaking up of the status quo, a releasing of the past, as has happened with the current storm, and a desire to build anew. There is some pain and healing in the process, and an eventual transformation into a hopefully better world.

So now this week, as the Autumn Eclipse Season continues, there is a Presidential Election, on the day Mercury goes retrograde. The last time Mercury changed directions on a Presidential Election Day was in early November 2000 when it changed from retrograde to direct as Bush opposed Gore. Of course we all remember how crazy that day and the succeeding days were.  There were voting irregularities in Florida, which eventually led to the Supreme Court intervening weeks later to make determinations that led to the victory and Presidency of George Bush.

Already today November 3, Mercury has slowed down and is getting ready to change to retrograde on November 6. Confusion is already in the air. For a while it looks like President Obama will win, then it looks like Governor Romney will win, back and forth, which will continue.  Right now as I write, the momentum is moving in the direction of President Obama, as a result of the storm, which brought compliments to the President from New Jersey republican Governor Chris Christie and an endorsement from New York Mayor Bloomberg.

But with Mercury slowing down and changing to retrograde on Election Day, the winds could shift several times before the results are final.

On a logical level, without knowing for sure the hearts and minds of our American brothers and sisters nor the ultimate wisdom of the Universe, it seems Barack Obama should win.  The country is moving towards the culture he represents, as there is no stopping the equality for gays and lesbians, no stopping the current African American, Latino, and Asian cultures from becoming the majority of America in the near future. There is also no stopping the eventual movement to a more fair and shared economy.

That is our future.  And though Obama is certainly under the strong domination of the Military/Economic complex of the Empire, and unable to push for real and deep transformational change, nevertheless he represents the cultural change that will not be stopped.

But does that mean he will win this election?  Is there not a powerful push back now by a republican party now so influenced by white people, big business, and southern states from the old confederacy?  Do they not want to keep the world the way it has been?  Do not many people in the USA want to keep it the way it “has always been”?   And wouldn’t the fall of the Empire of the USA  be more poetic in the hands of those who have held power for so many years? Obama may be a look at how the culture will be one day in America, but perhaps not yet?

We do not know how this all will turn out on election day, but make no mistake about it, our lives will drastically change no matter who is president. The control by the Establishment of Big Government married with Big Corporation and Big Military is powerful no matter which party or president is in power.   Events will be quite dramatic over the next several years to transform this system no matter who becomes president.

But yes it does matter in our every day lives who is president. And yes it is fine no matter which culture you prefer, as that is what is democracy is all about. Perhaps you prefer Obama, or Romney, or Stein, or Johnson.  Each person deserves to vote their conscience and for someone who best represents their principles, values, and pocketbook.

But soon, no matter who wins, there will be great rage, especially so if there are close races in the so-called swing states like Florida or Ohio.  There will be claims of voter irregularities, especially so in Ohio if Romney wins, as his family owns the voting machines.

There will be a renewal of the old civil war, hopefully without the same violence.    And perhaps Lincoln (Obama) will need to be back in charge to try to make the country whole.   No matter who wins, please do not get in the war between cultures.  Do not demonize those who disagree with you. Believe me, in politics both sides cheat. I remember in 1960 when Kennedy won, everyone knew that democrat Mayor Daley in Chicago rigged the vote for Kennedy to win in Illinois.

Hatred and fear serve an old age, they will not help our country or world.   Do not be a part of the new civil war, it is a war of the past, and the separation of an old age.  We are meant to eventually bring all differences into a circle of diversified wholeness, like a yin-yang symbol.  If you do that in your own consciousness, you are contributing to a New World of Unity consciousness.

The eventual transformation of our world and country is inevitable, and it is such a huge change as we are moving into an Aquarian Age, one that has lasted over 2000 years.  And the Mayan Calendar is ending on December 21, 2012, an age that has lasted over 5000 years.

This Autumn Eclipse Season, which just began in a huge way last week, accelerates even more this coming week, at the last quarter Moon on Election Day, with Mercury going Retrograde. Then a week later, before we have had much time to digest the election, which perhaps may not even be settled by then, there will be a New Moon, a most powerful New Moon, as it is Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio.

Yes that New Moon will thrust us fast forward, with much Scorpionic passion.   The Middle East should be in the spotlight of world events, and other strong world events will be swirling through our lives. It is quite possible that dramatic new developments will erupt around Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and Israel.

In our personal lives, with the emphasis on Mercury Retrograde this week, there is a movement into a twilight zone of possible confusion. Much will shifting in our mental outlooks, perceptions, and perspective.  With the eclipses right behind, which includes a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 28, you will be taken out of your same old-same old patterns and motivated into shifting your life.

Mercury does not go back direct until November 26, at a time when we will be in the sphere of the Lunar Eclipse on November 28 and a very meaningful Mars conjunct Pluto, which will trigger the Pluto/Uranus square.

Get your ego out of the way and you will less likely to erupt into ugly disagreements. But this Scorpio Eclipse New Moon on November 13, will bring with it for many people a digging up of old hurts and resentments, and a clearing of the air potentially.

When the air does eventually clear, you will know better where you are at and where any relationships may be.  Though it is advised to wait before making any big decisions or big moves during Mercury Retrograde, the force of change may be too big for some to wait.   This coming month is meant to shift our personal and world perspectives.

In your personal life, for some the wave of change may be big, leaving you with a seeming choice to hold onto old security structures or instead to move forward in a new direction.   Do not let your ego or intellect make the decision. Use your heart combined with your mind, and your intuition. Let the Universe and your own soul unfold the knowing for you. Watch for synchronicities and symbols, and do not try to control. Sometimes we seek to alleviate the immense tension, and to make a decision before it is ripe.

You will know at the right time if you are patient.  But when the light does come on, do not be afraid to move forward. You will be supported to be your authentic self on your true soul journey of self actualization and finding your true purpose and function in our greater community.

You will not be rewarded for holding onto your victimization or “being a good person” who martyrs themselves.  You were created to be able to actualize your full potential and no one should stop you from that, not even your self.  Release and move forward this month.

See you next week after the election and just before the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio,


I will be broadcasting some radio shows on blog talk radio on November 10 and November 24 at 1 PM EST.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

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