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Mercury Retrograde and Astrology Forecast April 24-30

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We let you know that the entrance into the New Era last week would be explosive. And last week began with two powerful earthquakes in Japan and especially Equador.

The transition into our new Era has been particularly intense and difficult for many including myself. There has been much pain, karma, and emotional baggage to work through.

These experiences are helping us to clear the way so we can let in the new energies of the new era, which is a transitional era into the Age of Aquarius in the 2020’s.

We can soon expect a wide difference between realities for people. Some will be moving mostly within the new light, others will fearfully be fighting to keep the status quo.

There can be no judgment on them. They are human beings not feeling ready for the evolutionary movement for humans on Earth now.

Those more connected to the Age of Aquarius, with its equality, freedom, truth following, and connections in love, will be “fighting” for this new world.

Those not ready will be getting more and more conservative and will exert powerful attempts to control and dominate the polulace. Martial law is an extreme that may turn into reality later this year.

Riots by the people for the new ways could bring out the worst in the “Powers that Be”.

Look at our presidential election process and you can see the potential for what I am saying.

People are fed up with a “system” that limits their freedoms, is unjust and unfair, and does not allow them to feed their families without being “slaves” to the system.

The powerful economic and military structure that runs this world does not allow for ‘instabilities” by the people.

Look now at protests in America.  In the ’60s people could protest anywhere they liked. Now they are cordoned off into small places under control for their protests.

Our police departments now have tanks and other military items to “keep the peace”.

But the uprisings will not go away this time, as we are ready for revolution and evolution beyond what we have seen before.

There is even a possibility of vast alien sightings later this year to shake things up and help people to awaken and evolve beyond anything we have seen before.

All you have to do is work on your consciousness, make sure you are not brought down into old places for too long.

Of course when an old trauma has been triggered or when your health or mortality are threatened, you will of course react in fearful ways. But you do not need to stay there too long.

You will instead come back to the track your consciousness has been growing into.

This week,as we continue through our initiation into this New Era, we experience Mercury Retrograde. It blows in on Thursday April 28 at 1:20 PM EDT.

As usual, your perceptions and consciousness are altered, and you will be seduced into needs to reflect.     Too much emphasis on left brain logical thinking will not be as effective as usual.  There will be a need to use your creative, imaginative right brain instead, as well as trust your heart and soul more.

Your perceptions will tend to go “backwards”, to rewind in some ways to old times and old people from your past.    These incidents or people come back in order to help us now to work out our issues, patterns, and current relationships.

As you know it is not a good time to be too set in your ways, with a rigid agenda. It is also not a good time to make big decisions or start important new projects.

Mercury goes back Direct on May 22.    If you are experience confusion or a desire to change directions in your life, that is somewhat normal for Mercury Retrograde.

But it is best to wait before changing directions until Mercury goes back Direct.

I have seen so many times that people need to stop and look over their plans during Mercury Retrograde before moving forward.  They need to make sure. Once Mercury goes back Direct they return to their original plans.

But I have also seen people truly change directions, after Mercury goes back Direct, and it works out. They needed to question their path, and Mercury Retrograde helped them to do just that.

So clarity may also be hard to come by during Mercury Retrograde, with clarity coming when it goes back Direct.

But please do not look for these Mercury Retrograde issues to surface in your life. Some people just go through some minor tweaks during the Retrograde period.

One thing is sure however. You will feel the difference once Mercury goes back Direct again.

On Friday April 29 Venus will move out of Aries and into Taurus.    Venus the Goddess of Love, is more like Athena, Goddess of War when in Aries. She stirs things up.

Going into Taurus, which is one of the two signs it rules (Libra the other), she is happier. She can luxuriate in her body and on the body of the Earth.

She brings comfort and an opening of the senses of smell, taste, touch, etc.  She seeks peace and security.  She does not like anything too intense.

She can help you now as we move past the Full Moon in Scorpio this past week and go down into the waning half of the lunar cycle that began at the Aries New Moon on April 7.

It is now time to come down and heal, to regroup and rethink, to prepare for the next New Moon in Taurus on May 6.

With Mercury Retrograde coinciding with the waning lunar cycle, it is not now time to expand, advance or drastically progress.  Go inward and yinward now for best results.

Till next week,


Transformational Astrology with Leo Knighton Tallarico webinar series will begin on Saturday June 4 at 1 PM  EDT.  At this point I am leaning toward Saturdays June 18 and June 25 at 1 PM to finish up the series. The second and third dates are not set in stone yet.   Each class will last approximately 2 hours. Fee is $120 for the complete series. I will reserve two scholarships for those truly in need who have great interest.

We will be discussing the deep layers of consciousness needed during this important time in human evolution.  The class will provide a wider perspective and deeper insight.

I will explain the significance of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the process of transformation. I will include Chiron into the mix also.  I consider Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as ambassadors of the Age of Aquarius.   They provide us with what we energetically need in order to transform our consciousness and lives aligned with the Age of Aquarius.  As such we will explore a person’s natal aspects with those planets. We will also , its explore in depth the transits of these planets, as they signify times of intense transformation and change.

We will also look at the possibility of newly discovered planets in our solar system, including Nibiru and Dr. Sitchen’s ideas of what that planet signifies for the human family.  This theory if true changes how we view our origins and our human condition.

We are at a very important phase in the transition between a Pisces and Aquarius Age.   World changes through important world evetns will be discussed as well as a viewpoint of what and when we can expect of the Age of Aquarius.

We will also find the time to look at class members’ natal charts to see the natal dimensions of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in personal lives. And we will look at transits and times of change in individual participant’s lives as seen by the transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

If interested please let me know through a reply to my email at  Fee is to be paid prior to the classes.

Audio recordings will be available for those who cannot make the live broadcast.

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