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Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces and astrology Forecast March 6-12

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have often written how our entrance into the New Age of Aquarius requires the breakdown of the old world, the system and its’institutions.

And each time we move into an Eclipse Season, the process of breakdown of the system intensifies, even as there is an intensification of breakthroughs too.

These breakthroughs bring new truths, more light and love, and greater alignment with the energies for an Age of Aquarius.  There is also, as part of the process, a return to values at the core of whatever entity is experiencing the transformation.

And this week, on Tuesday March 8 at 8:54 PM EST the first of two in a row eclipses erupts.

So the process of transformation through breakdowns and breakthroughs is intensifying. As we look at the political landscape through the lens of the Democrat and Republican campaigns for President of the USA, we see the people wanting a breakdown of old systems and wanting their core values to be brought back into the world.

No matter what politics you have allegiance to, and Sanders and Trump represent such different values, you must be able to see that both candidates show us how much the people of the USA  desire vast transformational change. And their popularity also shows us the breakdown of the old system.  Since Clinton is a woman, in that regard she also represents a breakdown of the old paradigm that does not truly believe women can be world leaders.

And there will be much more breakdown of the old system.  Since “the system” is run by Government, Corporations/Banks, and Military; we can expect the breakdown to come to those places.

Great change in who and what are running the government, Corporate/Banking breakdowns through stock market and other declines, and more chaotic military conflicts will show us the breakdowns.

This being a Pisces Solar Eclipse New Moon, there should be “ghosts”of the past coming back into the world and personal lives, in order to clear the way for new people, new energies, and new ways of being.

These ghosts will remind us of how it used to be, and let us know that they or it will not be coming back.  At first there may be some nostalgia for the way it used to be, but after a little while, it will be obvious that those old times are gone.

Let your self feel the sadness or grief, but when it is time- let it go- so you can be ready to more fully embrace the New Chapter of life.

The old necessarily dies when it is time, but of course can be metaphorically kept barely alive on “life support systems”.  But those systems can only delay the inevitable and give a bit more time to get used to the changes.

We are getting used to big changes in our world, as can be seen in the aforementioned current political climate.   President  Obama and his government will be gone after the election, and whomever takes over will be so much different than he has been.

And in your own life, what is dying now, what is leaving your world?  The concentration at this New Moon in Pisces is more on what is leaving than arriving, more making peace with the past than greeting the future.

If you need, do ritual around what you are letting go.   In that way you can feel the process as natural and sacred.

If you are letting go of an old relationship, take out pictures and cut them up or bury them, or burn them, or lovingly place them somewhere in your house that represents the past to you.

Feelings may be quite strong around this Pisces Solar Eclipse, sensitivity may be heightened, and desires to escape difficult situations or decisions greater.

A good strategy over the next couple of weeks would be to surrender, or let go, not control, or be too governed by any rigid agendas.

Trusting the Universe is more important than usual and meditation more helpful than usual.

No matter what is happening “on the ground”,  as bad as it may seem right now; in the bigger picture there is an old world dying and a New Age being born.   And there is no way the new world can be built on the foundation of our current old paradigm for living.

That old paradigm rewards selfishness and aggression in men; and rewards looks and submissiveness in women.

It is a dog eat dog eat world, every man or family of nation for itself, creating enemies to rid the world of.   It is a world that rewards big ego and narcissism, rewards the ability to make money and have the “right” image above all else.

If you want the Age of Aquarius for our children, grandchildren and future generations, it is imperative the old world breaks down.  That will be our sacrifice for evolution and the future.

Ironically, concentrating on being in the “here and now”, “in the moment”, is the best way to facilitate the best future.

Spiritually and practically speaking there is only “now”, even as we grieve the past or imagine the future.

We can do all that if we do not dwell or get engulfed by feelings about the past, or imaginings or worries about the future.

This Pisces Solar Eclipse New Moon will bring greater intensity, especially emotionally.  Be careful not to overreact or get defensive in your relationships.  Since feelings are being stirred up now, it is right to be aware of this fact so you can do your best to keep boundaries, and to put a lid on emotions that are on the verge of getting out of control.

Not taking personally what others say to you will also be important now. Focus on what may be bothering them that has little to do with you and more to do with their own issues.

In the greater world,  stay away from fear or hated as best you can.  All is happening for a reason from the bigger picture.  Certain personalities or countries that represent everything that is against your values are not your enemy to be hated.

Making the Diversity in Unity world come to fruition is dependent on each of us living by that standard.  Or as my Mother used to say, “it takes all kinds to make up this world”. Some we like and some we do not, as is natural.

I can’t truly understand why there have to be crocodiles, sharks or tics in the world, but part of nature’s mystery makes them all necessary.

Let go this week, trust the Universe and Nature, including Human Nature.

Talk with you next week,


I am planning on doing a webinar class on Transformational Astrology late this Spring.  Let me know if you might be interested and tell me what part of the world you live in by writing to

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

My life partner Deborah has a blog now that will bring to you a greater sense of life’s sacredness and our human connection to our Earth, Feminine mysteries and that which brings us all together in unity.

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