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More Volcanoes, More Uranus in Aries changes, and Astrology Forecast for May 30-June 5

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The power of the Earth has spoken again.  Since Uranus entered Aries Thursday, for a mostly 8 year stay, 2 volcanoes have erupted- in Guatemala and  in Ecuador.

In Guatemala, the Pacaya volcano began spewing lava, rocks and debris on Thursday, the day of the Uranus entry, killing at least two people and injuring more than 50 others.

In Ecuador, the  Tungurahua volcano has forced the evacuation of seven villages and shut the airport and schools in Guayaquil, the country’s largest city.

These volcanoes follow close behind the Iceland volcano eruption this spring, which closed many European airports for extended periods of time.   Taken together with the powerful earthquakes that have occurred this year, most notably the devastating one in Haiti, we are collectively experiencing more natural disasters than usual.

As we have spoken of many times before in this blog, this spring and summer 2010 are meant to bring much transformational change to our earthbound human family.   And now with Uranus recently moved into Aries and soon to be joined by Jupiter in Aries on June 8; the changes accelerate.

And then this summer, energies intensify even more as there is a Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross on June 26; followed by a Solar Eclipse on July 11; and a Cardinal T-Square in late July/early August with Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus.

Natural upheavals will not be the only upheavals we experience.   Like the horrific  BP oil spill and our current economic downfall, other “man-made” disasters await us.

We are at human judgement day, so to speak, as we change ages from a Pisces Age to an Aquarian Age.   As with all age changes or any kind of powerful transitions, there can be enormous birth pains.   And while the new age is in the birth canal, we all as a human family make intention for our new age.

What do we release from the last age that does not serve our evolution as a species or our citizenship in our Earth community?   What do we bring with us?   The awaiting challenges will force us to look deeper at who we are, where we have come from, and where we want to go.

Do we want to continue our paradigm of dog-eat-dog survival of the meanest and greediest?  Do we want to continue to see ourselves as separate from one another, as often times enemies who destroy one another?  Do we want to continue a world of privilege for some and poverty and suffering for others?

Do we want to continue to destroy our Earth and its creatures in order to satisfy our selfish desires?  Do we want to continue a predator/prey mentality within our human family that destroys many souls and lives of both the predator and prey?

Do we want to continue to allow our privileged members of society to use others for their own gain? As such can we continue to give privilege to priests and other clergy who molest and destroy the lives and trust and hearts of innocent children?

The Universe will bring us new challenges, which will assist us in releasing old ways that no longer serve our human and Earth community.  These challenges will come in the form of more more economic upheaval, which will give us more creative ability to create a better, more fair and just financial system.

We will deal with more man-made karmic disasters like the recent oil spill, which can motivate us to create better environmental structures and controls, and new alternative energy sources.

We will deal soon with threats of new wars that have the potential to be world wars. These threats may take us to know the fear of nuclear warfare.  Will we then as a result make a true commitment to rid our world of weapons of mass destruction as well as rid our world of the need to destroy others who we compete with or do not understand?

Are we ready to embrace the knowledge that we are all ONE FAMILY on a precious and beautiful Earth, in an awesome and complex Uni-verse?

As you personally embrace this ONENESS, this diversity in unity, as you embrace your authentic and sacred self in this greater community; you then can expect more magic and synchronicity, more feelings of love, more knowing of truth.  You will be more motivated to do your part in contributing to the New Aquarian Age upon us.

Astrology Forecast for May 30-June 5

Saturn, also known as Chronos, signifies time and the limitations time presents us with. On Sunday May 30 Saturn goes direct. It has been retrograde since January 13.  When it goes direct, it is as if Time marches forward again.

There can be a sense then of getting one’s life together or doing what you need to do.  There can be a feeling of increased responsibility, or for some an event occurs that feels somewhat fated or meant to be.   But overall there is sense of not being able to run away from something. It is time to get started with what one may have been putting off or procrastinating about.

Saturn direct can also feel very grounding, and give us order and structure to our lives now.  We are letting go of things that time tells us are ready to end, and we are ready to march forward into something new.   IT IS TIME.

The next day on Monday Neptune changes directions also, but is going from direct to retrograde. Neptune in the air helps us lay back and open up to that which is greater than our selves. It can be a turning more to the Universe or God or Goddess, more to our own inner worlds and dreams.

Together, Saturn and Neptune frequencies now bring us a slow down energetically, a time to ponder and plan.  Others will find this combination a time to feel obligation or guilt, before they are ready to move forward with their lives.

And move faster-forward we are bound to do soon. Jupiter goes into Aries on June 6 and joins Uranus in Aries on June.

These movements are bringing us to new beginnings, to breaking outside our usual boxes of of life, to break down old patterns that no longer serve our growth and progress. It is a time to embrace our independence and strength, to fight for what we believe in, to expand our horizons.

Many more world and personal changes are coming our way.  We can, as a result,  break the chains that bind us now, and liberate our hearts, souls and minds from old conditioning and programming and dysfunctional patterns of behavior.

See you next week

Leo Knighton Tallarico

I will be starting up a blog radio show on the date of the lunar eclipse of June 26. I will provide more details as we get closer to the date.

Please visit my website to find more writings, and to learn more about transit readings for your own natal chart in connection to the coming astrological events.

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