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On the Verge and Astrology Forecast October 25-October 31

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we move closer to the November 3 Election Day with Mercury Direct, followed by two months of important planetary movements, including 2 Eclipses; for now this week we feel undercurrents of these impending transformational changes.

The presidential debate this past week was less childish than the one before, but still seemed like two little boys( in the bodies of old men) who are splashing water in each others faces while sticking out their tongues at one another.

Do you all realize the challenges this country faces, no matter who wins the Election?

If Trump wins, disaster is uglier and longer lasting. But either way, we need a real reboot of what it is to be an American now.

These next two to 3 months will deliver many surprises, much emotional volatility, grave disappointments, much confusion, but also renewed hope for a new world and age.

Not sure where it is coming from, but I have been seeing and feeling assassination attempts on Trump’s life.

Maybe it is merely a symbolic showing of his defeat on Election Day; maybe something else.

No matter what, these next couple of months are a very important time period, one that is a major turning point for all our lives.

This is not just about who wins and loses, but also about the process of how this election period plays out.

What will be the backlash from those who lose the Election? Will it take a period of time to decide for sure who has won?

Mercury goes back Direct on Election Day, just as it did on Election Day 2000 when TV anchors kept going back and forth predicting whether Bush or Gore won.

That Election, famous for its “hanging chads” in Florida, finally decided Bush the winner by the Supreme Court of the USA.

This Election will also have confusion of some sort, which is not so difficult to imagine considering what Trump has been saying about not necessarily accepting the results of the Election if he loses.

Remember that the most important planetary movement concerns the USA natal Pluto placement. It brings a Pluto Return in a couple of years, and this year both Saturn and Jupiter make conjunction with the USA natal Pluto.

The USA Pluto placement in its second house represents the Empire’s Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower predicted would potentially take away our individual freedoms.

And now more than ever it is bombarded by important planetary movements.

The Empire’s power base is threatened by challenges to the economy and the military/police institutions of the USA over the next few years.

These next two months or so should give us clues as to how that will all manifest.

Let’s back up for now to this week. It starts slow, then shows us Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus next Saturday October 31, the day of Samhain, an ancient day of celebration.

Samhain is about half way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. And of course we know that this year’s Winter Solstice is especially important as it houses a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that is a major turning point into the Age of Aquarius.

Samhain on October 31 has been considered a very sacred day. It is when it is said that the veils between dimensions are the thinnest.

Many people try to connect on this day with loved ones who have died.

And the Full Moon that day in Scorpio/Taurus often shows a tug -of -war between instinctual forces of great intensity and passion (Scorpio) pulling against energies of calm solidity that cannot be pushed or moved (Taurus)

It is like an irresistible force (Scorpio) against an immovable object (Taurus).

And on the Samhain/Full Moon Day I will be hosting a Webinar at 11 AM PDT. It will be mainly about all the shifts and changes during these next couple of months of major Turning Points. It is $20 and a discussion will follow. This is part of a series of Webinars that cost $70 for all 4.

Contact Deborah at to register

See you next week


Also I will host a new regular radio streaming show. Will be joining the Oneness Network in late November for my first show.

It will be about our journey into the Age of Aquarius, with astrological insights, a closer look at Extraterrestrial realities, and guests from metaphysical, psychological, spiritual, political and socially conscious networks. Email me at for more info.

Remember that I will be presenting a new Webinar soon- Oct. 31 at 11 AM PDT. Write Deborah at with questions or your desire to attend and register. Election Day is only 3 days after that Webinar, so intensity and energies of change will be strong.

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