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On The Cusp and Astrology Forecast April 25- May 1

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Remember, as we keep passing through some tough challenges, this is transition time from the old Pisces Age to the new Age of Aquarius.

A big step forward into that New Aquarian Age happened not long after the Presidential Election. It happened on the Winter Solstice on December 21; that is when Jupiter and Saturn made conjunction with one another at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.

Now soon comes the first major planetary challenges since Biden/Harris were officially made President and Vice President in late January 2021.

There is a new Spring 2021 Eclipse Season on the way. The first eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius is on May 26. The second one, a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini is on June 10.

The first one makes conjunction with USA Uranus. The second eclipse makes close conjunction with USA Mars.

We can expect conflicts and clashes during this Spring 2021 Eclipse Season and into the Summer as well. War likelihood is somewhere between maybe and likely. These countries have the planetary ingredients for such conflict: Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Palestine, Taiwan, China, North Korea, USA.

The Middle East, in general, is especially susceptible as Israel and Iran are in the middle of a game of chess with one another. Many other countries would soon after be choosing sides.

The USA has its Moon in Aquarius being triggered by Jupiter in Aquarius this year and month of April. Events that open the channels of Patriotism are likely.

The Military Industrial Complex needs to show how it dominates the world, to instill fear in its so-called “enemies”

But that same Complex is quite concerned with the economy rolling along gracefully. War would quite likely dramatically upset the stability needed for a thriving economy.

Spring Eclipse Season 2021 begins at the New Moon in Taurus on May 11. The first eclipse is 2 weeks later: A Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius on May 26. Mercury goes Retrograde 3 days later on May 29.

The power of the planets meets up with the potential confusion of Mercury Retrograde in May/June.

Then on June 10 is the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini followed 4 days later with another Saturn square Uranus, intensifying the 2021 theme of Order versus Chaos.

Whatever happens during this Eclipse Season, will bring major Fallout for the summer of 2021.

Much of the time now I feel all around me a sense of the surreal. It sometimes feels like I am lost in a world I do not fully recognize in my soul.

So much is shifting and changing on a very deep level. Many I speak with now say they have no true sense of direction for their lives or sense of where the greater world is going.

It is important now to surrender needing to be in control so much of the time.

And of course that can be very challenging at times like this because fear of the unknown motivates us to take more control of our lives.

But counter intuitively, letting go of controls puts us in the best place for our lives. Meditation requires us to let go of our mental gymnastics so we can find a peaceful place inside us.

We have been conditioned to believe that being in our heads with fight or flight energies is best for getting things done and being successful.

But so much fight or flight response is exhausting, and causes much damaging anxiety and stress to our bodies and souls.

As we let go of controls, we let the Universe and our deeper soul and higher self to take over more. Surrender does not mean showing a white flag of defeat.

It means we are trusting more than just our minds to “run the show”. Our Soul is connected to our Higher Self and will guide us to what is in our best interests outside of ego control.

And as we let our Higher Self or Soul Self to guide us we stay connected with our Authentic Self and Authentic Life. This is our connection and alignment with the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius.

It is neither conservative or liberal, per se, and actually helps to stop needing to be on a team that needs to win for the world to be OK. Thinking with our own mind and intuiting with our own heart, each issue that comes up, gives us our individualized Self.

That individualized Self is part of our individual Diversity. If we insist on wearing party or religious or nation “uniforms”, we stop thinking for ourselves.

That does not mean you cannot be a Democrat or Republican or whatever. It means that each issue that comes up, you will think with an individualized mind as to what is right or wrong in your eyes.

This week looks to be very intense. We begin with a Full Moon in Scorpio on Monday April 26 at 11:32 PM EDT.

This is called the Wesak Full Moon and is said to be when Buddha was born. For this annual full moon, the Sun is in Taurus opposite the Moon in Scorpio.

The tug of war between them puts the calm and solid, unemotional Taurus trying to relate to the intense and passionate Scorpio. Both signs are fixed and thus tend to stubbornly not move from their position.

Scorpio does not want to be so calm and secure: it is boring. And Taurus does not want to be so emotionally out of control.

Together they can express the beauty of calmness filled with desire.

The weight of this yearly opposition should lean heavily toward Scorpio this time, as the day after the Wesak Full Moon, on Tuesday April 27 Guardian of the Underworld Pluto goes Retrograde.

Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio, and when it is changing directions its power can be experienced 10 times stronger than what it usually expresses.

This could be a very powerful few days, with transformation being a strong component of this time.

Powerful change can be experienced. Trying hard to restrict change can also be experienced at this time.

For some these days will be very uncomfortable. For others these days will feel like a blessing as there is much released and let go, facilitating deep healing.

In the greater world, look at the Middle East. It is likely shaking up in a big way. Palestine, Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria should be in the spotlight.

This is the old world breaking apart. It is where the first civilizations and religions were born. War seems likely soon.

A new world is being born at the same time: The Age of Aquarius is becoming more and more a reality.

See you next week


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