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Peace Prize and War and Astrology Forecast for October 11-17

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

President Obama  received the Nobel Peace Prize, and I am sure it is because he has changed the tone emanating from the United States to the rest of the world.    He tries to talk and work things out with others, as he has done with Iran.  But of course we are still fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and there is no real attempt to extricate us from these catastrophes.

Iraq was an unjust war from the beginning, an invasion of a sovereign country who was not directly threatening the USA.   The invasion of Afghanistan was a reaction to the 9-11 tragedy and an attempt to get back at Al Qaeda there.     We have been there for 8 more years and there are not many Al Qaeda  there anymore.    Of course there are all sorts of military strategic reasons for being there, but so was there in Viet Nam, which was a horrible nightmare for all concerned.

We are still playing an old game, from a dried up paradigm of a passing Age.  It is a King of the Hill, dog eat dog game.    It is about building an Empire and ruling the world.    With nuclear weapons in the world,  it is a very dangerous game.

To his credit President Obama has talked about the need to rid our world of these weapons, but we are a very long way from this becoming a reality.   He is a very well intentioned, sincere and bright human being.    But this Empire and this Old Paradigm are way too large for an one person to transform on their own.

And the Pisces age of saviors is coming to a close.    Nature and the Universe will be in charge of the transformational conditions that will assist us on our journey from a Pisces to an Aquarian Age.

Events will play out in the world to challenge the way we have been living in this old paradigm, to break down old ways and instittutions that do not serve our human condition anymore.    We have much clearing before an Aquarian Age is basically formed in 2020, at the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 1 degree of Aquarius.

Late this year and especially in 2010 the transformational change accelerates greatly.  There will be many earth shaking world events.

President Obama will be greatly challenged in mid November this year as the first of three passes of Saturn square Pluto occurs.   This square brings darker energies to America and Obama.    This could happen in many different ways.  A worst case scenarion would be a terrorist attack or an attack on the life of President Obama.  Other possiblities are worse news on the economy; war drums for Iran; tide turning more dangerous in Afghanistan; or something not anticipated right now.

Whatever happens from late October through February is in part a result of this Saturn/Pluto aspect, as it makes its second pass in late January. In between those 2 Saturn/Pluto passes are 2 powerful eclipses on New Year’s eve and January 15 2010.

By the way have you noticed how many really big earthquakes have erupted recently?    And pay attention to what happens with the USA dollar.  It has been rumored that Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia among others are considering using other currency for oil transactions besides the dollar.  This would cause huge trouble for the American economy.

Please always keep in mind that at he same time as these powerful events play out, we are also shown the way to the Aquarian Age, in our consciousness, in our lifestyles,and  in our relationships.   We do personal healing that helps us release old programming and dramas that keep us confined in the old Reality of an old Age.

If we are looking we are given signs and symbols and synchronicities to light our path.   We are more able to move through all the challenges and walk through sacred and meaningful passages of our lives.

As we change we attract better and better situations and people to our selves and our lives.  And we feel more and more a part of something greater, with purpose and function in our world community and Universe.

Astrology Forecast October 11-17

Most of Sunday the 11th will have Moon in Cancer, so time is best spent nurturing one’s self and maybe being home as much as possible.   On Monday the 12th positive feelings and energies grow as Jupiter is slowing down to go direct Tuesday.

Tuesday Oct 13- Jupiter Direct

It is time to shift gears as Jupiter changes from Retrograde to Direct.   Look for inspiration on expansive projects and visualize what new adventures or travels.  It is time to begin to engage in more positive life expression.  Jupiter’s expansive energies stay direct (manifesting) until July 2010.

Friday Oct 16- Mars enters Leo

Mars leaves nurturing Cancer for success oriented Leo on the 16th. It is time to leave your protective cocoon, and begin to express the shine of confidence that gives hope to your life for better days.  Mars usually stays in a sign about a month and a half, but will stay in Leo this time until June 2010. The reason is because Mars will go retrograde on December 20, just before the winter solstice.

Saturday/Sunday Oct 18 New Moon in Libra 1:33 AM EDT

The New Moon in Libra brings diplomatic energies out front and center.    It is time to get in touch with what will bring people together, not separate.  Libra is a sign of gracefulness and finesse, being civilized and socially conscious.   But sometimes it can feel phony or snobby.   Take time now to listen to others so more harmony can be made.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit my website to find out more about autumn 2009 and to check out services and readings.

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