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Now it Begins and Astrology Forecast May 24-30

We are less than two weeks away from the 1st of 3 eclipses in a row: a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius on June 5.

Just last Friday May 22 there was a Gemini New Moon, which effectively began bringing in the first breezes from Eclipse Season, which will show us increasing winds of change.

For many people these first breezes will show the way into an Eclipse Season that has relating, relationships and communicating as central themes.

Gemini, ruled  by messenger  of the gods Mercury, has much to do with sharing information and communicating.

On May 13 Venus,  Goddess of Love and relationships, went Retrograde. It will stay Retrograde until June 25.

So  we can say with confidence that a central theme of this Eclipse Season will be about relating and communication.

Adding to the theme of communication and relating is the fact that Mercury will also go Retrograde on June 17/18, in the middle of this current Eclipse Season, which has its 3rd and last eclipse happening on July 4/5: a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn.

It will be very important during this Eclipse Season to be very present for what one is saying and listening to.  Being present means in part, going deeper than our biases and truly hearing what someone is trying to convey.

Our biases are often governed by our traumas or past wounds, our being often misunderstood or “not seen”.

As a result we often go directly into defensive position, and from there will not truly “hear” what someone is trying to relate to us.

And the opposite is true too. When you speak to someone, they may have their biases blocking their ability to truly hear what you are trying to communicate to them.

During Venus and Mercury Retrograde, with the energetic volume turned up by the Eclipses, it will be easy to mess up our relating and communicating. So best to stay aware and conscious.

Keep in mind that Venus Retrograde intends to put relationship issues front and center in our consciousness and lives.  All kinds of relationship apply, of course often that means our more intimate romantic relationships.

Relationship patterns that began with earlier relationships will need to be examined and processed.

Memories from earlier relationship events, especially those we were traumatized by, will come flying back into our faces.

Actual people from earlier relationship events will come back to us through dreams, waking memories, or actually in the flesh.

I saw today that Jeff Sessions, who was the Attorney General for Trump’s early Cabinet, has come back to Trump’s consciousness as Sessions is now running for Senator in Alabama.

Trump showed he is still upset at Sessions for being in his integrity and ruled by the law, when he recused himself from leading the investigation against Russia. Do either Trump or Sessions have something to learn about relationships from that encounter?

Social media has brought us another way that old relationships and relationship patterns can show themselves to us again.

Of course family relationships will be prominent during this Eclipse Season, with Venus and Mercury Retrograde.

And of course those relationship patterns from our families, as far back as our childhood,  can severely affect the state of our current relationships.

And the benefit from these times of relationship processing, is that we have the opportunity to transform old relationship patterns and to release those old stories and wounds. Sometimes we need to release the relationship itself or at least cut down on time spent with someone.

Also often we need to let go of our over- attachment to family, in order to respect  ourselves more and to grow more fully into our authentic self and more out of our old ego self, which is held by the old stories that keep us stuck. Those old stories give us a mirror that keeps us feeling bad about ourselves and it needs to be broken.

This Eclipse Season will shake up our reality even more than it has been shaken up this year.

This applies to events out in the world.  Perhaps some of the shakeup will be an improvement from what we have been forced into with Covid and the Economy.

But also perhaps the shakeup will drive us deeper into these challenging times.

If Covid continues strongly, the economy will continue to be greatly affected, and that will alter many facets of our lives that have not been truly touched yet.

Out in the greater world, China versus the USA is heating up; Iran versus the USA and Israel is heating up; the presidential election is fast approaching.

Elizabeth Warren’s chart looks especially good for future leadership in the USA and world.  Kamala Harris also has planetary placements that are conducive to leadership in the USA.

Biden and Trump both fit what it takes astrologically to win this coming election, but honestly Trump’s chart looks somewhat better to me.

A change of who is candidate for President for the Democratic Party may be necessary for it to win. Or the selection of Harris or Warren, especially Warren, as Vice President, could push the lever to the Democrats this coming election.

All in All, the overriding direction is toward the Age of Aquarius and its new consciousness and evolution of the human species.  The overall movement is also toward healing the Earth and it environment.

No matter which way the election turns, the revolution and evolution of the people, country, and world cannot be stopped.

Even in your own life, you must have had events that looked horrible when they occurred, but turned out to be a blessing in disguise seen from the bigger picture of your  life overall now.

The loss of a marriage or relationship for many people, for instance, has brought to them later a life or relationship that is an improvement from what they had.  Such is the nature of transformation.

Do we need Trump again to get us to make revolution and truly transform our country back to its original values, it Aquarian values of Equality; “of the People, by the People and for the People”; and Diversity within Unity.

Do we need another term for Trump in order to more fully embrace Love and Truth as leading the way for a New Age?

Maybe we don’t. Maybe the last few years has begun the process of changing this world, transforming it from its roots into a fair and just world, one that has moved beyond the Paradigm of Patriarchy and hope for Matriarchy.

Hopefully we are ready for a world of equality and connection of opposites, just like the Yin/Yang symbol.  We do not need to compete to be at our best.  We need to be our best because we desire to be the best we can be.

All relationships will improve when the war to dominate and/or control the “other” ends.

Keep that in mind as these Retrogrades and Eclipses pass through our world now.

Till next week,


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