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Mercury Retrograde and Astrology Forecast February 16-22.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are entering a more inward phase of our Soul’s journey this week.

The 4th quarter of the lunar cycle begins in Scorpio today,  February 15,  at 5:17 PM EST.  We stay in this darkening of the Moon until February 23 at the New Moon in Pisces.

The theme of inward journeying continues with Mercury going Retrograde on Sunday the 16th.

As usual, Mercury Retrograde resets our mental functioning.  Logical, analytical thinking is more apt to hit dead ends of “glass half empty” skepticism.

This Mercury Retrograde resetting does often get us to question what has previously been chosen or decided.  That questioning should not be taken totally seriously until Mercury has gone back Direct for several days.

Questioning can be helpful because during that process we may be more moved to cross our ‘t’s and dot our ‘i’s. And to healthily doubt.  Just remember this is Mercury Retrograde time, and finding our Truth is important; but we cannot find it by left brain logic alone.

It is important during the Retrograde time to reintegrate our other tools to finding Truth: Intuition; reading signs from the Universe; dream interpreting; talking with others; etc.

Finding Truth often is about letting the process unfold, knowing in due time all is revealed.  Mercury goes back Direct again on March 10, the same day as the next full moon, the Virgo Full Moon.

During the Mercury Retro period February 16- March 10, we likely encounter people from our past coming back to us.  This may happen in dreams, waking memories, or “in the flesh” meetings.   These encounters may help us understand something or someone in our current life, or give us perspective and insight into our Soul’s needs or intentions.

Adding to the inward turn of consciousness, the Sun goes into Pisces this Tuesday the 18th.

As the Sun moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces, we feel the shift into pure consciousness, beyond mere logical thought.

When one meditates deeply, the mind lets go of its chatter, and we experience “Being”.  There is no need to figure it out or fix it or accomplish anything.

So many of us have felt we are only of value when we are doing, accomplishing, getting things done, etc.

Being comfortable just “being” is a prerequisite for feeling nurtured, safe, and cared for.

We become more vulnerable, yet empowered at the same time.  Some people have not felt the comfort of just “Being” since they were a baby or very young child.

So the Sun being in Pisces, starting on the 18th, has the “intention” of bringing us more into our souls. The water signs are all about soul, most especially Pisces. Of the three water signs:  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces; Pisces is arguably more about inner-directed Soul travel than the others. This is partly a result of Pisces being less interested in the material world than the other two.

At its best it has us travelling in alternative dimensions, in pure soul travel.

So this week we are in a darkening of the Moon, Mercury Retrograde, and Sun in inner directed Pisces.

It is not a time for pushing forward, for pushing an agenda, for serious mental work.

It is time to process, to feel, to dream, to imagine, to be in your heart and soul, to care, to empathize, to “Be”.

This inward journeying is most important until March 19 at the Spring Equinox in Aries, or even more so at the Aries New Moon on March 24.  And then on April 4 is the powerful Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, which will thrust us forward into action forward.

There is much to process now, after all the shifts, energies, and important events in our personal lives and world since the beginning of 2020 and the Eclipse Season then.

Trump went through Impeachment process; Iran and USA went to the brink of war; Democrat presidential debates and primaries; warnings of potential war in Middle East; Coronavirus fears; and stock market volatility.

It has gotten pretty obvious that our world as it has been in the old Paradigm, is on the verge of falling apart.  There will be great attempts to put band-aids on serious potential breakdowns, especially with the stock market and economy.

Reason for this is because if stock market and economy go down, you can count on current administration not being re-elected.  Economy can be somewhat manipulated to keep afloat with “money being printed” so to speak.

But Nature, and the planets and Astrology are part of that Nature, wins out in the end.

We have learned how to put death “on hold” with machines that keep us technically alive on life support systems.  But death cannot be denied for long.

And the Age of Pisces Old Paradigm is on life support systems now.  But there is a New Paradigm Age of Aquarius with Love and Truth leading the way.

The dark of Death and light of Birth are always moving through our reality here on Earth.  And that duality is especially powerful during these current times, as we are in transition between two Ages, each of 2,160 years.

With that Big Picture as our guide, we know that our trying to keep everything under our  ego’s control is a joke.  Our Higher Soul Self is connected to the Universe and from there we co-create Reality within the laws and destinies of that Universe.

This week we begin almost 6 weeks of pause for inner reflection.  This inner reflection time period will help us all to get back to our Soul Centers.

The challenge of Mercury Retrograde is allowing greater Mind to do its magic outside of our ego’s need to control the thinking process.

Trust the process and all will work out as it needs to-

Till next week,


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