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Relationship Tides are Shifting and Astrology Forecast December 15-21

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

There will be some noticeable energetic shifts this week.   Early in the week, energies will be building up and be more lively and expansive; later this week energies will tone down and be more solemn and subdued.

On Tuesday December 17 there will be a Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini, and on the same day Uranus will station and then go Direct.

What was begun at the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 2 will reach a climax or fulfillment at the Full Moon this week.  Since this Full Moon has the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini, we can expect lively conversations and an interest in learning, communication, sharing information and looking for meaning, understanding and solutions.

With Uranus changing directions that same day, the first few days of the week may bring inventive new ideas, changing directions in attitudes and thinking, and a general breaking open of one’s mind.

Uranus is a planet of rebellion, revolution, and liberation.  It is anti authority and an important part of transformational movements.   Its role in transformation is to help one to break out of stuck situations, break away from controls, and to liberate oneself.    Its prominence this week along with the lively and mind opening Full Moon, will allow one to see things in new ways, to perhaps “see the light”.

It will be especially important this week to listen and be open.  It will be not only be important to listen to others, but also to “listen” to the Universe and its signs and synchronicities.    Your crown chakra will be especially sensitive to “hearing” whatever messages are being sent your way.

Perhaps you need to “hear” something that will shift your agenda.   Perhaps there is something you need to know before you move forward in some area of your life.  Perhaps you have had “blinders” on and now are ready to see something you need to see.

In the greater world it is quite possible that events will show us new information that will change our thinking and bring new meaning to certain subjects.

Right now the deal recently made with Iran on its nuclear program, the economy, and our relationship with China are some of the issues that may bring us new information and some changing winds of perception.

As we get toward the end of the week,  however, energetic winds will shift again.    On Saturday December 21 at 12:11 PM EST, we move down into the Winter Solstice, the day with more dark minutes than any other day of the year.

We move yin-ward into our bodies and souls, finding wisdom that is revealed in a more quiet darkened space inside.   After 12:11 PM EST on December 21, we then move toward the light.  From then until Summer Solstice 2014, every day will bring more light and less darkness.

It is meaningful that Christmas, the celebrated birth of the Christ, is only a few days after the Winter Solstice.   The symbolic birth of Jesus was the new light of consciousness in a dark world.   Compassion; turning the other cheek away from revenge; and learning the empathy of loving your neighbor as yourself, bring the light of love to the world and hope for a better future.

This year 2013 brings Venus going Retrograde in Capricorn on the same day as the Winter Solstice.  Venus goes Retrograde at 4:53 PM on December 21.

Venus going Retrograde on Winter Solstice symbolically shows us that our relationships must be looked at in a new light.  The Venus Retrograde period will last until January 31 2014.

During that Retrograde time period, certain relationships will need to be brought to our attention so they can be worked on, repaired and healed.  Or conversely some will be let go of as we need to move on from old patterns of relating one way or another.

If your partner or lover or friend or family member or work associate is in a dysfunctional and unhealthy relationship with you, now during Venus Retrograde you will have the opportunity to find out what the possibilities of that relationship really are.

As you grow and change into a more authentic and healthy Self, you may experience relationships that apparently block your evolution.  Now during Venus Retrograde, you will be less likely able to keep those issues under the rug of your awareness.

Now instead you can work through the issues and find out what can be done or not done to make them better.    As you work out the relationship you are also working out old patterns of relating that do not serve you anymore.  Abuse patterns, patterns based on lack of self esteem, patterns associated with past childhood or adult rejections or abandonment can be made better and maybe even let go during Venus Retrograde.

People from your past relationships may come back into your life or at least come back into your dreams or consciousness.  As they do you are made aware again of what you need to work on or let go.

Sometimes people leave our lives during Venus Retrograde.    Venus Retrograde is generally not a good time to get married, get engaged, or make a major relationship decision.  It is best instead to wait until the dust clears from the Retrograde period before making any big relationship moves.

Winter Solstice 2013 may be an especially profound time for some this year.  At the least put that day front and center in your awareness. Some may feel “depressed” or sad around this time, and making yourself aware of the Solstice may give meaning to your feelings.

If you are so motivated, please make the day sacred and do meditation or ceremony to honor this day which is one of the 4 major annual turning points of the year, as we bring in a new season. Please write Deborah Knighton Tallarico at if you would like more information on her ceremony on the 20th, the eve before the Solstice.

The Sun moves into Capricorn on the moment of the Winter Solstice every year.   That means it is time the coming month to get more grounded and anchored in your life, to think in terms of long term plans, organization, self discipline, success, and healthy emotional boundaries.

A new and very powerfully transformational 2014 is on our collective doorstep.

See you next week,


You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

There will be a New 2014 Astrology Forecast out in January.

There is already a YOUTUBE video autumn 2013 forecast out at

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

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