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Powerful Transformation and Astrology Forecast October 27- November 2

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are entering an important time period now.   The centerpiece of this time period, in the midst of Autumn Eclipse Season 2013, will be from October 30- November 6.    Within that time frame is an exact Uranus/Pluto square on November 1 and a Hybrid Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio on November 3.

The power of the “underworld”, where deep transformation brews, will be at its most powerful.    Pluto mythologically is the Guardian of the Underworld, Hades.    Pluto is the planet most affiliated with the sign Scorpio, which will hold the energy for the Solar Eclipse.

Mercury Retrograde is also in Scorpio now and at the time of the coming Solar Eclipse. And of course the Uranus/Pluto aspect on November 1 includes the Underworld Guardian as well.  There are a lot of strong and mysterious energies to hold now.

This week on October 31-November 1 is Samhain, commonly known in modern times as Halloween.     Our ancestors knew that every year at this time, which is approximately mid way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, that the veil “between worlds” is the thinnest and most permeable.

We are able to lift the lid from the inner dimension and make contact with frequencies and spirits from “down under”.    It is more common at this time of year to do double takes on certain spots in our sight, as we may glance at movement of spirits, but not able to see them clearly.

It is a good time for psychic feelings, and also for contacting those who have died.  Deeper emotions are also more accessible now.

But do not let the “pull downward” into your deeper feelings upset you. It is normal now to feel deeper emotions, maybe even thoughts of times past that you have heretofore pushed into the darker corners of your psyche.

It may be time to resurrect those memories so you can integrate a part of who you have been,  back into your awareness.    That which has been suppressed, especially so-called “negative” thoughts or emotions, may need to be exposed again so you can heal some part of your self or relationship.

Just after Samhain is the Uranus/Pluto square on November 1 and then the Solar Eclipse on November 3.

This Uranus/Pluto exact square is the 4th of 7 exact passes between them. The last pass will be in March of 2015.  The most powerful pass will be in April of 2014, when Uranus and Pluto are part of a Grand Cross alignment that will make an almost exact aspect to the USA natal Sun.  Two Eclipses will also be activated that month.

Of course you know that the last major meeting of Uranus and Pluto was in 1965-66, and it ignited the ,60s revolution and evolution.  They were conjunct midway through Virgo back then.  That started the current Uranus/Pluto cycle, and now the revolution and evolution begun at that time goes to the next level, at a much more accelerated pace again.

The Hybrid Total Solar Eclipse is on Sunday November 3 at 7:50 AM Eastern Standard Time, in fact the first day after we turn our clocks back. That Solar Eclipse should be visible here on the east coast, but not so in western USA time zones.  Those in southern Europe and Africa will also be able to view this eclipse.    It is Hybrid because it will not be a Total eclipse everywhere and at all times.

This eclipse should cause a powerful shakeup of the status quo. Emotional intensity will be increasing as we get closer and closer to the actual event.   Intensity could stay strong days afterward.

Previously held secrets are being exposed, like the NSA spying on USA allies, such as Germany.   More secrets could be exposed, and perhaps some in your personal life as well. Emotions and events from the usually hidden “underworld” will emerge and cause us to shift our consciousness and perhaps our lives as well.

We will experience that which has been previously controlled, and in some cases inner demons will be released so they can be worked with, expressed and let go of.

Being polite will tend to give way to being being authentic and real.  It will be more difficult to be phony or pretentious.  It will also be easier now to see people’s “darker” side and ulterior motives, but remember that sometimes what looks to be real is actually the result of being a bit paranoid.     Check things out before jumping to conclusions.

Also be careful not to have explosions of temperament, explosions which will burn bridges of trust between you and others. Express authentically but watch out for how much you might be hurting someone’s feelings.

This is a time of potential empowerment and renewed passion, so trust the process now to take you there, even if it gets a bit “ugly” sometimes.

In the greater world, Pandora’s Box of  held back truths will tend to open up.

Our weak economy will likely be more exposed, and in foreign affairs issues with Syrian, Iran, and Israel will likely intensify. Israel is very unhappy with the apparently changing relationship between Iran and Syria- with the United States.   Israel could potentially make an attack on Iran around this Solar Eclipse or at the next New Moon in Sagittarius on December 2.

If neither the economy or the Middle East go into serious crisis during the Autumn Eclipse Season lasting into early December, then I believe we will get a “pardon” until late winter or spring 2014. Of course other powerful world events may happen during this current Eclipse Season.  The powerful planetary movements now make difficult aspect to President Obama’s natal chart.   He will be under great stress and challenge. He is in my estimation part of a bridge from one age to the next.  He has much of both Ages in his soul, and as he goes back and forth he becomes hard to read.

The old world, the old age, the old paradigm are dying as they do not provide our human family a fair, just, loving,  competent structure to live and work within.   Our children and future generations will need a new structure and paradigm, one where all our human family is able to live a quality life. The vast disparity between super rich and poor is not serving our human family.   Wars that are mostly about greed and power do not serve our human family.

We are ready to transform our world, but first we each need to de-program ourselves as to what is “normal”.  We are told that the way it is- is how it has always been- and always will be.  We are taught that life is random, not truly meaningful. We are taught that we live in a world of survival of the fittest, every man for himself or his own family or nation or religion.

Us against Them is what we have been programmed to believe and of course we act that belief out.

It is a time of great change upon us.  Just as we learned that we live in a round world, not a flat one; we are now ready to metaphorically know that same reality in other areas of our life.

Round creates circles and circles are wholeness or unity.    A flat world is a world of straight lines of separation.  We are all one, one family.  All the differences can be encompassed in a circle of unity, like the Moon or Sun or the Yin/Yang symbol.

Nature and the Universe show us the unity through these symbols, and now it time for us to live that way here on Earth with our brothers and sisters in every part of this world. Diversity in Unity is the Age of Aquarius.   Our path on the circle has almost entered that Age, but rocky roads we will need to collectively walk before we arrive.

See you next week,

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You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

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