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Mutable Grand Cross New Moon and Astrology Forecast June 5-12

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are experiencing an important New Moon in Gemini on June 4 at 11 PM EDT.   The lunar cycle it begins will stretch through Mars going Direct on June 29.   And most importantly it forms a Mutable Grand Cross that includes Saturn square Neptune.

The Grand Cross has the Sun, Moon, and Venus in Gemini;   Saturn opposing those planets in Sagittarius;  Neptune squaring both those position in Pisces;  and Jupiter opposing Neptune and squaring the other planets from Virgo.

Grand crosses pull us in 4 different directions. The best way to handle one is to let go and take the ride, not try too hard to figure things out or control things.

In this case the 3 Gemini planets seek to receive and deliver information; Saturn in Sagittarius seeks to put information together into a defined opinion or conclusion;  Neptune in Pisces seeks to let go and trust;  Jupiter in Virgo seeks order.

All these planets together in mutable signs tell us to let go to the winds of change.  There is so much change in the air now as we all adjust to this new chapter of experience we find ourselves in.

As we gather new information and insights, we are searching  for ways to find some answers and conclusions.  But there is a tendency now to focus too much on solving issues. This can bring us to mental overload and being obsessed.   Neptune seeks to help us to surrender our chattering minds or to find escapes or indulge in addictions. It is best now to trust the process while believing the answers will come in at just the right time.

This Grand Cross New Moon, however, should be good for interesting conversations, for lively discussions with differences in opinion.

It may also be a good time for new ideas or ways of thinking and seeing things.

This is the last New Moon before Mars goes Direct, and it represents us revving up our engines before we drive more fully forward after June 29.

This is also a good time to be aware of messages from spirit, to be aware of signs, symbols, and synchronicities.   One should be open to changes of mind too.

Saturn square Neptune within the Grand Cross shows us order versus disorder and boundaries and limits versus openness and porousness.

The greater world is in such disorder now trying to find its way.  Ther is an old system that is running out of steam.  There is little honesty, integrity, and heart inside the empty old structures.

The Republican and Democrat parties are representative of this old system.  Bernie Sanders is a voice outside the sytem, as up to this year he has indenified with being an Independent Senator.

The Libertarian and Green parties also represent more pure and uncorrupted voices outside the system.  But how much chance do its candidates have? If the dominating and controlling debate committees run by the Democrat and Republican parties found a place on the stage for other parties to participate in Presidential debates, the American public would benefit greatly.

But I think you can see the Saturn/Neptune square playing out in the presidential race.  The Old Guard has been trying to maintain the old order, while candidates like Trump and Sanders are bringing new ways that are bringing with them more chaos and disorder and even riots.

As we get into the political conventions this summer, order versus disorder wil play out even more, and who knows how it will all pan out in this New Era.

In the greater world, and especially the Middle East, Order versus Chaos will continue to play out. Islamic State has broken apart old state borders and threatens more chaos. A very conservative Israeli government and an increasingly desperate Palestinian community shows potential greater conflict also.

China in the far east has been building new places in the ocean that it claims it owns while other countries strongly disagree. And Taiwan is now, with its new President, showing greater signs of independence from China.

And other countries and immigration will continue this breaking down of old borders and boundaries.

This is all meant to be as we leave the Pisces Age for the Age of Aquarius.   We are in a very intense transition between ages,  and the old will continue to break down, though leaders will sometimes stubbornly and violently hold onto the way it used to be.

This is not about the bad guys from a bad age fighting the good guys from a good age,though it may feel like that sometimes.

It is really like nature changing its seasons, except more intensely and dramatically.

Thus if you are a progressive who has much anger against more conservative voices in our world, keep in mind that they represent the part of all of us that is resistant to big change, that holds onto the old and comfortable.

They are not the enemy.

And if you are more conservative and like the world just as it is. do not demonize those who want change as crazy communists or luny dreamers bringing unnnatural chaotic ways into your life.

This week you should be taken out of old ruts and depressed feelings, as this is a stimulating if perhaps confusing New Moon Grand Cross.

Sometimes old ruts can feel like a comfort zone even if not good for us.  Do your best now to let these winds take you out of the ruts.

But it will not be time yet to move fully forward personally or globally. That will wait until July and August.

Till next week,


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