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Should I Go or Should I Stay and Astrology Forecast July 4-10

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week , especially the early part of the week, has a theme of breaking free/bursting out, combined with a need to be safe and content.

The last quarter of this current lunar cycle, began with Moon in Aries square the Sun in Cancer last Thursday July 1.

Aries says “let’s get going”, we need to move forward. Cancer needs to feel safe, protected, nurtured

The square between them is the signature for the rest of this lunar cycle, which began on July 1; and ends at the New Moon in Cancer this coming Friday July 9: action versus safe nurturance.

This theme can be seen also by Mars in Leo triggering the Saturn/Uranus square in effect virtually all year, but most especially this week. Venus in Leo will cover the same planetary ground later in the week

Mars in Leo right now is triggering the 2021 square of status quo/”play it safe” Saturn at odds with liberator/breaking outside the box Uranus.

Both of these important planetary formations, bring a theme of Chaos/Order; breaking out/staying safe; liberated/stuck; opening up/shutting down; fast forward/hit the brakes.

For many now there is a desire to move out and free ourselves from the jail cell of Covid along with challenging financial realities. But inside us there may still be reluctance to “tempt fate” and “throw caution to the wind”.

In the greater world one can see and feel the holding back while feeling resentful relationships of America/Western Europe/Israel versus Iran/Palestine/Arab world. Also in that same category is China versus Taiwan/USA, and Russia/Ukraine versus western world’s Nato alliance.

All of these cultural battles have intensified since the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini (conjunct USA natal Mars} on June 10. They are not going away.

And speaking of cultural battles there is Trumpsters versus political Progressives.

The world’s Yin/Yang cohesion has broken apart. Opposites in hate with one another is leading to War.

The Age of Aquarius Yin/Yang symbol always stays intact, though sometimes it feels like only connected by a thread.

Opposites by definition can seem like they are a polar distance from one another. Yet in this New World, we are still remaining connected through our hearts and souls, even if it feels only faintly so sometimes.

Can you see how this is linked with a Diversity within Unity Aquarian World? Each country or culture or nation staying true to its individuality and agendas while staying connected in Unity to All.

Your world is greatly determined by the condition of your consciousness, mind and heart. This is the Law of Attraction.

Love and Truth will remain connected to each other, even if only “by a thread” sometimes. Male/Female also stay connected in the Age of Aquarius, as does Light and Dark. Night and Day of course remain connected within the 24 hour connection of a full circular day.

We can each change our balance between opposites inside us. Transformation is an “inside job”. The old self, with the old programming from Culture and Family, is being broken down in each one of us. If we are proactive in the process, we influence the growing alignment and health of our personal inner New Age paradigm, which of course is connected to the growth of collective consciousness as well.

Challenging world events will continue to erupt in that old world paradigm that separates us from one another.

Look around for the magic. See the connections and synchronicities the Universe presents to us. This gets more possible the more we can “surrender” our need to keep control. Trust of the Universe and the world of Soul open the gates into magical connections. Connections are always all around, in this dimension and all others.

We are never alone if we keep our hearts, souls, and minds open and alive. The Age of Aquarius consciousness is always ready to serve. Every time we let go of the “control freak” ego, another window into new world consciousness opens.

Trust is of utmost importance and cannot be faked. Surrender cannot be achieved with one eye open, so to speak.

Your dream world is always producing magic, if we tune in. Keep that journal by your bedside if you want to remember your dreams.

Use “mirror of the mind” practice to keep aligned with the Universe. Many of my clients know and have used that magical meditation technique.

Write to me at to find out what it is.

This week begins with the weekend Mars in Leo triggering the current Uranus (chaos} square Saturn (order) formation. Tuesday through Friday has Venus covering that same planetary ground. So still the question of when to break away and free oneself from people or situations that tend to keep us “safe” in ways of the old world?

On Friday July 9 at 9:17 PM Eastern Time there is a New Moon in watery Cancer. That New Moon should keep you tied down with Family for awhile longer. Nevertheless, this family/Mama time may be a good time to let people know you are seriously considering leaving or changing how you relate with them. Perhaps it is likely that you try to put boundaries on certain issues or expressed emotions that have gotten out of control and/or lacked filter or sensitivity to others’ ways or sensibilities.

Spending time with people or situations that feel safe and unconditional is time spent wisely in alignment with the Universe. That breakaway desire to be free and liberated from people and situations that do not honor or in some cases do not and never have truly “seen” you.

You can give up on getting it from them, as they appear to not even know how to authentically connect with you. They continue instead to project upon you what they want you to be or fear that you are.

Lay back a bit in surrender now. More complete break-away and get-away is scheduled after September this year.

Till next week,


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