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Saying Goodbye and Astrology Forecast for June 28-July 4

As we rapidly approach the 1st of the 3 eclipses in a row on July 7, important events continue to flood into our world.  As we said at last week’s blog/forecast,  the power and influence of the eclipses lasts from mid June to Mid September.  The long term effects may be for years to come.

Crises in Iran and North Korea are  building more and more to a dangerous climax as we move into the Eclipse period.     After this eclipse period passes, we will settle into a new reality around our relationship with them, for better or worse.

Last week we lost three well known people from pop culture in the United States:   Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson.    Each was ever present with different generations, during their respective time in the spotlight on the world stage.   

Ed McMahon was Johnny Carson’s sidekick on the Tonight Show, which began in the sixties and was most popular with the World War II generation and ’50s and ’60s people.

Farrah Fawcett earned her great popularity with the baby boom generation.

And Michael Jackson, the most famous of all three, spanned many generations in popularity, but was quite arguably most connected to those who were growing up in the ’80s, when his Thriller album debuted.

Eclipses help our human family to let go of the past and have breakthroughs into the new realms of consciousness and living.  3 eclipses in a row, a relative rarity, make the shift more dramatic.  The fact that we are closer to 2012 and to the Aquarian Age makes the shift exponentially greater than normal eclipse periods.

So our letting go of the past is greater than ever, our goodbyes to old “friends” greater than usual.   Johnny Carson’s show lasted for decades and for many was a natural show to watch right before bedtime.

Farrah Fawcett was a pinup girl for many in the ’70s, an irony during a time of growing feminism.

And Michael Jackson, before all his insanity, was such a bridge of idealism with his “We are the World” song, and his attempts to bring together male and female, black and white.

We are saying goodbye to more than them.   We are grieving more innocent times gone by.

So many people seem lost now just as Michael Jackson was, unsure how to be in this rapidly changing world.

We are so challenged to stay present in our hearts and souls, and instead use many distractions and addictions, the more recent being the internet, pornography and prescription drugs.

So use this eclipse period of time to let go of your past, as time passing cannot be stopped.     It is sad to say goodbye especially when we do not know what lies ahead.

But time can be seen more like a circle than a straight line.  Do not be fooled by how the culture teaches you to see.  We used to believe our world was flat until we learned it was round.  And when we look at our Sun and Moon and heavenly bodies,we see perfect circles.  And when we look at our seasons we see a circle of time every year.

So say goodbye to Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson and times that have passed.  And say goodbye to an old age and paradigm.  But be ready to embrace a new season and age on Earth.

It may get scary sometimes on the road forward, but we are moving from a Pisces Age to an Aquarian Age, just as we move from winter to spring.  We are adjusting to the “frequencies” of a new paradigm, even as we say goodbye to the old.  It is all in natural order and alignment.  

And all will be less painful as we trust the wheels of the Universe to give flow forward to the river of life.  

Astrology Forecast for June 28-July 4:

This is the week before the week when the first eclipse happens on July 7.    All issues, personal and worldwide, are building up energy.   Emotions are stronger, people are more open with their feelings as we move toward that first eclipse which has the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn.  Family issues are in the spotlight and balancing family and domestic with work and outer world is challenging for many now.   You may be pulled to taking care of older parents or children, and wondering how you will get a job or keep one, or earn enough money.

It is important as we change ages to expand your vision of what family means. Is it merely blood relations or is it more than that for you?

The pace may be slower on Monday and Tuesday as the Moon is in balanced and peaceful Libra.  But intensity increases again as we get into mid day on Tuesday.  

Uranus’ waves of electric change are in the air as it is changing directions early on Wednesday.  It goes from direct to retrograde movement.  Whenever a planet changes directions, to direct or retrograde, its meaning and energy permeate our lives.

So you may feel more restless mid week, more open for change.  You may tolerate big egos or authority figures less than usual.  And you may find your ability to think inventively and “outside the box” to be greater now.  And of course as this Uranus shift happens so close to the first eclipse, you may feel the wave of change getting stronger.

Also early on Wednesday or late on Tuesday, depending on where you live, the Moon moves from civilized Libra to “get down” Scorpio.   So our lives and emotions are intensifying now.

Late on Friday the Moon moves into Freedom loving Sagittarius.  With the eclipses just ahead, we are shifting more and more now, and feeling the waves of change, while at the same time feeling greater needs for security and safety, family and friends.

See you next week for a greater explanation of the eclipses, especially the first one on July 7.  New post will be out next Saturday afternoon or Sunday as usual.

Please feel free to comment below or to contact me at   If you are interested in more of my writings go to, and if you want a reading or counseling press on the Services bar.

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