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Middle of Eclipse Season and Astrology Forecast May 30- June 5

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We made it through eclipse # 1, the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius last Wednesday the 26th of May.

Don’t know about you, but it felt pretty potent to me. And lot of it in a good way. It felt uplifting at times and inspiring. But it also felt a bit out of control sometimes.

Information was coming through me pretty rapidly, conversations were lively and pretty positive energetically. There was a sense of things coming together meaningfully.

And now we are adjusting to Mercury Retrograde. It was very much in evidence during my radio show today, as it is changing direction to Retrograde today. I was broadcasting for about 15 minutes and during that time we were not on the air yet.

So I had to restart 15 minutes or so late, and then my guest Peter Sterling could not get his mic to work. He rebooted and all was then good. You can go to Oneness Radio, listed at the end of this blog today, and get to hear the whole interview. Peter spoke about his contact with ETs and their ship, and how they told him about a blast of energy that happened in the black hole at the center of the Galaxy in 2010. That blast sent out energy that is coming our way toward Earth, they told him. And Peter was told that would arrive in the very near future, likely this year.

Mercury will stay Retrograde until June 22, a couple days after Summer Solstice.

That means it will be Retrograde when we experience the next eclipse, a Solar Eclipse New Moon at almost 20 degrees of Gemini on June 10. We will talk more about it next week, but suffice it to say Communication will be at highest priority then and afterwards.

The USA Mars is at 21 degrees of Gemini, closely conjunct the Solar Eclipse. Issues of military and/or police will be in the spotlight. Israel/Palestine may get back in that spotlight, but North Korea may more likely be an issue, and perhaps Russia and China.

Remember that the Military/Industrial Complex of the Empire will be greatly transformed over the next few years as the USA has its first Pluto Return event during the next few years. And Pluto is in the USA 2nd house of money, resources and security.

Also on June 14 Saturn will square Uranus again, so the issue of Chaos versus Order will continue to show itself.

Add that to the activation of USA Mars at the Solar Eclipse, and you can intuit what that might mean to our country and world.

Peter also has connections with Angels and he played his harp for the Show. That felt so calming in the heart space, perhaps all connected to angelic realms.

As the old paradigm regurgitates its negative and violent ways, we can be tuning into new dimensions more connected to the Age of Aquarius.

Feel its magic, love, and communication with other worldly energies. Light and Love portals are opening as fast as the old ways of dog-eat-dog separateness is expressing the violence in its death throes.

Concentrate on what is being born, let go of the fear and panic, hate and aloneness form the dying old paradigm.

As Rome burns all around us, we can still sit in the womb of the Universe delivering the birth of a New Age.

Mars in Cancer trines Neptune on Sunday the 30th. This energy requires us to go with the flow, and with Mercury being recently Retrograde; this holiday weekend is best served by letting go and surrendering our needs to control,

The last quarter Moon in Pisces begins on Wednesday June 2, and as the sky darkens more each day, we can let go even more.

Venus moves into safe and nurturing Cancer also on June 2, adding to the theme of rest and recuperation.

As we move toward the end of the week, however, storm clouds are forming, so to speak.

On Saturday June 5 Mars in Cancer makes exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Whatever is coming our way for the Solar Eclipse conjunct USA Mars, should begin to show itself around the Mars opposite Pluto formation.

The same exact eclipses happened at the Eclipse Season of May /June 2002. Look back to see what was happening for you back then in your personal life.

The USA was already putting Iraq in its crosshairs at the Solar Eclipse New Moon conjunct the USA natal Mars. 9 months later they attacked Iraq, which was the beginning of the Iraq War that cost our country and world so much on so many levels.

The Age of Aquarius is transforming out of these war patterns that serve no purpose. Iraq did not attack us, and did not have the means to do so.

Diversity Within Unity requires each nation and culture to respect the differences in individuality of each person, culture, and nation.

The Alien cultures that are getting closer and closer to our collective consciousness and lives, are hopefully standing by to help curtail our human destructive ways. Weapons of mass destruction threaten us way beyond what we consciously acknowledge.

This week is best served by our going with the flow and relaxing as much as possible.

Be mindful of Mercury Retrograde and aware of its sometimes confusions. Stay aware of our being within Eclipse Season, and be ready for the changes and growth that comes with it.

There could be breakdowns of old ways and big breakthroughs into awakened thinking outside the old boxes of same-old thinking.

Till next week


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