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Pandora’s Box and Astrology Forecast March 28-April 3

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are moving more fully into Springtime here in the Northern Hemisphere. On that Spring voyage, Aries is the first sign of Spring, followed by Taurus and then completed in Gemini. That is all part of the Solar Cycle

The lunar cycle this week reaches its monthly “climax” on Sunday at the Full Moon in Aries/Libra. And just after that event, we move from a waxing Moon to the waning second half of the lunar cycle.

Sunday March 28 at 2:48 PM EDT and 11:48 AM PDT is the time of the exact Full Moon in Aries/Libra.

A Full Moon is always an opposition between the Sun and Moon. A New Moon is both Sun and Moon in same degree of same sign.

So at this Full Moon on March 28, the recently opened torch fire of Aries meets up with the airy and pleasant Libra.

Aries is about “let’s get moving toward what we want, and do it now”. Libra wants to look at both sides of the issue, listen to the other’s opinion, and then do what is best for the relationship, or all too often do what is best for the other person more than themselves

From another perspective Aries wants to meet the challenge and fight for what it wants or what it feels is right. Libra will want compromise and peace.

In the world now the USA appears to be gearing up for potential confrontation with China. That is a very real threat this year. Iran is another possible opponent, depending on what Israel wants.

And domestically the Culture Wars are in abeyance right now, but simmering just below the surface.

The Aries/Libra Full Moon Sunday the 28th shows a desire for compromise and peace versus desires for taking on the challenge or engaging in confrontation.

In your own life, are you getting ready or at least contemplating to take action of some sort? Do others prefer compromise and/or settlement of the issues?

At, around, or just after the New Moon in Aries on April 11; it will be time to take action, move forward, take on the challenge, fight for what you believe in, or adamantly stand up to be “true to self”.

Being true to Self is not selfishness or being conceited. It is about self respect, being aligned with and honoring how you were created and what you stand for!

Diversity Within Unity is dependent on each cell in the body, each instrument in the orchestra, keeping the integrity of what and who it is in essence.

And from that Truth of Individuality learning to make non judgmental connection and unity with all the other individualized creations.

In the greater world it means moving beyond a need to believe my god is the true god, not yours; or My race is the superior one to yours; or my sexual orientation has better people than your orientation. etc etc.

So after the Sunday the 28th Full Moon, the Moon loses more light every day until the point of the New Moon in Aries on April 11.

We are also still within the lunar cycle begun at the Pisces New Moon on March 13.

April 11 is the marking point. Pandora’s Box has much energy going into it then, so it will openly free what has been locked inside. And chaos is likely some time after that opening.

Remember that Saturn and Uranus are square to each other all of 2021. Uranus fights to break open that box so we can break away from an old obsolete Paradigm and Age. The Aries New Moon seeks the same freedom and new challenges that go with it.

Saturn, the planet of gravity and stability, seeks to keep same-old, same-old alive or at least still breathing. Saturn/Uranus has its next exact square to one another on June 14, very close to the powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon on June 10.

That Solar Eclipse is closely conjunct the USA natal Mars placement of 21+ degrees of Gemini.

This time period may be when what is ignited at the Aries New Moon on April 11 is manifested.

Order versus chaos is an important theme for 2021 globally and personally. Too much Saturn and one feels stuck and bored.

Too much Uranus and one feel everything out of control and overwhelming.

Transformation requires some chaos so changes can be made. But nothing can be built to last if there is too much chaos. “Boring” Saturn is needed to keep some control and needs for safety and comfort.

Till next week


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