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Saying Goodbyes and Astrology Forecast for September 5-11

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we begin to say goodbyes.  We say goodbye to the summer, which often feels like the end after Labor Day, though it does not officially end until September 22.   We also say goodbye to the Cardinal T-square and Grand Cross Eclipse from the Summer of 2010.  It has been a most intense and transformational summer of our lives.   

For the next few days we also experience the end of a lunar cycle.   That lunar cycle began with a Leo New Moon on August 9.   Later this week, on Wednesday, September 8, we begin a new lunar cycle with a New Moon in Virgo.  That lunar cycle will bring us down into the yin energies of autumn.

And of course we are still in the mentally reflective cycle of Mercury Retrograde until next Sunday September 12.

So you can say your goodbyes now, release what needs to be released, clean up or fix what nees to be cleaned up or fixed- before we experience the appearance of events that result from the energy shifts of the Summer of 2010.  These events will result from planetary triggers that come up this autumn and winter. 

The most obvious triggers are the Full Moon in Libra/Aries on the autumn equinox, which triggers the Cardinal T-Square of the summer of 2010; and the Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice of 2010, which most powerfully triggers the T-Square and Grand Cross of the summer of 2010.

Triggers are planetary movements, subsequent to original astrological formations, which touch off the same places in the zodiac.   This is often when, in individual lives or in the greater world, that big events that change our lives occur.

Since both of these triggering aspects happen on an equinox or solstice, they also provide a “signature” for the season they each represent. As an example, on the Summer Solstice of 2001 there was a Solar Eclipse.    The attack on the twin towers happened during that summer of 2001.   

Winter 2010 promises to be very intense and eventful, both because it has an eclipse on that day, and because it triggers the aspects from the summer of 2010.   Issues that were forming in the Summer of 2010, that were not resolved, will come back to the surface of our consciousness and lives in the form of events that bring change.

In the greater world there will be an election in November that will likely shift the political dynamics in the USA.    Democrats have held a huge majority in both the Senate and the House.  This will likely shift appreciably after the election, as polls show incumbents are in danger of losing their seats.    This is partly because the economy has not really improved, but also because our two party system has become a big joke.  

Many have become quite disillusioned with both democrats and republicans, who spend much more energy and time with petty bickering and selfish concerns than with what is best for our American and world community. They are obviously bought out by big corporations and other special interest groups.    Big Government and Big Corporation and Big Military and Big Media have squeezed the voice of the people out of the decisions for our own lives and world.

President Obama has been a large disappointment to progressives who voted for him because they hoped he would truly help to transform our country beyond the control of the Military/Economic complex.  The people on the right would have hated him no matter what he did.  They have made up stories of his being a Muslim or not being born in this country. They ridiculously accuse him of being a socialist, even though he never even pushed for a public option in his Health Care Reform.  The average person is disappointed because they see a weak economy that is not improving.

Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement have been gaining much popularity as a result of the troubles in our economy, and the ineptness and lack of true conviction and leadership by Obama and the democrats.

In the bigger picture there are events coming our way soon that will radically transform our world and shake up the political system and all our other institutions in a huge way.   Our country is in decay and will need these big events in order to find our soul again.   Our place in the world community will change as a result also, as we will no longer be a superpower dominator, and instead will be an equal member within an international community.

Begin to say goodbye to that old America, one that has lost its way.   We need to come together as one American family.   And from that point join in community with other peoples all over the world.  We are entering an Aquarian Age of equality, of Diversity in Unity.  There is much to clear out and release from the old ways that no longer work and are not in alignment with the New Age upon us.

Coming events will assist us in that process and will be very challenging.

In your own life, remember that events that bring change into lives and threaten our sense of security are often opportunites for positive transformation- in disguise. 

That dysfunctional relationship you are addicted to, is not aligned with your authentic self.     That job you have lost or fear losing does not give you a true sense of purpose.  You can now find something more in line with who you really are.   The changes bring more spirit into your life and help you to better connect with your heart and soul.

This week ahead

Sunday through Tuesday bring us a waning moon and more “down” time.  This is especailly so on Tuesday, which is a “dark moon” time before the new moon on Wednesday.  With Mercury also retrograde during that time, and feeling the end of summer, it is not a time of great expectations or forward movements.  It is more a time to go inward, to contemplate, to plan, to make intention, to plant mental seeds for future growth.

On Wednesday September 8 at 6:30 AM Eastern time there is a New Moon in Virgo at 15+ degrees.    Also on Wednesday Venus moves into passionate Scorpio.   Energies intensify and we desire to get moving forward.  Since it is Virgo time of year and Virgo energies are being sparked at this new moon, it is a good time to simplify your life, to heal and fix what need to be healed and fixed.  Virgo seeks purity and perfection and in that process is very discriminating and sometimes downright critical.   For them things need to be fixed into perfect order, and that is why Virgos can be so critical and perfectionistic.

Jupiter leaves cardinal sign Aries to go back while retrograde into Pisces- on Thursday. This finally breaks up the cardinal t-square. Jupiter will not return to Aries again until early in 2011.

Mercury leaves retrograde to go direct on Sunday September 12.   Issues will gain more clarity and you will have more of a sense of direction after that.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

There are more writings and information about astrological consultations on my website.  Also there will be a new live Perspectives from the Sky radio show on Saturday September 11 at 1 PM EDT.

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