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Powerful Changes and Astrology Forecast for September 13-19

President Obama turned a lot of people around with his speech on Health Care Reform last week.   One of the main ingredients in Mercury Retrograde, as you read last week in this blog, is changing of mental perceptions.

Mercury went Retrograde on Monday and his speech was on Wednesday night.   Prior to the speech there was a lot of misinformation about Obama’s Health Care proposals.    A majority of Americans were against the proposals and in fact many were quite angry.  There were distortions presented by Main Stream Media and politicians, like about death panels for elderly Americans.

There were angry town hall meetings spreading more falsehoods.   There were talk show hosts spouting about communism and socialism and other distorted opinions about Obama and health care reform.

After the speech, which happened so shortly after Mercury went retrograde, people saw the health care reform proposals in a new light.   This new light was based on Obama for the first time being clear about what he wanted and what was in the proposals.

So perceptions changed.

Mercury Retrograde is always spoken about in such negative, superstitious ways.   And yes sometimes times it does feel like a nightmare.  And yes sometimes it does feel like nothing works and everything is going wrong.

But the gist of Mercury Retrograde is getting out of mental boxes and closed paradigms and seeing things in new ways.  And sometimes it takes more drastic means to break open the closed boxes of thought.

Well, Mercury will stay retrograde until September 29, so the changing mental winds will continue this week and next.

There is an important aspect this coming week:   Saturn opposite Uranus.   Saturn and Uranus began their current cyclical dance with one another when they made conjunction in 1987-88.  Saturn represents status quo, stability, form and structure, and certitude.

Uranus represents awakenings, breakthroughs, and radical change.  Saturn is what has been built and keeping it that way.  Uranus is breaking down barriers, liberation, revolution, and new ways.    When they oppose one another, the old ways are opposed by the new ways.

This current opposition of Saturn and Uranus had its first pass on November 4 2008.  It will have 4 more passes,, taking us into mid 2010.

That first pass on November 4 was quite revealing as to what Saturn opposite Uranus really means in essence.

It was election day in America and John McCain was running against Barack Obama for President of the United States.  What a perfect archetypal battle between Saturn and Uranus.

Saturn is the old ways and Uranus is the new ways.   Saturn is ruler of Capricorn, the sign of the old man.   And Uranus is ruler of Aquarius, the New Age we are moving into.  How fitting:   McCain representing the old and passing America running against the Aquarian Rising candidate of hope and change, Barack Obama.

As we are inexorably moving into an Aquarian Age, it was quite fitting that Obama would win.

In 1987-88 at the conjunction of Saturn and Uranus, the Soviet Union began to break down and the first serious insurrection by the Palestinians against Israel began.    Uranus/ Saturn often represents liberation movements against authority.

The Soviet Union’s beginning breakdowns was mostly seen in its war against Afghanistan.  The mujahadeen, led by Osama Bin laden, was bringing great loss to the Soviet Union.  So in 1987-88 the Soviet Union began to withdraw from Afghanistan.    In the immediate years afterward, through 1991, the Soviet Union fell.    Afghanistan is known as a country that breaks down empires.

And in 1988 Osama Bin laden gave his group the name of Al Queda.

In 1987 there was the first real defiance of Palestinians against Israel. It was the first Intifada.

We can expect more “liberation movements” to happen in 2010 as the Saturn/Uranus opposition plays out.

Additionally Saturn will square Pluto in 2010.  The last time Saturn made a major aspect with Pluto was in 2001/2002, when they were opposed to one another. In fact in August 2001, less than a month before the tragedy of 9-11 in America, there was the first pass of Saturn opposite Pluto that time.

Saturn, as we aforementioned, represents structures and forms and authority. Pluto is the god of the underworld, of Hades.  He represents primal power, destruction of old forms and transformation.

So we can expect next year, 2010 to be a most explosive, intense and transformational year.   Old structures and ways. old systems of order will be challenged by powerful waves of change and transformation.

The world as we know it will be greatly challenged, and revolutionary energies will be wanting to break down the walls of the current world structures.  Many of these energies will appear as dark forces that will bring down the world as we know it.

We must be prepared to rebuild and make new institutions and systems.    2010 will bring powerful change and 2010-2020 are years of transformation into an Aquarian Age.

Astrology Forecast for September 13-19

Powerful planet Pluto, the god of deep transformation, went from retrograde to direct last Friday September 11, the anniversary of the tragedy in America.  In case you didn’t notice the Dow Jones stock market ended at 9605 on September 11 2009. It ended at 9605 on September 11 2001. That is really freaky and a sign from the Universe of going Full Circle.  It may also be a sign of warning.

This week there is the strong aspect of Saturn opposite Uranus on Tuesday the 15th of September.

On Sunday the 13th and Monday the 14th Moon will be in Cancer, which is a good couple of days to “veg out” and chill, to cuddle up and feel nurtured.

We already above gave you some info about Saturn opposite Uranus.  Its whole passage must be looked at, which is from November 2008 to July 2010.   Everything related to this aspect will play out during that time.

But just as the first pass, on November 4 gave us the election day contest between McCain and Obama, with many meaningful symbols connected to the Saturn/Uranus opposition, look for meaningful symbols surrounding this second pass on September 15.

Keep in mind that not every pass will have such obvious (to those who are looking) symbols as last November.  But look closely at events in the world to see themes of liberation, of breakthroughs into new realms, of old forms dying and revolutionary ones being born.

In your personal life look for what forms and structures are ready to released.  What forms or structures have outlived their use for you.   What new breakthroughs or ideas need to replace the old ones?  Are you ready to liberate your self from restrictive situations, from relationships or work situations that no longer work for you.

We are in the last quarter of the lunar cycle most of this week.  So it is time to slow down your energy output as much as possible and go inward to prepare for the New Moon.

Then on Friday is a New Moon in Virgo at 2:44 PM EDT.  It is time now to order your life, to fix what needs mending, to go to the dentist or health professional, to fix your car or appliances.  Virgo seeks to simplify, to make more humble.  It is a sign for letting go of big ego and to self improve by seeing your self as being of service to others, not to your own self alone.

Use this lunar month ahead to make your life more workable and efficient, without undue emotional drama.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please feel free to visit my website for more information and to look to see if you would like a reading for your self during these changing times.

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