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Safe and Sound and Astrology Forecast July 11-July 17

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Cancer New Moon was last Friday July 9.

It is time to take care of yourself, feel safe, and be in situations and with people who are caring and supportive. Maybe sometimes it is good for our growth to be challenged and argued with.

But now most need a break from too much stress, a they have been experiencing a lot of pressure and anxiety.

Everyone needs to feel supported by people and situations that are nurturing and non judgmental, people who can see who we are, and care about you, the real you.

All too often children are made to feel they need to do things a certain way, or act in some approved way in order to be loved. In American culture that often means we need to always be busy, accomplishing, getting things done.

Families often teach children that doing nothing means they are lazy or worse.

Then when we gat older, we find out we need to meditate in order to get back to being, just being. Just being, not thinking or doing is really difficult for many people. Yet it is a great way to relieve stress.

The sign Cancer is at its best when being unconditionally loving, unconditionally loved.

One cannot expect to receive that from others, if one cannot give that kind of love to oneself. That is Law of Attraction.

So use this Cancer lunar cycle to get in touch with why you might have abandoned certain parts of yourself, and have demanded you be a certain way in order to love yourself and have others love you.

Cancer time often means family time, and often more specifically it means Mom time.

Cancer is representative of the Great Mother too, a sense that part of the God/Goddess Universe loves and cares for the people.

The old God of the Old Testament is a taskmaster judge that has little patience for those who do not follow the rules and do not do what they are ordered to do.

Even the God of the New Testament is male, though at least more benevolent.

Is it not about time for our human family to know and teach that the Universe is occupied equally by Male and Female presence?

No wonder we live in a male dominated world. It starts at the top, culture teaching that a male deity is the one god. Our current religions do not now fit the Age we have moved into: the equality of the Age of Aquarius.

On Thursday July 15 Chiron goes from Direct to Retrograde while in Aries.

Chiron was discovered in 1977. It resides in the Heavens between Saturn and Uranus. Close Encounters and Star Wars (the first one} came out in 1977.

Those movies brought the ET world from the Heavens closer to us, especially Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Saturn represents that old patriarchal god, and Chiron represents the bridge from Saturn to Uranus, the first of the transformational planets from The Heavens. That is a healing bridge from our human ego self to our Higher Self.

Saturn was considered the furthest planet out until Uranus was discovered in 1781. Synchronistically the French and American revolutions were rebelling against Kings that ruled over the people.

Killing the King symbolically is like paving the way for “of the people and by the people, and for the people”.

Chiron shows us we can find connection between our old world ways and new Age ways.

We can use this week ahead to give pause to all the difficult challenges we have been experiencing since Saturn conjunct Pluto brought on Covid and economic challenges with it early in 2020.

Enjoy Summer, rest, and family (people who you feel nourished and loved by), not necessarily blood relations.

Challenges will return soon enough, but for now live in the moment, hopefully a moment that feels safe and relaxed.

See you next week


Next radio show is Saturday July 24 at 1 PM Pacific.

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