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Sparks Flying and Astrology Forecast August 11-17.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week starts out with a bang, as both Jupiter and Uranus change direction. A planet changing directions, either way (to direct or to retrograde), increases its energetic intensity for a few days surrounding the event.

On Sunday August 11, Jupiter goes from Retrograde to Direct, while Uranus goes from Direct to Retrograde.

Energetically,  Jupiter is uplifting, inspirational, big-picture, positive, motivating, expansive, optimistic.

Uranus in its purest form is a feeling of “breaking out” or “breaking through”, liberation,  rebelliousness, radical, revolutionary, individualistic, aware of the greater group or collective.

Both can also be very intuitive and impulsive, not usually checking in with caution or logic before launch.

Around and after the weekend, the “air” will be more clear; taking action will feel more natural; stating one’s truth will be easier and less tempered. Controls are being taken away.

I am sure you have noticed that people are more unhinged lately, and Uranus and Jupiter’s changes are assisting that process now.

Trump has always been unhinged, so it is kinda scary to envision what is will be like for him to lift off whatever or whomever still has some control of him.

USA relationships with China, Russia, Iran and also many of its allies have seriously been shredded during this current administration.

As Mars triggers planetary positions from the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo of 2017 this week, issues with North Korea and China should be in the spotlight.

Also references to Charlottesville in 2017 will be triggered by Mars in Leo, as white supremacy and culture war events are likely again.

The resulting chaos is upon us, which also includes the recent gyrations of the stock market, which  is less predictable now.

Though this breakdown of the Military/Economic Empire Complex may feel scary sometimes; at the same time rushes of new clean light containing energies are wanting to stream through.

More and more people are beginning to rise up to the challenge, and want to assist in transforming this country and world.

Do your best not to join in on the new American Civil War.  That does not mean you need to temper your passion for what you believe in, or to not have preference for a party or person you believe is best to lead our country and world.

But it does mean there is no good reason to demonize and make enemy of anyone or anything.

Yes we do seek to “defeat” the forces of the old paradigm and world.  “Nature”, the Universe, God/Goddess (whatever you believe in), is working its transformational magic all the time.

You will not witness that happening if you are caught up and swallowed up by the dramas that the media, and social media engage in. Everything is made into a contest, competition, battle, or sport.

And each political party is made into a combatant in a battle to the death.

Meanwhile our country and world are going under. Why do we not bring the best minds and hearts all over the world together to discuss the enormously important issues before us: climate change, nuclear weapons, and the sad and frightening fact that our world is in a state of separation from one another.

We have been programmed to believe that all and everyone is disconnected in a random physically and materially dominant world, one without heart and soul and deep connections.

So many are asleep as they sleepwalk through life, looking for the “leaders” to show them the way. This is the metaphor of zombies, just as the metaphor of vampires shows us there are entities (forces, energetics, frequencies) who will suck the life out of you if you do not stay strong,  self honoring and awake.

Having to be “good” and nice or guilty all the time is a disempowering paradigm that has been thrust on us by many religions, societies, and families. We are told we come into our life bad (original sin), but we can become good in our lifetime with Heaven after you are dead as the goal.

How about instead knowing you are a soul with a “rented” body living in a Universe filled with Love and Truth that can be accessed in your now life when you are aligned, in connection with All, and at the same  time true to individual Self.

The Age of Aquarius has open arms, and its “ruling” planet Uranus leads the way.

Uranus, discovered in 1781, coincides with French and American  revolutions that honor the individual as stewards of the world, not kings or queens, dictators, governments or corporations.

It is “we the people” and the world is waiting for us to take responsibility.  In connection with Spirit we are never alone and are empowered as we need to be. In connection with other citizens of our country and world collective, we are surrounded with friends and family.

Do not concentrate or live in fear about mass murderers or stock market crashes or any other horror stories.

We are here for the healing and resolutions, not to wring our hands in anxiety, panic, and despair.

Yes the planets let us know now that much needs to be released, let go of,  purged or even destroyed. And they let us know we need to have trust and faith that we are crossing a threshold into the wonders of the Age of Aquarius.

This week , at the beginning of the week we have sparks of life to awaken us and move us forward as Jupiter and Uranus change directions.  Important world events will follow this week.

Then on Thursday is the Full Moon in Aquarius at 8:29 AM EDT. Full Moon in Aquarius means that the Sun is in Leo directly opposite the Moon in Aquarius.

Sun, Venus, and Mars are all conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon. So the power of personality is likely stronger than community at this Full Moon in Aquarius.

Overall the Leo/Aquarius Full Moon seeks to combine the individual need to be seen and to creatively express itself, with the group need to do what is best for the community or group or society.

In the USA Congress is Aquarius and executive (president) branch of government is Leo.

If they can come together to accomplish for the American people that would be great. So far they have not been anywhere near on the same page.

The USA natal chart from July 4, 1776 has the Moon in Aquarius, fairly close to where this Full Moon is in Aquarius.

USA Moon in Aquarius reflects the American inner values of equality, freedom of the individual, freedom of speech, and a Diversity within Unity higher principle.

Can we reintegrate those values back into our minds and souls? Current issues with immigration demand we get back in touch with those values.

This week will likely be filled with energy and events.  Keep your feet on the ground and your head up toward the heavens. We humans are the link between our Earth home and our connection with the stars, planets, and mystery of the Universe.

Trees are our closest likeness, as they are rooted in the Earth as its branches reach up to the Heavens.

Till next week


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