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Out with the Old and Corrupted, and Astrology Forecast for January 24-30

By Leo0 Knighton Tallarico

It is becoming abundantly clear that real and deep transformational change here in America will not happen without powerful and drastic measures and events.   I had hoped back in November 2008, when we elected Barack Obama, that the change from one age to another could happen with some grace.

I have known for quite awhile that America and the world would be going through huge waves of change.   The corruptions, dysfunctions, greed, power abuses, and Americans’ apathy would all need to be cleaned up and released in order for us to live in a healthier, more functional, caring, fair and just America and world. The changing of Ages into an Aquarian Age and through the Mayan 2012 demand this will happen.

And Barack Obama’s candidacy raised our hopes that he would lead us into reclaiming our country back to “we the people”.    He raised our hopes that we would get back our decency and higher principles, so that we would make real change and could have more hope for our future.

And though there has been some return of the light of hope since moving beyond the horrific and disillusioning years of George Bush, nevertheless in most ways “same-old, same old”  ways still prevail.

We are still in Iraq and sending more troops into Afghanistan.    We have created an economic stimulus plan that has not helped the people, but instead has helped big banks get more profits and give more millions to their executives.    The stock market has gone up, but no more jobs are being created nor has the ability to get loans gone up.  We may be on the verge of a new Health Reform plan for Americans, but that plan will keep the power of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies as powerful as ever.

And now this week, something almost unbelievable happened in the Supreme Court of the USA.  They are now allowing corporations to spend as much money as they want on  political elections. ” We the people” have our power even more diluted. The corporations and interest groups already buy out our representatives.  Now with this new ruling  their agendas and wealth will  have more and more influence over our country.

Though a repubican dominated Supreme Court cast this vote, it is not only republicans who are bought our by corporations and special interests.  Both democratic and republican representatives have been bought out by corporations.  The system is corrupt and interest groups and corporations, with their money and wealth, are controlling our country, both sides of the aisle.  They are both part of the Military/Industrial complex that President Eisenhower, a republican, warned us about just before leaving office.    He said that that complex would eventually take away our people power and republic if our awareness went to sleep.  It is encouraging that President Obama has spoken out against the Supreme Cout vote, which is against our democracy.

 Is it too late to do something to change the direction our country is moving in?  Well, it IS too late to rely on our two party system of  republicans and democrats to change it.  Have you noticed how many candidates are winning now, as did Senator Brown from Massachusetts, with a message of being outside the system.    But come on, few of these republicans or democrats are truly outside the control of the two party, corporate controlled political system.  

Big transformational change of our system and its instituitons is coming over the next few years, and 2010 will speed up this process forward.  But how can each of us be proactive in this process?

Should we write to our congress people and demand change?  That likely will not do any good anymore.  The two party system no longer represents “we the people.”

The change is coming and likely events will shake up our world enough for us to begin to see new and inventive, outside the box, truly tranformational change.

We will also need to vote for other parties, like the Greens and Libertarians.  We will also likely get to the point, especially if things get more oppressive and controlled,where we need to use civil disobedience, as did Dr. King and Ghandi. 

The aspects over the next several years speak to the restructuring of our world.  Pluto is now in Capricorn, which suggests transformation of our systems, structures and institutions.  Pluto will stay in Capricorn for 13 more years.

And more immediately we experience Saturn square Pluto, which lasts from last autumn 2009 to Autumn of 2010.    In fact there is an exact Saturn square Pluto aspect on Sunday January 31.   During this year long period very powerful events which change our world and its structures.

The last major transit of Saturn/Pluto was in 2001/2002, when they were in opposition to one another.  In fact one of the passes happened in August 2001, just before the 9-11 tragedy.

Our world is in for major change over the next several years, through a big wave of change in 2010, through the Mayan 2012, through an entrance into the Aquarian Age, as I estimate December 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn conjunct at 1 degree of Aquarius.

On a personal level, use the Saturn square Pluto aspect this week to release old patterns and beliefs that no longer fit who you have been growing into.

If a current relationship or friendship keeps making you feel bad about your self, perhaps it is time for that relationship to change its pattern or for you to be out of the relationship.   

 Saturn/Pluto is about endings, goodbyes, moving on from old times of your life.   It is difficult to say goodbye sometimes if something or someone new has not appeared yet.  But sometimes we must focus on our goodbye, and perhaps the grief that comes with that ending.

This week also brings a Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo on January 29/30.  It happens on the 29th at 10:18 PM on the west coast USA, and on the 30th at 1:18 AM on the east coast.

Do you do what is best in a socially conscious way (Aquarius), or do you do what makes your heart sing or makes you happy (Leo)?  

This Full Moon is the first major lunation since the beginnings that happened at the Solar Eclipse New Moon on the 15th.  Look back on the eclipse and what was going on for you then, and see now where it has evolved to.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Check out the website for more writings or to look into readings and sessions.   Special still on for readings at $100 for one hour and $150 for 90 minutes.  Check also into astrocartography, which shows use through astrological lines, what places in America and on the Earth are best for you.  Write to me at

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