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Saturn/Pluto and War, and Astrology Forecast for August 8-14.

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we have been talking about for several months now, the Summer of 2010 is a real life changing season.  Of course we still have a few weeks more of the Cardinal T-Square, which will be highlighted by Jupiter in Aries opposing Saturn on August 16 and Saturn in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn on August 21. 

These aspects will bring climax and culmination to the many profoundly important astrological events of the summer of 2010.  These events are initiating us through the portal- into a huge and life altering new chapter of our lives.  

On a personal level, many people have been taken off balance, out of their “normal” way of being, and pushed forward in their lives.   They have been brought to turning points, some to crossroads decisions or events.  The old plateau we rested upon has lost its comfort and we are being brought into new challenges and/or opportunities.

This is happening because we are about to move much faster forward into a collective new chapter of the human condition, on the way through the transition between ages. 

Our personal lives, beliefs, and consciousness need to be transformed so we will be more aligned with this new chapter, new phase of our lives on Earth.  This summer has initiated us, has shown us we need to shift on all levels of our lives and consciousness. We are being transported from lives of separation and fear, programmed by the old world- to lives devoted to love and truth, diversity in Oneness.

The largest world events have not happened yet.   But they are close now.  They will take us out of our old ways of being.  The changes of the ’60’s and ’70s were nothing in comparison to what is coming our way soon.  

Most world events that are connected to these summer astrological events have not happened yet.  They will happen over the next couple of months as the energies are released from the aspects.

Some of the events that have happened already have been calamities concerning nature.    There was the horrible gulf oil spill that spouted so much of the summer and caused so much devastation and took our balance of nature so out of balance.   It is being reported by the Powers that Be that all is fine now, not much damage was done.

If you believe that, you must also believe there is no climate change or global warming.      Both opinions ignore that truth that would force us all to change our ways and to find alternative energy sources and to heal and clean up our Earth and its environment.

Another world event that is part of natural disaster is the flooding in Pakistan that has affected millions of lives and homes there.   And of course the fires near Moscow that have caused such smoke and limited visibility.   And it has also been a very hot summer for much of the United States.   Worldwide, the last decade has seen the highest average temperatures ever recorded.

The oil spill was the only huge man-made disaster that has erupted in our world so far this summer.    But to truly understand the power of the eclipses, the Grand Cross and the cardinal T-Square, it is important to pay attention to the themes that have been simmering in our world this summer.

The economy is showing us no real signs it coming into recovery from the great recession.  Many had expected the economy to show obvious signs of recovery this summer.   Aside from the out-of-touch stock market, and corporate profits, there has been little evidence that real humans are feeling the recovery. Jobs are as scarce as ever, people are not spending money, state and local governments are in trouble, are lessening public services and laying off government workers.   The housing market is not showing any real signs of improvement either.

And so the signs during the Summer of 2010 have been that the economy is going down further, and soon even the stock market will be falling in a big way. Be prepared late summer and autumn for a slide downward for the old economy.  New economic ways, ways that will be more equitable, are coming our way before too long.

The other themes simmering this summer have been around military and war.   It is getting very serious between North Korea and South Korea.  Noth Korea has been accused of shooting a torpedo at a South Korean submarine this year.  North Korea denies it and has threatened military retaliation.  This is a most dangerous situation.

And even more threatening to world stability is what is going on surrounding Israel.   Late spring, just before the eclipses, a flotilla of ships bringing aid to the people of Gaza,  whose lives were devastated during the Israeli bombardment recently, was stopped by the Israeli military.  The Israeli’s invaded one of the ships in international waters and killed 8 people, most from Turkey.   This caused a huge upheaval and more ships will be on their way to break up the Israeli blockade of Gaza this autumn.

And more recently there was a blowup in southern Lebanon between the Lebanese and Israeli’s.  Four people were killed.  And all this trouble is related to Iran, a country that Israel, the USA, and many western nations want to de-fang and take away their nuclear potential.    This summer the United Nations put sanctions on Iran to try to get them to drop their nuclear program, which many believe leads to a nuclear bomb.  The USA and Europe susequently put unilateral sanctions on Iran.  Of couse most of these western nations, the USA, and Israel all possess many nuclear weapons already.

We are on the verge of a war breaking out soon in the world, to be started in the Middle East.

The first flare-up could happen as soon as late in August.  On August 21 Saturn squares Pluto, a day after Mercury goes retrograde at the degree (19 degrees Virgo) where the Sun was when the 9-11 tragedy happened.     Saturn and Pluto will making aspect to the USA and Israel natal Venus in Cancer at 3+ degrees for USA and 4+ degrees for Israel.   President Obama has his natal Venus at almost 2 degrees of Cancer and Bibi Netanyahu, leader of Israel has his Uranus at 4+ degrees of Cancer.   Other aspects August 20-22 touch off the charts of Israel, USA, Netanyahu and Obama.   

There might be a huge event that happens then, but for sure there will at least be big signs then about what is coming before the autumn has ended this year- for Israel and the USA. An attack on Iran is one of the strongest possibilities.

Keep in mind that Saturn/Pluto aspects have in the past brought destructive events that have cleared the way for new chapters in the human condition.    Saturn/Pluto made hard aspect to one another in 1914, just before World War I; they made hard aspect in 1939, just before World War II; and made hard aspect one month before 9-11.

I anticipate that these coming wars will be the last before we collectively decide to eliminate weapons of mass destruction for everyone on Earth.  War will not be a common occurence in the Aquarian Age.  We are transforming our world and creating a New World and Age.  We do have much cleaning out of old, dysfunctional, separating ways first .  

While we are releasing these old ways, we are building new ways of being with our selves, each other and the Universe.  The world of separation is dying a sometimes horrible death.  The world of Oneness and Unity is getting stronger every day for so many individuals all over the world.  The recent Conscious Convergence was to bring our human family stronger into Unity, knowing we are all one family.   This attitude of oneness is happening as the old world is being destroyed.

It is most important now to concentrate on love and truth, and to bring them to your every day life.   

We are the ones we have been waiting for; we are the change we want in the world.

Astrology Forecast for August 8-14

We are in a dark of the Moon now until after the New Moon in Leo this Monday August 9 at 11:08 PM EDT. It is best at this time, through the New Moon, to meditate and reflect.   It is also a good time to make intention, to make prayer.  After the crescent Moon appears on the evening of Tuesday August 10, it is a good time to get moving forward in your life, especially in your creative life. Open your heart now and express your authenticity.    Look at life more through your heart than your head now. Be careful, however, of your own or other people’s egos.    

This new lunar phase, begun at this New Moon, is the first since the eclipses.  It is time to move forward and let the chips fall where they may now.   Some events that were “tied up” duing the eclipses and crosses will be ready to open up now.  The Moon will be in Virgo mid week, a good time to get things in order and work hard.  Late week the Moon will be in Libra, a good time to begin to get more relationship oriented.

See you next week.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit my website for more writings and to find out more about readings and other services.  Next week August 14 will a new Perspectives from the Sky radio show at 1 PM EDT.

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