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Old Black or White Consciousness and Astrology Forecast August 30-September 5

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Well here we go. Just 2 months till a most powerful Eclipse Season; Presidential Election; and Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0+degrees of Aquarius, signifying Age of Aquarius turning point.

Party conventions are now over, summer is beginning to be let go, and we are ready to regain our strength for the challenges ahead.

I can feel some big event or events creeping in that will shift so much very soon. And this feels much bigger than the events that have been pretty big in their own right lately.

Hurricane Laura dominated the gulf coast and its people this week. Another shooting of an African American in Wisconsin was as bad as ever. The Republican Convention followed the Democrat Convention and now formalities are over as the true march to Election begins.

We are in Sun in Virgo time of year, which leads as always into Autumn Equinox. 3 Planets are getting ready to go back Direct, while Mars in Aries soon goes Retrograde.

Mars in Aries has been shaking things up, especially early last week when it exactly squared Saturn in Capricorn.

Many struggled as a result last week, some having feelings of doom and gloom as the Republican Convention happened, as well as a devastating Hurricane Laura, and an unbelievable video of another African American man being shot seven times in the back, apparently without his having a weapon.

The NBA players went on strike and did not play their scheduled games as a result of the police killing. Also in reaction to the murder of the African American man, a white supremacist 17 year old man, shot 3 people and killed 2 protesters during the protests in Kenosha Wisconsin.

That black man was shot seven times in his back with his three sons watching. With all the abuse being seen this year by police against Blacks, how could these men have done this at this time?

The Culture War has intensified, and it also coincides with the Old Age/New Age transition; as old behaviors from an old Paradigm are meant to die and be gone, but not easily.

Diversity Within Unity is our future in the Age of Aquarius, equality and respect for all.

The privileges for the few, from the old age’s paradigm, must be let die. How is it that fairness, justice and compassion are seemingly not important to so many?

I remember as a kid being told I (the oldest brother) needed to share evenly with my brothers of cake or pie or whatever. Yes maybe I would rather have used my stronger self to take as much pie as I wanted, but it made sense to split it equally. And I was just a kid.

How can adults think it OK for the most “able” to get the lion’s share. This fierce competition to gain material wealth or medical treatment is ridiculous.

Not saying we should just have a socialist system to split all exactly equal, as some incentives do make people do better. But I am sure we are bright enough to figure a way for all to be taken care of, fairly equally, while some gain some extra goodies for extra effort or talent.

Conservatives and liberals, if working for the common good, should be able to find ways of being that are win/win- not win it all or lose it all. Save those attitudes for sports, not real life struggles to survive and thrive.

But right now conventional ways from an old paradigm show these black or white, good or evil, “good guys or bad guys” extremes, which promise conflict or war as there is no middle ground for win/win solutions. War looks to be in the near future as a result of splits fro opposites with no circle of unity like the YIN/YANG Symbol.

This is a matter of evolution of consciousness, evolution into the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius.

Mars in Aries is slowing down this week, as it gets ready to go Retrograde on September 9 at 28+ degrees of Aries.

Charts of Israel, North Korea, USA and Donald Trump are wrapped up with this Mars change of direction.

War has been used in the past to help change the balance of power between those fighting to win an election. A President can have that much power in today’s system.

And the economy is also a very important issue in how people will vote. And right now the economy is being manipulated to make it look good. Lots of money has been poured into the economy to keep the stock market people happy and so far it has been working- stocks have been rising as if the economy is roaring. Many people are out of work, still not shopping and eating out as much. But yet market goes up.

Powers that be will be putting in extra effort to keep that appearance going of a thriving economy and a Virus being defeated.

I believe Biden/Harris will win and set the way for the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius to set us up for the Age of Aquarius.

But one never knows for sure, as life can be a mystery too.

And this week’s highlight is a Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces. Virgo represents the material plane while Pisces represents the soul and feeling world, the inner world that cannot be touched or reached with our physical senses. This week may show us the difference between those worlds. Pisces sometimes sees Virgo as a glass half full pessimist. Virgo can see Pisces as an unrealistic person who lives in a dream world fantasy. Together they are body and soul, reality and mystery. They do well together in that both want to serve. This is a relatively gentle full moon energetically.

Real work now is in consciousness, inner work to evolve and transform mentally, emotionally and spiritually. How the world turns, no matter how, can be countered by how we respond. We cannot control the world, but we can have effect on how we handle what we are given.

New webinars coming soon. Saturday September 26 will be the first one starting at 11 AM Pacific Time- costing $20. There will be 2 more this year- dates to be determined. If interested write me at

Till next week


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