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Optimism and Pessimism and Astrology Forecast September 1-7

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

A Virgo New Moon this last Friday has pushed us forward with new start ups and beginnings.

The most likely kind of forward movement now is for fixing up, cleaning out, and creating a sense of order and grounded common sense in our lives.

This week there is a strong Virgo influence with the Sun, Mercury, Venus,  and Mars all hanging out together in orderly, “realistic”, perfectionistic,  humble and logical Virgo.

This week, however, there are energies emerging that often bring turmoil into the “close to the Earth”  expressions of Virgo.

That is because Jupiter in Sagittarius, where Jupiter has been all year, squares the Virgo planets, and brings with it uplifting, inspiration driven, expansive, adventurous energies.

You would think that any sign would love to experience such spirit rising.

But Virgo is quite arguably a “glass half empty” kind of sign, not trusting or finding it easy  to let in anything or anyone that is filled up with unbridled joy or “high flying” thoughts and emotions.

Sagittarius is very much a “glass half full” kind of sign.

When they are in conflicting relationship with each other, as they are now in square, each sign tends to go to extremes to get itself “heard”.

So in this state, Jupiter in Sagittarius tends to be overly excited, impulsive, jumping to conclusions, fantasy indulging, and high flying.

Virgo usually sees itself as realistic, when in actuality it can be very skeptical and pessimistic at times.

So a prevailing theme this week is an unpredictable roller coaster ride of positive and hopeful up-swing and negative and hopeless down-swing, up and down.

You can likely expect your aims to create calm simple order in your life to be confronted by excitable people or situations that bring “chaos”.

And conversely expect your aims to stay on the “high road” to be confronted by people or situations that throw a wet blanket on your soaring spirit.

This Virgo lunar cycle is meant to get us to work harder and to bring more simple order and practical sense into our lives.  Events that get us very excitable will challenge that agenda.

On Monday Labor Day in America, the Sun makes conjunction with Mars in Virgo.  Be careful of your own anger or the anger of others thrown at you.  And that anger might be accompanied by strict criticisms and judgmental opinions.

Do your best to not be defensive, but instead to take it in as constructive criticism that will help you to get better and better at what you do.

Watch the world out there to show us events, surrounding the Sun/Mars conjunction in Virgo, that tend to make us feel “half empty”.

So many have been feeling quite hopeless in recent times because of the state of our culture and world.

Yes our world is in bad shape right now in many ways, so we need to band together to help transform and heal it.

Our Earth and human family are coming up to a crossroads on the highway of transition between an Age of Pisces and a coming Age of Aquarius.

When we experience the old Paradigm with its fears and hatreds, we can feel so down and hopeless. And then we tune into the new Paradigm with its love, empathy, and magic, and we can then feel so filled with hope and joy.

That swing up and down is a natural rhythm for being in transition during Transformation and Healing cycles.

Expect that energetic to continue; yet we can learn to handle those swings better by finding an inner observer.

That observer knows the swings are natural and accepts this.  Yet is also knows that hanging onto the high or being crushed by the low does not serve us well.

The relationship between opposites can be intense now. Dark and Light both want attention. So do Yang and Yin. So do Male and Female.

All is being re-integrated and re-balanced.  We can trust the process and let go of trying so hard to keep control.

Here are some highlights for the month ahead:

There is a Full Moon in Pisces on Friday the 13th of September.  This is a time to connect with the Mysteries

On the 18th, Hand of Time Saturn goes Direct. This is a time to know- It is Time. Time marches on.

September 21, Jupiter squares Neptune to trigger the wand of magic coming alive

On September 23, there is the Autumn Equinox bringing equal balance between light and dark as the Sun moves into Libra.

On September 28 there is a New Moon in Libra, bringing more Beauty and Love into life.

The Trump world is not taking over our lives and souls. Why would we allow it?

The world he has brought with him is a world that has been leaving us for some time now.   It cannot come back for more than a “second” in the vast network of Time. That time is almost up.

Instead of complaining or letting fear take us over,  we can take more responsibility for the country and world we have all built together.

And we can take more responsibility for healing it and ourselves; and for transforming this world and ourselves with an abundance of Love and a dedication to Truth.

December 2019/January 2020 give us the next Eclipse Season. It will be especially powerful as Saturn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn in connection with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer.

This promises a most powerful turning point in our collective human experience on Planet Earth.

Till next week


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