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Moving Through the Saturn/Pluto challenge and Astrology Forecast for November 15-21

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The darker heavier energies reflected by the Saturn/Pluto square, which has its first exact pass on Sunday November 15th, can help us in our process of growth and transformation.

Saturn, lord of gravity and definition meets up with Pluto, god of the underworld and the primal instincts.  Together they bring us into places in our psyche that demand attention.   We cannot run away from the often difficult emotional issues they force us to experience.  We must deal with them.

The issues they bring up for us are often our core issues, the ones that tend to evoke fear, anger, resentment, etc.

If we lived a childhood where we fought for our sanity and a sense of well being, then Saturn/Pluto will bring us events that have us feel that same way again.  

Whatever has been coming your way during this Saturn/Pluto aspect needs your deeper attention.  Ask your self these questions:

What do I need  to let go of and release?  What needs to die in my life or in my attitudes or my belief systems?   Do I need to fight or do I need to let it go?  Do I need to toughen up and face this or do I need to surrender to something greater?

President Obama has his natal Venus in Cancer opposed by Pluto and squared by Saturn now, almost exactly.  The closer an aspect is to a natal planet in one’s chart, the more our lives will be affected.  His natal Venus in Cancer shows his natural desire to make close relationship with other people in an intimate way.  It is a sensitive and caring Venus, which seeks to trust others.

Right now President Obama has grave pressures from so many sources coming at him.  He is being toughened up by events coming from the Saturn/Pluto square.    Issues that may be coming his way now could be:

1) Has my desire to make relationship and have dialogue with Iran, North Korea, and Republicans been a good idea? 2) Can I really stay with my core values?   Do I send more troops to Afghanistan because I have learned from my military advisors to be more cynical about the world? 3)  Can I stay with my more  idealistic notions about health care reform? 4) This world is so much more dangerous, corrupt, and horrible than I ever had imagined 5) WTF was I thinking when I decided I wanted to be President of the Unithed States?

He will now need to decide if he will let himself get more jaded and cynical and just play the game, or does he go back even stronger to his idealistic values and fight for them.  The kind of aspect that Saturn/Pluto brings forces one to go one way or another.   Obama can no longer sit on the fence, but will have to choose one way or another.  If you look closesly soon after this aspect you will be able to know.    He could turn us closer to war and our own American decay, or lead the way forward to an Aquarian Age.

Remember Saturn/Pluto brought with it the first and second world wars and the 9-11 tragedy.   This kind of aspect brings us to the brink, to personal “judgement days”.   

The potential is to transform old ways of being and thinking, to move beyond ways that no longer work for us.    Will you now choose to fight harder even if it potentially means war or destructiveness or greater fear and anger, or will you choose to let go to a new way of being? 

Astrology Forecast for November 15-21

Sunday is the first pass of Saturn square Pluto.  The second pass is January 31 2010.  The third pass is August 21 2010.   

 The last time they made major aspect to one another was in 2001/2002 when they opposed one another.  At that time the first pass was on August 5 2001.    It fell close to the Ascendent/Descendent axis in the USA natal chart of July 4 1776.  

The 9-11 tragedy exploded in our lives a little over one month later.  The second pass was on November 2, 2001.  The third pass was on May 25, 2002.   America chose to go into its War on Terror during that time period, which totally transformed our country.

This Saturn/Pluto square makes close aspect both to the USA and President Obama’s natal Venus, as they are both in the early degrees of Cancer.    USA relationships and values will be severely challenged.  There will be grave danger for both the President and the well being of the USA duing this time period between now and September 2010.  

The energies of Saturn square Pluto stay strong much of this week, especially so Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

On Monday there is a new Moon in Scorpio adding to the intensity now.   It is very easy now to fall prey to more primal emotions and outbursts.

It is time to get started on new ventures also as this is a new Moon.  As the Moon goes into Sagittarius on Tuesday there will be stronger energies to go forward with whatever you have recently been contemplating.  The Moon stays in Sag all day Wednesday also.

The Moon goes into Capricorn Thursday, potentially touching off issues you thought you had resolved, as the Moon in Capricorn makes aspect to both Saturn and Pluto.

On Friday the Moon stays in Capricorn and we seek some stability.

Late on Saturday the Sun makes its yearly sojourn into Sagittarius.  It is the entry point into the holiday season.  More on Sagittarius in next week’s forecast.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit my website for more writings and more about Saturn and Pluto.  You can find out more about readings and services while there also.

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