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Setting the Record Straight and Astrology Forecast February 7-13

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Yep Mercury is still Retrograde. For two more weeks, till February 20

A lot is going to happen during that time.

The Impeachment trial of Donald Trump is supposed to begin on Monday February 8. Will this trial bring with it a guilty verdict, or will Republicans continue to provide him with a shield against being held accountable for his actions and words.

He was quite obviously stoking the fires of the people who have supported him, and in a manner that they interpreted as an excuse for violence.

Can you believe that the people who stormed that Capital spoke of hanging Pence and Pelosi, and even erected a gallows to do so with?

If they had not been taken underground for protection, would they have been harmed by those threatening people?

Can we allow a President of our country to get away with the obvious incitement he was motivating in “his people”?

More and more over the years a Culture Was has been developing, but never before (at least since the Civil War) has it gotten so over the top potentially violent.

And of course a guilty verdict may incite these people even more.

But an innocent verdict may motivate those on the other side to be violent. Can all this be calmed down somehow? Or is it inevitable that real war is on the way.

I believe these next two weeks of Mercury Retrograde will begin to give us the answer.

On February 17 there is an important planetary meeting: Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus.

That can be interpreted as Order (Saturn) versus chaos (Uranus). In its most exaggerated form, it is Fascism (Saturn) versus Anarchy (Uranus).

I feel that planetary formation, which will happen again in June and December, is quite important for our human growth and evolution.

Saturn wants to hold on tightly to what has been and what makes one feel safe and secure. Uranus instead wants to break down old forms that it sees as holding back freedom and progress.

We get ahead of ourselves as this week starts slowly and beckons us to go inward. Both Mercury Retrograde (till the 20th) and the darkening Moon nudge us to enter the inner planes and dimensions.

We are prompted to shift gears mid week as there is a New Moon in Aquarius on Thursday February 11. Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius the same day.

So much movement energetically is for Aquarius.

Aquarius is a rather complicated sign. On the one hand Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) is very individualized and as such can find it difficult to fit into any groups or causes.

On the other hand Aquarius is very interested in finding groups or causes it will fit into. And many Aquarians will tell you how difficult that is for them. Many even found it challenging to fit into their family when they were growing up.

During this Aquarius lunar cycle, you can more easily break away from anything or anyone who tries to make you fit the mold.

Aquarius is also very socially conscious with certain strong principles it wants to live by. As an air sign, Aquarius is motivated to be in its mind, its higher mind so to speak.

This Aquarius lunar cycle will include the Trump Impeachment trial, where two very different groups will be pitted against one another: so-called liberals and conservatives.

And never before have I seen such a wide divide between them. I am sure the Civil War in the late 19th century was even more divided. Or was it?

Uranus and Aquarius are also about rebellion or revolution, and we can expect those energies to be alive and expressive now.

That New Moon in Aquarius is on Thursday February 11 at 2:06 PM EDT. Feel the energies of greater freedom wanting to be expressed. Being a New Moon time in Aquarius, it is time to move forward into expressing what you believe in and living what you believe in.

Remember that since we are still in Mercury Retrograde, do not jump to conclusions or make impulsive decisions or actions.

I know it can be quite stressful at times to patiently wait till a solution or meaning comes to you, but that is where we are at right now. Do not wrack your brain to push for an answer. Let it be. Trust the process.

You will know when it is time to know.

Till next week


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