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Shifting Tides and Astrology Forecast October 11-17.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

I am sure many of you experienced an extremely intense and frustrating time last week.

As we had explained, Saturn in Capricorn was making an exact square with Retrograde Mars in Aries; and then a few days thereafter, Pluto in Capricorn was making the same exact square to Mars in Aries.

All that for some translates into power and control issues; others it represents a time when there is no more running away or keeping an escape hatch open: Time for Transformation

It is time to be Real.

With Mars in Aries and in close connection to Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, war becomes a stronger possibility.

The decay of the USA is showing its self happening inside our borders with a most obvious now Culture War, with some issues still unresolved from the USA Civil War almost 150 years.

And that decay also shows it’s self by what will come to us from the outside- countries getting ready for the breakdown of USA economy and culture.

And what is really sad to me, is that most of the values from the USA at its inception, which were so connected with the “heavenly realm” of values, are not so easily detected now.

As stated in the USA Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights, there are stated values of Equality, Diversity Within Unity, Care for those weary souls in suffering, and power “of the people, for the people, and by the people”.

That last part was meant to exclude leaders who would seek power over the people, like Royalty or Despots or corrupt leaders in any way.

But those heavenly values often collided in the beginning with materialistic and financial concerns, and that conflict is still very threatening now.

Remember that the actual Civil War with Abraham Lincoln, also had at its roots materialistic concerns that involved owning slaves who were not paid for working the fields. That saved owners much money.

I hope it does seem that I am demonizing material values and concerns. We need to address that matter by setting up systems that are aligned with those aforementioned “heavenly” values.

Spirit by itself is not grounded in Earthly customs and ways of being. It needs the reality of humans living on Earth.

But “Earthly” ways also need to work with heavenly values of fairness, justice, compassion, higher Truth, higher Love, and equality between all its citizens.

Spirit becomes embodied in Matter, which makes for manifestation of higher values within systems, institutions, families, etc. Spirit brings the energy and purpose. Material values are meant to support spirit, not control or dominate it.

So now as we are getting more deeply connected with the changing of Ages, Pisces into Age of Aquarius; yet we are also experiencing great difficulty in large part because we need to reintegrate those Higher Values into our individual and collective Consciousness.

And we need to release old values and ways from an old Age, including the belief some people are inherently superior and deserve more as a result. Aristocrats actually believe, as Trump has “matter of fact” stated, that some have better genes, like his family. Adolf would be quite proud.

Aquarius is equality and Diversity Within Unity. The USA Natal Moon is at 26+ degrees of Aquarius. Our inner values are Aquarian.

And now we are at a turning point, where we must be a part of the solution not a part of the problem. Super Star USA status must be let go inside each of us. We can be such a beautiful country as we let other countries and peoples find their own way or destiny.

We are this week experiencing a last quarter of the Moon’s cycle, watching a darkening sky and getting prepared for a Libra New Moon on Friday the 16th at 3:31 PM EDT.

But before that first Autumn New Moon, we experience Mercury going Retrograde this Tuesday October 13 at 9:05 PM EDT. It will stay Retrograde until November 3- Election Day in the USA- election for President.

We will still be in the Lunar cycle that begins this week at the New Moon in Libra.

So this week represents the beginning of Eclipse Season, even though the first actual eclipse will not get here until November 30- a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini.

The New Moon in Libra on Friday will seek to bring us into better balance and more peaceful inside. Libra time of year in many places has multi-colored falling leaves, crisp cool air and feels and looks so beautiful.

Libra is “governed” by Venus the Goddess of Love. Venus is heart and needs relationship. And this is not just romantic relationships, but it sure does love the romantic ones the best.

Three days before this lovely New Moon in Libra, Mercury goes Retrograde on October 13 and will stay that way until November 3.

So as usual, be in touch with how your mind is shifting, its perceptions clouded by the Retrograde. And yes perceptions do change, which is why many people question what they had previously decided before Mercury went retrograde.

Advice is to let the process play itself out. Perhaps you will change your mind and your life course will be different than what you thought. But it is just as likely if not more likely, that you will go back to your original decision. Do not decide until at least November 13, and better if a week or so after the 3rd.

And then the New Moon in Libra on the 16th, a New Moon usually bringing peace, harmony, beauty, and relationship.

We will experience some of that but this a much more complicated New Moon. It forms a tense T-square with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and Mars in Aries.

It will not be simply a pleasant and peaceful day. There will be much more energy expressed than usual. Mars in Aries wants action and to have its way; Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn want to break out and make deep changes; Sun in Libra will be hard pressed to find peace and harmony.

Trust all is happening for a reason and take the ride. Limit your expectations, trust your deeper soul and the Universe.

Remember Mercury is Retrograde then. So do not expect full clarity and direction now. Trust the process, especially so as the Election and Eclipses will soon be here.

Till next week,


Remember that I will be presenting a new Webinar soon- Oct. 31 at 11 AM PDT. Write me at with questions or your desire to attend and register. Election Day is only 3 days after that Webinar, so intensity and energies of change will be strong.

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