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Soul Searching and Astrology Forecast December 8-14

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Autumn Eclipse Season 2013 has passed.   Comet Ison has faded and reports are that it has died from its close encounter with the Sun.   The fiery New Moon in Sagittarius occurred earlier this past week.   Energetic intensity from planetary movements has subsided now, and we can now lick whatever wounds we have incurred during the last several weeks. We can sort through the rubble of what may have been broken down and heal, fix and re-gather our Self.

Hopefully we can also enjoy some inner time, and get ready for the holidays.

While on the one hand we are in Sun in Sagittarius time, a time of excitement; at the same time we are experiencing the reality of each day being darker than the previous one on the way to Winter Solstice.

The darkest day happens at the Winter Solstice, this year 2013 on December 21.   So deep inside us we will sometimes feel the pull of that darkness in our souls, perhaps feeling sadness, grief, fear, or at least a pull to go inward for more reflection or meditation.

So while the Sagittarian energy is aligned with the potential excitement and sometimes maybe frenzy of the holidays, the movement toward the Winter Solstice darkness brings us to know life can bring difficulty, that people suffer sometimes,  and that loved ones need to be appreciated and cherished.

Late Winter and Spring 2014 will bring powerful energies of change and transformation again. This time likely more powerful than ever.  There will be another Eclipse Season in April, and that same month there will be a Cardinal Grand Cross that includes the Uranus/Pluto square.   That Grand Cross makes an extremely close contact with the USA natal Sun from its birth chart of July 4 1776.  Citizens of the USA and all those affected by its Empire will experience great waves of change leading up to, during, and after that month of April 2014.

The Military/Economic structure of the American Empire is in the process of great change.  No matter what you are seeing on the surface, the economy is built on a faulty foundation and the cracks will break open before too long.  Our domination of the world is coming to an end.    We need in the United States to come back to our core values, core values that apply to all the world not just to our own citizens.  The truths that are self evident and come from God are for all humanity:   Liberty, Equality, Self Determination, etc..

The current government establishment of President Obama is trying to stop the demonizing of countries like Iran, and to give peace a chance.  But remember that there are strong  hawkish war elements in America, Israel, Iran and other countries.

They still believe strongly in “might makes right”, “Us versus Them”, and survival of the fittest strategies for living as a human on the Earth.  Though they are ultimately dinosaurs of human evolution, when they fall they will likely bring their huge weight to crush many in their path.   So much of our economy and programmed world view from the passing Age is based on this “us versus them” mentality.

But the Age of Aquarius has a different paradigm, one of equality and Diversity in Unity, one of fairness and justice,  and rising above our more base instincts.

Nelson Mandela was one of the “bigger than life” humans to walk this Earth, one who has joined people like Ghandi and Martin Luther King to create a new mold, a new soul frequency- one more aligned with the Aquarian Age.

In your own life, on the deepest of levels, the inner work is to transform and heal to the extent to which Love and Truth- in their essence- guide your life.

Disillusion that comes into your life through your seeming failures is a gift from the Universe to your soul.  If you thought your relationship was a good one because you were content in it, its breakdown and the disillusion that comes with it bring you to the truth of its real condition.    True love may not have been guiding the way, other motivations kept you in it, like security or fear of change or not wanting instability for you or your loved ones.

As you are brought to face the truth, you let go of any illusions you had, and the letting go liberates you to find your authentic self and a more authentic life.  Of course there is pain in letting go and moving on, but the new awakenings, new found freedom, the opening up of your heart and mind, and the reconnection with your soul bring you riches beyond what you knew.

Before we enter the power of great change next year in late winter and spring, we will experience a need to reflect on our past, to relook at what we have taken for granted or learned to accept, and to realign our priorities and life choices.   Before we move so strongly forward again next year, we need to get our life more aligned with our souls and the journey they require.

That which is off our true path will be challenged to be let go of.

There will be two important retrograde movements before we can move fully forward again: Mars and Venus will both soon move in reverse.   Venus will go Retrograde on Winter Solstice December 21, and stay that way until January 31 2014 when it goes back direct again.   Heart and relationship issues will become front and center in our consciousness.  We will be more aware of relationship patterns and dynamics, and less apt to just accept ones that do not work well or are not based on love.  Changes in relationship can be expected.

Mars will go Retrograde on April 1 2014 and actually be a part of the Grand Cross that month. It will stay retrograde until May 19 when it goes back Direct.  During that time we will be examining what we truly want and desire in life, what actions we want to take and what directions we want to move toward.

But for now do your best to let go of stress, fear and anxiety, let your self come down more and more into your body and soul and its wisdoms, and up into your Higher Self and its inspirations.  There is no “natural” or planetary reason now to push too hard for things to change.

Everything you may be going through now that seems difficult is happening for a reason.   Events do not happen because of bad luck or good luck.   The Universe and your soul are guiding the way into experiences you need for karmic release or soul growth or evolution.  As we move through collective evolution into an Age of Aquarius, we each are challenged to change our hard wiring of programming from an old age and to evolve into new frequencies, mindsets, and soul tones.

See you next week,


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You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

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