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Ready for the Ride and Astrology Forecast September 13-20

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As I write this week’s blog, Jupiter the planet of perspective and “bigger picture”, changes from Retrograde to Direct.

When a planet changes direction, from Retrograde to Direct or even from Direct to Retrograde; its energy and meaning are intensified and in the spotlight of consciousness.

Jupiter makes its shift while in Capricorn, where it has been since December 2019. That December date is close to when the reality of Covid-19 was beginning in our collective human consciousness.

That was followed by a powerful Saturn/Pluto conjunction and two eclipses.

Our world was beginning to transform in a major way. A falling economy and racial tensions followed that dawning of Transformation from that winter of 2019/20.

Jupiter in Capricorn went Retrograde in May 2020, as Covid lock-down restrictions were beginning to be lifted in many places. There were also many natural disasters that month.

And most importantly in May, George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police, inspiring a worldwide movement for more justice and fairness for people of color.

Now as Jupiter Direct plays out Jupiter’s last 3-4 months in Capricorn, we get ready for a most intense last few months of 2020.

Jupiter leaves its year-long travels in Capricorn as it makes an important conjunction with Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius on Winter Solstice December 21.

Two eclipses precede that turning point into the Age of Aquarius on Winter Solstice.

So much will happen over these last few months of 2020, including the USA Presidential Election on November 3, as Mercury changes directions back to Direct that night.

Our world has been thrown upside-down from its sense of reality. People are afraid and often very cautious, not knowing what is really happening and where we are going.

Our old Humpty-Dumpty has fallen from the wall of its old reality. And though all the king’s horses and men cannot bring Humpty back to its old reality; you can be assured we are in the process of deep and powerful transformation into a new chapter and new Age of Aquarius.

Donald Trump was meant to be the president and his crooked mirror gazing presence has enabled the walls coming down all over the world.

We truly do need a new USA and global economy; we surely do need more justice and fairness in the world, for people of color, for women, for all peoples who are not wealthy and privileged, nor cynically corrupt. We need a world of Diversity within Unity and one that follows Truth and Love as the pillars of the New World.

How could all this happen within the confines of the old paradigm? It can’t and won’t. We need a rebuilding of the world, as the old one comes down.

Can you really imagine it happening any other way? When I counsel 2 people in a relationship, 2 people who have been traumatized by childhood relationships and failed romantic relationships; there is a need to deeply purge old stories and patterns, to start from scratch, so to speak.

Going into this new relationship, one who has been severely traumatized by past relationships nevertheless falls in love.

Not much later they run into each other’s baggage from the past, and that pushes each of them into seeing their current new love from those old disappointed, disillusioned, painful, and sometimes even cynical eyes.

The Tower walls of their old relationship Life (in their minds and hearts) must come down in order to ever have the kind of relationship they really desire and deserve.

Healing and transformation then can be experienced, from those newly clear hearts and minds and souls, spirits and bodies.

And this is what is happening now in our Earth Community.

We are moving through a huge transformation and Trump is the old emperor or king from the Empires that have kept us in this Dark Age and Paradigm.

And as it goes down, “we the people” will have the responsibility and right to create and steward this New Earth Age of Aquarius.

So put on your seat belts for the ride through the rest of 2020. New Age here we come!

After Jupiter in Capricorn goes Direct on Saturday the 12th, we receive Jupiter’s renewed hope of Capricorn accomplishments and successes, aligned with our new Self in our New Age.

Then we go through the end of the current lunar cycle- until Thursday September 17 at the New Moon in Virgo at 7 AM EDT.

This lunar cycle takes us through the Autumn Equinox on September 22nd

This Virgo New Moon gives focus for the next month on fixing and repairing, maintaining and healing. Virgo zeroes in on “what is wrong with this picture”? or situation, etc. Virgo at its best is efficient, hard working, humble, keeping things simple and ordered.

Neptune opposing this New Moon softens the potential obsessiveness of Virgo, keeps feelings and soul balancing the material concerns of Virgo, but also potentially gets everything feeling foggy and confusing.

If we keep our focus off of obsessing on Trump, we will be better off. He is neither demon nor savior. He is a pretty messed up guy, who happens to be President of the USA. He will be gone before too long. He is not this all powerful force that will never leave.

Meditate more and more; keep your focus on the solution, the betterment, on the knowing we live in a meaningful Universe, with cycles and seasons that run the wheels of the Universe, a Universe run on Love and Truth.

See you next week


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