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Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini and Astrology Forecast June 6-12.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The next few weeks and especially next 10 days are meant to be meaningful and powerful and perhaps explosive.

On Saturday June 5 Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn; On June 10 there is Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini; and on June 14 is the next Saturn square Uranus formation.

So expect this time period to be a major turning point in many personal lives, as well as on the collective level of being.

Mars opposite Pluto has the heightened possibility of powerful energies being expressed. I saw in the news that there are 2 protests going on this weekend of Mars/Pluto.

Both protests have the strong possibility of getting out of control, and for both protests authorities are expressing needs to either call off the protest or to put up a strong presence of armed authorities.

One protest is Israelis’ desire to have more access to the Temple Mount part of Jerusalem, a compound housing both Muslim and Israeli religious symbols and buildings

Recently Gaza/Hamas fighters shot off rockets into Israel in retaliation for Israel’s lack of respect for the Mosque of Al Aqsa in Jerusalem. And then Israel sent their bombers into Gaza and killed many Palestinians and destroyed their homes.

On Saturday at the Mars/Pluto opposition, a black man was shot and killed by police in Minneapolis. This started up protests there, which could be quite dangerous as this city was the place where George Floyd was murdered by a policeman who kept his leg on Floyd’s throat, killing him, which ignited huge protests and riots all over the city, country, and world.

And on Thursday June 10 there is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini, an eclipsed new moon that is closely conjunct the USA natal Mars from its July 4 1776 birth chart.

Police and military matters are triggered when there is close planetary contact with the USA Mars.

And in both Jerusalem and Minneapolis there is city PTSD being triggered also, as recently both cities faced grave violence as we described above.

Other places are likely to be ignited during this Eclipse Season also, with USA police or military involved.

We have written a lot about the USA Military Industrial Complex in the beginnings of transformation into the Age of Aquarius, as can be seen by the 1st ever USA Pluto Return these next few years. The Pluto position in the USA Taurus -like second house is the obvious symbol of USA Military Economic Complex, the engine of the Empire.

The Economic side of the Military Industrial Complex is also in the arms of global transformation, as the G-7 conference of the 7 largest world economies is meeting now

At that conference on Saturday, it voted for a 15% tax on Corporations that have been getting away with almost no taxes like Amazon. This is a pretty big deal and one that shakes up the economics of the world. President Biden initiated this movement.

Eclipses tend to shake things up, intensify the energy field, bring “important” matters out, cause breakdowns of the outworn, and breakthroughs into new ways.

Communication is an important theme to be looked at around this Gemini Solar Eclipse, especially so as Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is now Retrograde.

Stay present and mindful during the Retrograde and Eclipse, as the intensity tends to get people into “fight or flight” adrenalin. And that can take one out of balance, out of Higher Self, and into not being centered or grounded.

We can use this Eclipse Season to let go of what is no longer aligned with our changes of consciousness. We are pushing further into Age of Aquarius ways of being. Old patterns from the old paradigm are dying and need to be released.

We are moving more fully into the needs of the community, and less into the needs of the ego. Our Earth and human family are ready to see more clearly what brings us all together not separate.

Yes we are also becoming more aware of individuality and its need to find community of soul family.

Whatever battles or wars that are triggered now, will be soon be seen by many for what they are- a divider, a horrible destroyer of human needs for togetherness.

Since the beginnings of the 20th century, our lives all over the world have gotten closer through mass communication (radio,TV, computer/internet); mass transportation (air flying, trains, auto); mass consumerism (worldwide corporations).

We have gotten closer, the world has gotten “smaller” so to speak.

What is especially dangerous is that though we are all closer we have not learned how to get along.

This is most important now. And the Age of Aquarius is a time of Diversity within Unity. That means a respecting of our differences while at the same time finding what brings us all together as One.

We watch the enemy making of China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran now. They apparently do the same with us- project the enemy on us. And we have so many weapons of mass destruction that could kill us all.

What do we need to do to transform before we self destruct? Do we need Divine Guidance, perhaps in the form of Visitors from the Cosmos. They are already here. Will they intervene?

How close to the edge do we need to go before we wake up? Major conflicts and challenges are on the way.

What each of us can do is to meditate, do spiritual /psychological inner work, expand and deepen consciousness, wake up to what is really happening and needed. Be there for one another with kind support. We need to burst our bubbles of illusion, take more breaks from our devices, and grow up and take more responsibility for this world we all inhabit together.

Age of Aquarius is meant to be beyond Kings and Queens, Dictators, Presidents and Governments that take the power away from the people. This world is on the way to being “of the people, by the people, and for the people”

But it cannot happen until we wake up, grow up, and take responsibility for our world and planet.

The breakdown of the old world will not bring us a savior. Looking for the One who will save us is the Age of Pisces. Coming together in community is the Age of Aquarius. To do that we need to trust ourselves and one another.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini is at 6:53 AM EDT on June 10. It is an important new moon. Have you noticed how so many of us have been looking for home, moving, planning on moving? Finding home is important whatever is coming our way requires us to have a place that we know is Home.

Next week, on June 14, we have the next pass of Saturn square Uranus. This is Order vs, Chaos. Some chaos is needed for change. To much chaos requires stability and security to keep at least a semblance of order. Saturn is Order. Uranus is chaos. Saturn is authority. Uranus is breaking free. Watch then play out as the Eclipse plays out too.

See you next week


On Saturday June 12, between the eclipse and Saturn/Uranus, is the next edition of Radio Perspectives from the Sky on Oneness Radio Network.

We will have Ron D’Amico as our guest. He is a local Sedona healer and a traveler in New Consciousness. We will be tossing around ideas for healing and transformation into alignment with Age of Aquarius consciousness and living.

To get to seeing the show:

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