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New Moon in Scorpio, Mercury Retrograde and Astrology Forecast October 27- November 2

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

On Sunday October 27, as the Sun and Moon join together at 4+ degrees of Scorpio, we become more aware of the increasing darkness and cold surrounding us here in the Northern Hemisphere of Planet Earth.

This New Moon in Scorpio opens the way to new beginnings, to moving forward in our lives. This may be especially so with issues of passion.  It is a good time at this Scorpio New Moon, to get in touch with what gives you passion.

Without passion, life may feel dull or lifeless.  What do you love to do with all your heart and soul? Now is a good time to find out and to begin whatever it is that gives you that spark again.

This conjunction of the Sun and Moon in Scorpio suggests that the emotional intensity level is increasing, that passions are stirring inside us, that issues of power and “making it real” are becoming front and center in our lives.

To add to the intensity level, Uranus is at 4+ degrees of Taurus, almost exactly opposite that Scorpio New Moon at 4+ degrees of Scorpio.

That Uranus placement symbolizes needs to break away and liberate oneself, from being controlled or dominated or ignored.

Uranus does not need to emotionally process issues as Scorpio often likes to do. Uranus just turns, leaves, breaks free, and allows itself to get outside any boxes in the mind that keep it small, dis-empowered, and vulnerable to any predator types that may be around.

Ironically on the same day of October 27, Mars is square Saturn.

Uranus and Saturn are so different from one another. While Uranus breaks open, breaks out, and liberates; Saturn stops up, contracts, focuses on getting things accomplished, and is disciplined.

Mars square Saturn can feel like there is one foot on the accelerator while the other foot is on the brakes – very frustrating.

So while things are opening up and liberating, at the same time there may be a feeling of being stuck.

Mars is square Saturn early on Sunday the 27th. The New Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus is at 11:39 PM EDT.

Some issues in your life now may need your patience and self control, while other issues now may motivate you to open up and break free.

Likely in relationships one is needing to break away from too much co-dependence and/or ingrained habitual behavior.

But in the arena of accomplishment and manifesting, more patience and discipline is needed.

The world out there is looking and feeling more and more dysfunctional, corrupt, and filled with venom.

In America and other places too, things seem to be falling apart.  There is little room made for connection between peoples.  There is enemy making and childish “back and forth” insults.

So many world leaders are not even trying to seem fair and and just.  They are not even trying to cover up their selfish agendas or nasty ways.

Trump is the poster boy for what I am saying.  He is not working for any higher purpose. His allegiance is apparently not for the United States or the greater world. It is for moi.  His time is passing soon, however, whether by election or impeachment.

But if you look at places like Turkey and Egypt and China for instance, dominance of their own people is the rule of behavior, not the exception. And the USA, which had been a beacon of light to many people all over the world, looks like a joke or embarrassment to so many people now.

So much is ready to fall apart on the one hand, but is being overly controlled on the other hand. Chaos versus Order is a theme that will appear more and more as we go further forward.

It is pretty easy to see how our world is on the precipice of being reordered and “redrawn”.   The Age of Aquarius is developing under the surface, developing in our hearts, souls and minds. So many all over the world are waking up, but do not know what to do yet.

So this week begins with the New Moon in Scorpio, so close to being exactly opposite Uranus.  There are big changes rolling in now, and we need to be ready to roll with them.

I witnessed so many people this last week dealing with death in their lives, with family, friends, and mostly pets.

Some are not meant to be part of this New Chapter that is about to get more real and intense now.

Later this week Mercury goes Retrograde- on the 31st at 11:41 AM. This day is Samhain, or commonly called Halloween in the pop culture world we  live in.

Samhain is the time of year when the veils between worlds is the thinnest. It is a good time to make contact with loved ones on the other side. It is a good time to go inside your feelings and soul to see what may be going on just below your surface. And it is a good time to stay aware of your dreams and write them down.

The scariest part of the 31st this year, however, is the fact that Mercury goes Retrograde that day.

Mercury retrograde often does feel like one has entered the Twilight Zone during its time in Retrograde.

Slowly during the Retrograde we notice we are starting to question what we were so certain about before. Also we start to be more aware of events and people from our past, who appear in our dreams, our waking day dreams, and truly in the flesh sometimes.

They come back so we can rewind into issues that did not find closure. Or they come back to help us better understand a current relationship or situation.

Or sometimes, though more rarely, they come back because they are wanting to be in our lives again.

Same usual advice during Mercury Retrograde: Avoid having to make big decisions or start up important new ventures during the Retrograde.

Mercury goes back Direct on November 20. Then we start getting ready for Winter Eclipse Season 2019-20.

till next week,


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