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Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon in Leo and Astrology Forecast January 24-February 6

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Shifting energy tides this week. There is a strong Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo on the 28th and Mercury goes Retrograde on Saturday the 30th.

Last week we experienced the reality of a new President and vice President in the USA. Many people did not believe it would happen until it actually happened. They feared Trump and his disciples would find some way to bully him into keeping the Presidency.

The violence of January 6 and the invasion of the Capitol contributed heavily into such fears of him not going away. We need to stop giving Trump so much power because of our fears. We need to more deeply commit to the “better angels” of our Higher Selves, and realize that is more powerful than the energies of separatism and narcissism.

This experience of the 4 years has hopefully woke us up to the knowledge that “of the people, by the people, and for the people” is the Age of Aquarius. And we are headed that direction now. Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius on Winter Solstice assured us that at a very dark time we have hope of a better world ahead.

The Inauguration gave proof that we are truly moving beyond what has seemed like a nightmare 4 years for many.

Biden talks of our need for Unity now. And his administration is obviously steeped in Diversity. So the Age of Aquarius signature of Diversity within Unity is showing promise.

We will still need more movement away from the two party system controlled by the Military/Corporate Complex, but first things first. And we seem to have turned that proverbial corner into Aquarius.

The Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo is at 2:16 PM EST. The Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn are conjunct one another in Aquarius, opposing the Moon on Leo. Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus fills out the Fixed T-Square that is the signature of this powerful Full Moon.

And also on that day Venus is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. There are many different energies fighting for expression that day, and they do not usually blend well with one another.

Sun in Aquarius is mind making socially conscious choices; Leo is heart making creative expression the priority; and Mars and Uranus in Taurus seek to liberate out of stuck though comfortable places.

And Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn promises powerful relationship dynamics that can transform beyond the old patterns that keep repeating.

And this all still plays out near the USA lunar nodes. Meaningful events keep coming to help us to shed the old chapter of our life, so we can embrace the new chapter.

But we do have to deal with another challenging factor this week: Mercury goes Retrograde in Aquarius on Saturday January 30,stays Retrograde until February 20 when it goes back Direct again.

We have obviously moved forward into new territory. We may not know yet where we are going, but at least we know we are going.

But Mercury will have us questioning what we have done and what we are doing. It will be important not to impulsively change direction or change our mind. We will need to wait until after March 1 to do so.

Mercury Retrograde often calls for a rewind into our past. People from our past often come back in our dreams, our awake memories, or actually back in person.

This happens so we can gain new perspective on our current issues and relationships by looking at the past.

Making important decisions or starting major ventures is not usually a good idea during the Retrograde.

The Impeachment trial of Donald Trump is scheduled to begin on February 8. Mercury Retrograde is not the best time for this, but perhaps it will help us see everything in a different light.

The Trump drama is not over yet. Each of us however can strive to not get so deeply obsessed with it all. He loves the attention.

The Culture War continues; Covid still bad; economy shaky. But we nevertheless are reclaiming our collective Souls; reinvigorating our Hearts; and remembering our deeper values.

We have needed to transform our relationship with life and ourselves. The at-home time has helped us do just that. We have gotten more introspective and taken our focus off the outer values and into the inner values.

Hope you got to listen to the Radio Perspectives from the Sky today. Deborah took us into looking at Imbolc and this Full Moon in Leo. David Mahany revealed to us the amazing open doors this year into Ufos and Extraterrestrial life on Earth. Government cooperation in releasing files and giving hope for the Rover detecting life on Mars.

Till next week,


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