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Powerful Change is Here Now and Astrology Forecast January 25-February 1

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Intensity has remained high since the first eclipse on Christmas evening .this winter season 2019/2020. That was a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn

Then around the time of the second and last eclipse on January 10, intensity rose quite powerfully.   The impeachment process was taking over much of USA collective consciousness.  And the USA and Iran nearly went to war.

Now with the Eclipse Season passing into our collective rear view window, we are faced to deal with what is left after the eclipse storms.

There is growing movement to transform and evolve, to be authentic, conscious, empathetic, in our Higher Selves or Soul Selves.

And the need for that evolution in consciousness, as we are in transition between a  Pisces and Aquarian Age Paradigm, is enormous.

People are getting more and more connected now, connected and aligned.  But the Fear script is getting pushed into our awareness.  “What if…., what if…….what if………?” Fear based consciousness keeps us wallowing in that fear; getting more obsessive in our minds and actions; and developing sterner judgments of ourselves and others.

Your Higher Self looks at the Big Picture for meaning for whatever is banging around down here on Earth.  You and I each have a place and purpose to fulfill at this important time in ourstory.

The Impeachment process is bringing out all the demons in our political system; Iran is still in the cross-hairs of Israel and the USA. They are waiting for the right time to hurt Iran badly; and                  the impeachment process is in large measure political warfare now. (though of course Trump is clueless of what our community truly needs.)  He is obsessed with winning in November in order to feed his narcissist appetite.

Somewhere along the line Pandora’s Box loses its lid, and chaotic anarchy is the result. That will bring martial law to dominate and control the people.  And now the possibility of biological sickness spreading across the Earth has gotten stronger.

We need some miracles to save us from such devastation, and that will come in the form of a new USA president elected this November.

I ‘m not saying she needs to be a savior; but she/he will need to bring guidance, direction, sanity, and remind us of our deep set values. And she will let us know she follows Truth and Love as her guiding lights.

And that we are capable of regardless of who is president.

Most of the important planetary aspects coming up are connected to the USA chart’s Pluto and Pluto Return, happening now through 2023.

That Pluto in Capricorn in the USA second house is the Military Industrial Complex that dominates our world.

And as Pluto returns to the exact same position it was in on July 4 1776; we the people need to take more responsibility for what we have done to our Earth, and what we done to one another.

That does not require self harm in order to make things better. It requires empathy and compassion for ourselves and others, as well as a commitment to our Earth home and each other.

And besides the Pluto Return, both Saturn and Jupiter will conjunct that same USA natal planet of Pluto this year.

The security of the Empire Complex will be challenged, so it can transform into what is best for “we the people”(ll over the world).

Trump is a test for us. He should help us all remember that in our country’s revolution we made vow to eliminate Kings or Queens from our lives. That also means dictators or presidents who abuse power in order to keep their power.  King George of England during the revolution needs to rest in peace now.

And through all the darkness i our world and country now, the light of a New Age burns brightly underneath the surface, waiting for enough blocks or impediments to be released, in order to make room for the light, love, and truth of the Age of Aquarius.

This week we continue on our way up the waxing moon, as it travels toward a Full Moon in Leo on the 8th of February.

Aquarius New Moon from January 24 keeps Aquarius themes alive.

So the energies of Aquarius grow stronger this week.  Use it for more inventive “outside the box” thinking; for liberating yourself  from old stuck ego stories.  Use it to feel better about being a unique individualized person, one who joins the healthy community of Age of Aquarius members. They are all around, waiting for when they are needed to show themselves.

This week on Sunday the 26th of January, Venus in Pisces squares Mars in Sagittarius, pitting male in conflict with female.  Venus in Pisces seeks  to love and be loved, unconditionally.  Mars in Sagittarius seeks higher meaning and high adventures and uplifting inspiration.

Though Pisces is flowing and gentle, while Mars is raising a a fiery flag of knowing and intuiting; they can get long quite well as they are both idealistic dreamers for a better day.

Neptune energies are stronger than usual in the beginning of the week as both Venus and Mars make aspect to Neptune.

Neptune can also be very idealistic and dreams of better days coming.

All in all this week, we move toward more hope. We also move, with the Uranus and Aquarius aspects this week,  toward “people power” with revolutionary ideas getting stronger and stronger.

We can all get more outside the boxes of ego stories that keep us stuck and miserable. Now is a time to do just that. Break away and Be your Self.

Keep ego thinking to a minimum.

You can feel now with the Aquarius New Moon, the energetic push toward a New Age of Aquarius, toward breaking up the need to have all ducks in a row with all our life in stuck security control. Liberation energies are especially strong right now, use them as you want.

Till next week,


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