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Shifting Energies and Astrology Forecast May 15-21

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This coming week brings a  shift in energies toward the end of the week and into next week.

The first part of the week, through Thursday, we continue to sometimes painfully self reflect, to focus on the practical material matters, and to have mental fogginess or confusion.

Then  on Friday the Sun moves into Gemini; Saturday there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius; and on Sunday Mercury finally goes back Direct again.

There will be more liveliness and animated conversations, more spirit and less concentration on the physical or body of life.

Gemini is a very sociable and mental sign. It can take in and deliver a lot of information rapidly, sometimes being overwhelmed in the process.  Gemini people are quite changeable and need mental and/or social interaction to stay interested in their life.  They often deliver information without considering the effect it has on others.

And as the Twins, they can have two very different sides to themselves, sometimes the difference is like night and day (dark and light)

Donald Trump is a Sun in Gemini person, who obviously has two very different sides to himself and says things out loud that are not sensitive to others or social norms.  He is also quite changeable as are many Geminis.

Most Geminis are not however as angry, opinionated, or bigoted as The Donald can be. They are usually much more light and playful.

The next day after the Sun goes into Gemini, the Moon goes into Sagittarius to form a Full Moon.

Sun in Gemini presents the facts and information and Moon in Sagittarius looks for the solutions and meaning of it all.

So with Mercury still retrograde but now slowing down to go Direct on the 22nd, there my be much information and opinions floating around.

With Mercury still Retrograde and slowing down, near stationary,

it is not a good time to be sure you mentally have it all figured out.  It is also not a good time to make any major decisions that will have a large effect on your life.

It is better now to let everything simmer and be processed. You can however, turn more to your heart and intuition the next few days. Just be careful it is not your head and ego leading the way.

On Sunday the 22nd Mercury is stationary Direct, meaning it has slowed down to a halt, and from that halt it is shifting from Retrograde to Direct.

This might be the worst day for clarity and decision making.

In November of 2000, on election day between Gore and Bush, Mercury was stationary just like this year.

And you must remember all the confusion over who won that night, with media going back and forth all night between Gore and Bush winning.

Now usually Mercury changing directions does not have anywhere near that kind of drama, but nevertheless be aware that all is shifting and not clear mentally.

But energies should be feeling better soon, as we move through the aspects late this week.

You should be able to find some inspiration and spirit. But remember that it i not time to totally move forward yet.

Wait t least till around the New Moon in Gemini before leaping forward, and in many cases you will not move forward until after Mars goes Direct on June 29th.

Then in July and August there will be big events that propel  us all forward.

In the greater world expect many surprises starting in June or JUly.

Events will come that have great importance for the human family and our Earthly community of souls.

THe political conventions are in July this year, a year of great political change.  these changes are reflective of the angst we huamns are feeling in  deep level of our souls.

And even if you have strong opinions about certain candidates like Trump, stop and look at the big picture.

His candidacy is breaking down walls of status quo dominance over our lives. The old paradigm and powers are needing to go and hopefully the candidates this year are opening the doors to new light coming into our consciousness and lives.

The light does not come from them, but their presence is tearing down the old ‘business as usual” stuckness. Although some might say Bernie Sanders has brought more light into the political process

Life as we know it is ending in many ways. We truly are in a new era of our lives, personally and collectively.

This new era is taking us inexorably into the Age of Aquarius.

So it is obvious how much change is needed to take us there.

This week should begin to bring more life into your life and slowly bring more clarity and direction.

till next week,


With input from many of you, I am now leaning to do the webinar series in August, but I will wait to make final decision until Mercury goes back direct next Sunday.

If you would like a reading now please contact me at for more information.

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