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Rays of Awakening and Astrology Forecast June 22-28

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Today June 21 begins the passage into Summer 2014 in the Northern Hemisphere of Planet Earth.  Light and yang energies were at their zenith at the Summer Solstice moment, and now slowly but surely light and yang energies wane, while dark and yin increase.   But of course the light energies will nevertheless continue to dominate until Autumn Equinox when light and dark are equal.

So enjoy the bright and warm weather times now while they are here.  When the moment of Summer Solstice began at 6:51 AM EDT, simultaneously as always the Sun moved into Cancer, where it will stay for the next month.

Cancer time of year is a time to get back into one’s inner flow, and more distant from obligations and rules.   As it is “run” by the Moon, Cancer changes its mood often.  And  if one is too tied down by “shoulds and have-to” then one cannot truly change with one’s feelings and moods

So Cancer likes to feel safe and protected from the demands of the outside world, and it feels very protective of those it loves, especially those who are vulnerable and not as naturally functional in the pressures of the world, like children, the elderly, physically challenged or pets.

It is a good time this Cancer month to be with people you feel safe with, who feel like “family”.  It is a good time to nurture yourself and to nurture others also.

To be nurtured, one needs to be able to “just be”, not have to do so much.  “Who you are” is more important that “what you are” or “what you do” when you are feeling nurtured.  That is why one feels most nurtured with people that one can be “themselves” with.

These Cancer themes will be activated even more after the Cancer New Moon this week Friday the 27th at 4:08 AM EDT.    Make finding nurturance and emotional intimacy priorities for the coming month ahead, and go with your inner flow as much as possible.

This coming week also brings us to another trigger of the Grand Cross from the Spring of 2014, which is also a trigger of the Uranus/Pluto square.    That trigger is touched off because Mars is opposing Uranus this week. That means there is a spike in our progress and evolution, which causes an increase in energies and efforts to release and let go of that which needs to die.

When Mars triggered Pluto by square in mid June, it brought on more intense emotional energies and the explosive triggering of events in Iraq.  ISIS, an Al Qaeda group outgrowth, has taken over large swaths of both Syria and Iraq now and is felt as a grave threat by world powers.

As Mars opposes Uranus this coming week, it has the potential to trigger that conflict even more, as well as other events in the Middle East, especially in Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. Russia and Ukraine are also hotspots to be watched this week.

The coming chaos will motivate current world powers into more restrictive behavior, more needs for forced order, and more nationalism and potential fascism. This dynamic between chaos and order will become more prevalent as time goes by over the next 16-18 months.

Chaos versus order will be a theme for awhile in both personal and global affairs. That is because as old dysfunctional and dying structures fall, they create much disorder, and then there are attempts to hold onto whatever security one can find to keep feeling safe with what is familiar.

In your personal life if old ways of being become no longer viable, either because you let them go or they are taken away from you, there can be a deep sense of insecurity and even panic sometimes.  Then if you decide to overcompensate for this feeling of being out of control of your life by being too controlling and dominating of those in your life, you will have emotionally reacted in a way that is understandable but yet detrimental to you and others.

If you can find a place of trust and faith in your self and the Universe, and look to see that all is happening in a meaningful way, you will have less tendency to overreact.

I know that is difficult when you are feeling the pain and beginning to panic, but if you can find a peaceful place inside your self, through meditation or being in nature or being with counselors or friends who are nurturing and able to help you see the bigger picture, then you will temper the downfall and find some balance.

Mars opposite Uranus this week may help your needs for change by  bringing with it energies of awakening, taking you outside the usual boxes of thought and opening up lanes of liberation for you.  Surprises and flashes of insight and inventive thinking are more possible this week also.

The world is beginning to show signs of the big changes our human family is going to experience in order for us to enter the Age of Aquarius.   The old paradigm, the old rules are no longer working for us.   Those who are more privileged or do not care about the human values that bring out the “better angels” in each of us, will try to hold onto those old ways no matter what. Those who have become jaded and cynical expect the old paradigm to always exist. Those who have gone too deeply asleep will not be able to be awakened. Those who have accepted the old rules and do not question them will want to “hold on for dear life” to the old world.

But many people, enough to change this world, are hearing or will soon hear the trumpet calls for awakening.  These souls are the ones who know deep in their hearts that everything is connected in unity, that life has purpose and meaning, that Love and Truth are the pillars that hold up our Universe, and that we are alive now to be a part of the transition between Ages till we enter fully the Age of Aquarius.

See you next week as we get ready for Mercury going back Direct,


f you have the time please enjoy the youtube video created for Spring Eclipse Season 2014 and the Cardinal Grand Cross.

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There is already a YOUTUBE video autumn 2013 forecast out at

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

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