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Obama’s Aquarian Age Influence, Mercury Retrograde and Astrology Forecast for September 5-12

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This summer has sure shook up the status quo of our lives.   Much change has occurred in our personal lives and in the greater world.  As the dust begins to clear from those eclipse storms, we look at our lives through new and different lens.

This summer sure has brought significant change for the administration of President Obama.   His approval numbers were so high before summer began; and now according to recent polls, more people disapprove than approve of his job performance.

How is this possible?   Well on the surface all indications are that his Health Care Reform attempts have backfired on him.   Special interest big Corporations, like insurance companies, do not want this reform, especially the pubic option.   This public option will bring lower health insurance costs, which are meant to force insurance companies to lower their costs.     It is pretty obvious that the insurance companies would not want this.

And right wing talk shows have apparently really influenced the public against the health plan and Obama.  They are attempting to paint Obama as a socialist or communist, someone who would put Americans under government controls and take away their freedoms and rights.

Make no mistake about it, President Obama is an agent of change for America and the world.   This change is meant to happen, and he is the messenger and deliverer of the change.  Without him, however, the change would be represented by others.

We are dominated in America by a Military/Industrial complex, and have been for some time. President Eisenhower, a republican, warned that this complex would erode our individual freedoms away.

The real transformation taking place in America and the world is of this control by mega corporations, big government, and an extensive USA military presence all over the world.    This presence is backed by a massive amount of nuclear weapons.

In an Aquarian Age, which we are on the cusp of, the power is to the people- “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  You may want to believe that is how our country is already working, but it is not.   The system we are run by, and the institutions that serve it, will be vastly transformed over the next several years.

Planetary revolution and human evolution will bring huge tides of change over the next several years.   What is coming will not be pure capitalism or pure socialism, but something beyond, something that serves humans all over the world better than it does now. And this wave of change will bring more equality of nations and peoples, a more fair way to distribute wealth.  There will be greater individual responsibility for our Earth and world, connected in de-centralized community with all other individuals.

Can you now imagine how much healing and transformation we have ahead of us?

And President Obama, so “out of the box” from all the anglo-saxon American presidents of the past, with African heritage, and a  Muslim sounding name, brings the first real tides of Aquarian change with him.

Our economy will not go back to how it was.  That system, which is meant to make the rich richer, which creates poor people, will perish.    How this all unfolds I do not completely know.

But I do know, with the astrological aspects from late 2009-2017, that we will be vastly changed by 2020, when the Aquarian Age emerges as Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.    We will have by then also passed through the Mayan New World beginning of 2012. And as we then look back at September of 2009 we will see it as long ago, because we will have changed so much.

And hopefully President Obama’s destiny will be to live until 2020 to see the new horizon.  But we all know that great men and women sometimes do not live to see what they have sacrificed for.

But for now do not worry about Obama’s approval numbers or conservative versus liberal wars.  What we are about to experience is beyond such nonsense.    We are witnessing the changing of Ages, the revolution and evolution of human beings on the Earth and in the Universe.

Astrology Forecast for September 5-11

The week begins as Mercury slows down into a stationary position before going retrograde.  This begins an overall week of shifting energies.  This is the first real shift since the eclipses passed earlier this summer.

Mercury Retrograde begins at 12:45 AM Eastern time on Monday the 7th and at 9:45 PM west coast time on Sunday the 6th.   Mercury Retrograde lasts until September 29 when it goes back direct again.  Mercury goes retrograde approximately every 4 months for around three weeks duration.  During its retrograde periods, our perceptions shift.

Mercury is the “ruling” planet of Gemini and Virgo, and it represents thinking and communication.    So during its retrograde phases, our thinking and communication skills go through changes.  Often these changes “creep up” on you, and you slowly begin to feel different or unusual-  in a new zone.   You look at things differently.    You go outside your usual left-brain mental boxes and see situations more imaginatively or creatively.

Sometimes events cause this change of perception, like communication mistakes or spacey thinking.  Some people believe that equipment, especially communication equipment like phones or computers, more often go haywire during Mercury Retrograde.

But no matter how your perception changes during Mercury Retrograde, and for some it is subtle, you do often feel like things are weird or in some kind of Twilight Zone of consciousness. The changing of your perceptions during Mercury Retrograde helps you to break down old ways of thinking , and to see issues in a whole new light.

And though Mercury retrograde can ultimately be helpful to your life overall ,  many who are aware of the cycles of Mercury Retrograde often say when it ends, “I am glad it is going back direct now!’

The Moon in Aries on Sunday and Monday will bring with it for many more motivation to act and to assert.  Things slow down on Tuesday and Wednesday as the Moon moves into slow and deliberate Taurus.    These are good days to be more into the physical side of life, especially that which brings you more comfort and security.

By Thursday, at the latest, the influence of Pluto going direct will manifest.   This aspect intensifies the energy field and the emotions.  Watch for shifting world events or nature’s power to be witnessed over the next few days.

Pluto actually stations and goes direct on Friday September 11.  It has been 8 years since the 9-11 tragedy in America.  Pluto is the planet of deep primal expression and transformation.  Those transformational powers which have been in abeyance since Pluto went retrograde in April 2009 begin to open up now.

Watch this autumn and winter, while Pluto is direct, for major world events that are transforming our lives. Look especially at the economy, which could drop down appreciably on its way to major transformation;  and at the Middle East and Iran which could be explosive.

Next week we will look at the Saturn/Uranus opposition, which show our struggle now between keeping things the same or making changes.

See you next week

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit my website to find out more about readings and other services.

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