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Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius and Astrology Forecast December 13-19

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we experience the second and last eclipse this season: A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius on Monday Dec 14 at 11:17 AM EST.

A Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse will intensify the energy field, and for some quite positively as Presidential Electors vote that day for President and Biden has the votes.

Others will use the fire of Sagittarius to be on a mission to overturn the Election and violence is a method being seriously contemplated if not fully decided on yet.

One very positive highlight from this last week is that the members of the Supreme Court voted with integrity instead of voting according to their being labeled as conservatives.

The bad news however is that Texas and 17 other states tried to negate the vote of 4 other states. And over 100 republican congressmen also sided with Texas. The Court turned them away.

This is really feeling more and more like a return to Civil War attitudes. With all avenues to stopping the Biden win legally closed off, there is a good chance that violence is coming next.

And this Solar Eclipse New Moon in fiery Sagittarius (opposite USA Mars in Gemini) could trigger impulsive emotions and actions over the next month or so.

On Tuesday December 15 Chiron goes Direct. Chiron is in fiery Aries. That might also stir things up.

Chiron sits in the heavens between old guard planet Saturn and ambassador of the Age of Aquarius Uranus. Chiron is a bridge between our higher self and our ego self. So now we each need to stay with our better angels while still listening to what we need to take care of ourselves properly.

Before that New Moon in Sagittarius on Monday the 14th, we face a darkened Moon at the same time as the days are getting darker as we approach the Winter Solstice. Darkening lunar cycle and solar cycle.

Keep that in mind if you feel depressed or overly negative now.

The New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius should bring up more positive energy and faith, but the Winter Solstice is still on the way.

On Monday the 21st at 5:02 AM EST we hit Winter Solstice. And as Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius happens a few hours later at 1:21 PM, we have turned toward the light.

Age of Aquarius is that light at the end of our dark feeling tunnel. Focus on that and not on the negative vibes our world has been dishing out.

Next week on the 19th I will present my last webinar in the Autumn series. Please write to register. Fee is $20

I really enjoyed doing my first Perspectives from The Sky “radio” show on Saturday on Oneness talkradio. Next show will be on Saturday January 2. Then every other Saturday after that.

There is so much happening now on so many levels. Transformational Change is strong. We can no longer hold onto the old patterns from the shore of the old chapter of our lives.

2020 has wiped out the old normal, and is not yet fully showing the New Chapter of our lives. Covid is spiking all over the country, while at the same time vaccines are looking ready to be used.

But not everyone is on board, partly because trust in the authorities in the System is less and less as time goes on. The good news is that people want to think for themselves, not be blind sheep.

But maybe these vaccines will truly help us to move beyond the devastation of Covid? Everyone has a different opinion on this. Healthy questioning and research can maybe get each of us our Truth.

The holidays are not far away anymore, but for many they will be sad, as Covid concerns will keep people isolated.

It is not so easy balancing our need to control the spread of the Virus, with our needs for human connection and material needs.

It is all part of the process of major transformation of our world and lives.

Feel the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction getting closer as Saturn moves into Aquarius on December 16 and Jupiter moves into Aquarius on December 19.

Then next week is the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on Winter Solstice December 21, along with a most powerful Mars square Pluto on December 23.

We will investigate much more deeply at the Webinar on the 19th. Let me know if you want to attend at

See you next week,


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