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Navigating Eclipse Season and Astrology Forecast July 5-11

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As I write this I am waiting to experience tonight’s Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn at 9:44 PM PDT.

This is the last of three eclipses in a row: Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius on June 5; a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on the day of Summer Solstice; and tonight’s Lunar Eclipse.

This Eclipse Season, however, will last until early August, until after the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3.

These last two Eclipse Seasons have brought to us world events that have shaken up our lives in a very big way.

First came deadly corona virus, then stock market and economy troubles, then a police abuse of power murder of George Floyd.

During all this, especially since the murder of Floyd, the Culture War in the USA has brought forth its ugly head of hatreds.

And as all these issues have stuck around, unresolved, they continue to keep many people feeling depressed, anxious, angry and afraid.

The Virus has been spreading out more and more again, after an easement for a short while.

The economy has cost many people their jobs, some temporarily and some permanently. People have been spending much less money, travelling much less, and not doing much to keep the economy propped up. The Federal Reserve, however, has been printing up money and shoveling it off to help corporations and Banks with their financial well being.

The economy is still heading through troubled waters, regardless of how many band aids are applied to the wound.

And of course the George Floyd murder brought out the demons of the Culture War.

The separation between the left and right wing groups is vast now, with little or no body to hold those wings.

And the nationalists and globalists are also far away from each other now, as things are beginning to look like they were before the last World War.

Fascism and Anarchy can become the result of such enormous divisions.

Those who have spiritually grown over the last several years know in their minds, hearts, bodies and souls that all is connected, and all are one. Why is our world so far away from that knowing?

Lots of people obviously did not get that memo!

Everything to them is about “my side” winning against the misinformed, ignorant, “bad” people on the other side.

There is no respect for one another, no reason to discuss. No desire to concentrate on working together for the “common good”.

It often appears now that there is no where to go, except to fall apart and start all over again.

For tonight’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the Sun is in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn.

They are like the archetypal “Father” (Capricorn) and “Mother” (Cancer).

Capricorn is about building and accomplishing, following the rules, organizing and planning, and reaching the goal.

Cancer is about “who you are” not what you have done. Cancer holds others in a supportive way, letting them know they are supported and loved unconditionally.

Capricorn is more about succeeding in whatever you have chosen to do. It can be like a taskmaster who accepts no excuses for failing. It is more stingy with approval, getting someone to try harder in order to get that approval.

Cancer can be quite permissive without having sufficient boundaries. It can be very emotional and needy.

Capricorn can have many more rules to follow and lines to be drawn. It is more strict and emotionless, colder and emotionally unavailable.

Cancer is personal life, personal needs, inner values, and family. It seeks emotional connection and emotional intimacy. It needs to nurture others and have others nurture them.

Capricorn is career, needs to be in the world, ambitious, with values based on following the rules of society, the nation, religion, or organization one has joined.

This Lunar Eclipse is on the 244th birthday of the USA. This eclipse suggests the USA needs to get more in touch with its essence and sense of purpose. It seems to me to need to return to its core inner values.

We can expect this eclipse and Eclipse Season in general to be a big turning point in the affairs of the USA.

After this, we will meet up with events that result from what we have honoring or not honoring in our value system. Karma is getting ready to hold us accountable.

In the USA natal chart from July 4 1776, they have their Sun in Cancer in the 8th house squaring their Saturn in Libra in the 10th house.

The Sun in Cancer is the liberal wing of the country. Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) in Libra squaring that Sun is the conservative wing of the country. The Sun in Cancer in the 8th house is not good with boundaries and rules.

Saturn in Libra in the 10th has Saturn being very comfortable in Libra and the Capricorn-like 10th house.

Planets in square to one another find it very difficult to relate to one another or understand one another.

So it is with our left and right wing political “teams”.

And now with the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer at the USA Sun square Saturn natal aspect, we will soon see where our country is at and where it is headed.

At the end of this week, on July 11, Chiron goes Retrograde in Aries. Chiron is the bridge between our “lower” and “higher” selves. It resides right in between Saturn and Aquarius. Saturn was known to be the furthest planet out from Earth until 1781 when Uranus was discovered.

At that time the American Revolution was advancing in the world: Power to the People, no longer power to the royalty and authorities. Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) brought the message through the revolution that a New Age was coming.

And Chiron, discovered in 1977 when Star Wars and Encounters of the 3rd Kind came out to show possibilities of extraterrestrials, is meant to be a bridge between Saturn’s limited old world and view, and Uranus’ “outside the box” view from the Divine that a New World beginning to come into human focus.

Keep in mind that Saturn signifies the Patriarchy and a hierarchy of who is better than whom. The Patriarchy is going out with the Old Age.

And on Sunday July 12 Mercury finally goes back Direct. Then not long afterwards clarity improves, direction more clear. Decisions can soon be made, big projects soon begun.

Please consider registering for The Webinar I present for Saturday July 11 at 10:30 AM Pacific Time. It is the last in a series of 4 Webinars.

This Webinar will be making sense of what recent and soon appearing events mean for the world and our personal lives. What is really happening, what can we expect, what will happen around Election Day, when is the Age of Aquarius, what can we expect in America and around the world in the near future. Why are we experiencing Corona, Economic distress, and such difficulty in race relations? What is coming next? What do we each need to know for our personal lives and personal transformation?

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Till next week,


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