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Shadow Boxing and Astrology Forecast August 13-19

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

It has been very intense this last week in the world and in many of our personal lives and emotions too.

It has been very frightening for many people, as the leaders of the USA and North Korea do their macho struts with one another, with we earthlings put in the shit storm of their narcissistic rage.

From a bigger picture, however, we are being taken through a dark passage of labor pains on the way to the Age of Aquarius

So now our lives are being taken out of our comfort zones, as Eclipse Seasons do,  and this one is much more intense than usual.

Breakthroughs in our consciousness are more likely now, as are breakdowns too.

We are being prepared for greater and greater transformation of life on Planet Earth entering the Age of Aquarius.   

We travel this week through the 4th quarter and final week before the much anticipated Total Solar Eclipse New Moon on August 21, which travels over the United States for the first time since 1918, the last year of World War I.

As we predicted several months ago, this current Eclipse Season brings the likelihood of war, at the very least the threat of major war.

We also let you know that Donald Trump would have his Mars in Leo from his natal chart triggered by the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo.  Mars is a planet of action, force, and yes war.

We did not give you any indication of the North Korean leader’s chart because there are different dates given for his birth.

But we did let you know that North Korea’s natal Saturn, from its founding date,  would be almost exactly triggered by this Total Solar Eclipse.  Saturn represents something that must be faced, that which one cannot escape. It also represents grave situations and often a predetermined fate.

We suggested that Israel and Israeli leader Netanyahu would also have the Mars in each of their charts triggered, as both have their Mars’ at 28 degrees of Leo, exactly where the Solar Eclipse will be on August 21.

We do have another month or so before this current Eclipse Season ends, so we will still look closely at what may happen in the Middle East.

Another “war” that is raging now in this Eclipse Season is a culture war.  That culture war is happening at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville Virginia.

White Lives Matter, Nazi, and KKK haters are protesting the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee, the most important confederate general from the Civil War.

Thomas Jefferson was the founder of University of Virginia.  Thomas Jefferson was the main inspiration for the USA Bill of Rights, which included the idea that “all men are created equal”.

And on the contrary Thomas Jefferson was a slave holder.  What did they really mean by “all men are created equal”?

These White Supremacist protests have been countered by protests from Black Lives Matter and others who strongly object to the White Nationalists.

Hundreds have shown up for the protests and violence has been breaking out. Three people were killed and many others injured.

All these wars are representative of old world paradigms that if continued will destroy us all.  The possibility of another world war hangs over our heads now.

Each of us is being urgently asked to release any connections we have to a world that believes life is merely survival of the fittest, which has created the idea that enemies must be conquered and destroyed.  And that old world has developed weapons of mass destruction created to ruthlessly destroy those enemies.

Hundreds of thousands of human beings, mostly innocent civilians, were killed by the atom bombs dropped by the United States on two Japanese cities to bring an end to World War II in August 1945.

Now many countries have weapons of mass destruction, as does North Korea now.

We are at a most urgent turning point as we approach the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21.  

Each of us must leave the belief system of superior versus inferior; have and have nots: perpetrator and victim; and the notion that those who are starkly different are enemies who need to be destroyed.

We are all part of the same human family and need to learn to coexist with one another peacefully.

We are moving toward an Age of Aquarius, but collectively right now it is feeling like we are entering a dark night of the soul before that new age fully arrives.

Many of us have already faced many of our individual demons and shadows during dark times.  We have then arisen into a new paradigm in our consciousness.

We must lead the way, and must leave behind hatred and violence from our hearts.

Of course we may get very angry at times, but do not need to be hateful and violent.

The Age of Aquarius is an age of Diversity Within Unity, so each of us must honor our own and others’ unique differences, but still know we are united by the circle of Oneness like the Yin/Yang symbol.

I am not sure how bad it will need to get before we learn our collective lessons now, so to transform our collective Consciousness to that of Love and Truth from the Age of Aquarius.

This Eclipse Season is a major turning point to let us know the direction we moving toward now as a human family.

This coming week is preparing us for the Total Solar Eclipse as we enter the 4th and last quarter of the lunar cycle begun at the Leo New Moon on July 23.

4th quarters are times of reflection, gathering, centering, and preparing for the New Moon, which this time will be a Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo on August 21.

As we go through this 4th quarter we sense endings and goodbyes, we prepare and get ready.  But unlike most 4th quarters this one will be intense in anticipation for the Eclipse New Moon.

That is because this coming Eclipse New Moon in Leo is a much bigger new beginning than the usual new moon or even the usual Solar Eclipse New Moon.

This truly signifies an open portal into a New Chapter of our lives, on the way to the Age of Aquarius.

And it may tend to be more confusing this week prior to the Eclipse New Moon, and in fact up until September 5. 

That is because Mercury is going Retrograde tonight Saturday August 12. It will last until September 5.  Then it will take another week or so to come fully out of any fogs in our minds.

So August 21 is when the portal opens into this big and important New Chapter of our lives; then September 5 is when clarity and direction are greater when Mercury goes Direct.

Then on September 19/20 at the New Moon in Virgo just before the Autumn Equinox; the New Chapter is made manifest.  This Eclipse Season ends.

New events that are  connected to the meaning of the portal opening at the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21 will have the green light to manifest.

It is best to meditate as often as possible, to be in nature as often as possible.  If you are drawn into great fear and inner darkness when watching or reading the news, keep your watching and reading the news to a minimum or even not at all.  It is important now to keep our emotions and minds clear from toxins and distortions, especially now with Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde brings us to reflect on people and memories from the past.  It also helps us to see everything from a different angle and to question our previous decisions or direction.  But don’t change those directions or plans until clarity appears when Mercury goes back Direct again.

And of course Mercury Retrograde can play tricks with our minds, and being aware of that will help you to not get so easily taken in by those tricks of the mind.

With the intensity or the Total Solar Eclipse combined with Mercury Retrograde, it is important to not jump to conclusions or be impulsive.  Surrender to the process, let go of set agendas and being too controlling.   Trust all is happening as it must, and be patient.

Keep in mind that all that is happening is part of the bigger picture of transformation and transition into an Age of Aquarius.

Stay out of grave fear and hatred so you can center yourself, remain calm, and be connected and aligned with your Higher Self and the Universe.

From that place inside you will more likely see symbols and signs that show the way, experience synchronicity that brings magic and clarity, and see the connections that help you to know all is OK.

Love and Truth are guiding the way.  Fear tries to challenge that way.

Ego is not the enemy of our Higher Self, in fact some is needed for personal confidence and empowerment.

But ego must be the servant of our Higher Self not the leader.  When Higher Self is leading the way we know all is connected and happening for a reason.  When ego is leading the way we feel all as separate, in opposition without unity, and filled with fear and open to hatred for those not serving our ego needs.

Next week we will get even more into the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo that will happen next week.

Please take a look at new video I made about the coming eclipses: There will be a follow up video within the next couple of weeks

Till next week,


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