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Spring 2010, Stepping Forward into a New Paradigm on Earth

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Last week Mars went Direct to get our lives restarted again,  to begin to give us more clarity of what we want in our lives and what directions we are moving in.  But we have only just started up our cars, so to speak.  We are not totally engaged yet in moving forward.   

 Sunday is dark of the Moon before a New Moon in Pisces, Monday March 15 at 5:01 PM.  It is time to lay low energetically at dark of the Moon.

Then on Monday with the New Moon in Pisces, you will feel new beginnings like in all New Moons, but this new beginning may also feel like we are being pulled back to winter in our souls, even though spring is only a few days away.   We may still need to cleanse our bodies and souls, to sink into our inner depths, to let go of the ghosts of our insecurities.   

 This will be a theme during the next 28 days before the New Moon in Aries on April 14, after which time we will feel more propelled forward in our lives.  Then in Mid May, when Mars returns to where it was when it went retrograde (19 degress of Leo in Deember 2009) we will be much more certain of what we want in our lives and what direction we are going in.

But first, this week, we offficially end winter and begin spring on Saturday March 20 at 1:32 PM EDT.  Spring Equinox is a moment when light and dark are equal.  The other time of the year when light and dark are equal is at Autumn Equinox. The difference is that for Spring Equinox, though light and dark are equal, light increases till it reaches zenith at Summer Solstice.   In the Autumn it is the opposite.   Dark/Yin energies increase until Winter Solstice when darkenss reaches its pinnacle.

So with light energies rising at spring, active Yang movement gets progressively stronger.  Remember that at spring equinox this fiery active Aries energy is just beginning.   It is far from being in full throttle.  Let the light shine inside, feel the active energies stirring, as the buds of the trees are only stirring inside still, not pushing outward yet.  Make visualization of what you will want to initiate.

This spring and early summer of 2010 will bring much activity, as there are many important and transformational planetary aspects coming our way then.  Events that will occur will be more important than usual as we are only a couple years away from 2012, the end of an old world cycle and the beginning of a new world as seen by the Mayan Calendar.    

We have been receiving powerful signs that our world is shifting, is transforming in huge ways.    This winter has brought us some really weird weather.   Snow and cold weather have occurred in many unlikely places, like Rome Italy; London England; Florida USA; Texas USA; Louisiana and Mississippi.  In places like Washington D.C., Philadelphia PA, and New York, NY, there has been almost triple the normal amount of snowfall.  Up here in Portland Maine, which often endures pretty harsh winters, we have not had a big snowfall since January and temperatures in February and March have been very mild, with spring-like temperatures mainly in the 40’s.

Recently also has been an unusual amount of Big Earthquakes, measuring from 6.0 to almost 9.0 on the Richter scale.   Two of them were especially devastating, the one in Haiti that killed over 250,000 people and the 8.8 earthquake in Chile, which killed, injured and made homeless thousands of people.

Our world is being shaken up, is being “turned upside down”.  Many more big shifts and waves of change are coming our way.  More nature driven changes are coming our way, as well as more culturally driven changes. 

Many people seem afraid of 2012 and are terrified that we are facing an apocalyptic scenario in the next few years.  Others believe no big change is coming, and that the world stays generally the same always, with occasional pendulum shifts to extremes at times.  The truth is at neither extreme.

We are not facing the end of the world.  The Earth’s poles will not shift in any big way all at once.  All the waters on Earth will not rise all at once to drown most of the Earth’s populace.   No great virus or disease will wipe out most of the world’s peoples.    But I do believe we are in the beginning stages of a worldwide earthquake of our psyches that will transform all our lives.

And our financial system will transform greatly to eventually bring more parity to the world’s people.    Living in a world where some are grossly wealthy while others struggle to make ends meet will transform into something more equitable, after some trials and tribulations.  

And  I do believe we could face a Third World War that would swallow up our human family, and scare us all into changing our ways, ridding our world of WMD’s and changing our overall paradigm for living with one another on the Earth.  If we do not change quickly this war  is a real possibility.

We must learn to quit the power and power abuse patterns.  We must learn to end the vast disparity between haves and have nots, privileged and underprivileged. 

In fact we must learn to tolerate and respect the differences between peoples on the Earth.   We must come to the knowledge that we are all one family on this planet, with so much in common.    Our diversity is meant to provide our Earth community with people of varying talents and functions, with many flavors in the human stew.   Hating those who are different, and especially killing and even committing genocide against those who are different is Un-Natural and has no place in an Aquarian Age.

Maybe instead of World War III we can expect an ET visitation which will give us new eyes with a new perspective on the lives we have been living in an old Age.   Maybe this would humble us or at least bring us all together as ONE  family here on Earth.  

 And for sure it would show us that our scientific and religious viewpoints have been narrow and wrong.  This visitation would shake up all of our suppositions about the world we live in and our human condition on the Earth and within the Universe.  There would all of a sudden be many more questions than answers.

And maybe the shifting of Ages will shake us up in other ways- our knowledge of what it is to be human, how we got here, who we really are, more about how we view God and gods.

Zacchariah Sitchin PHD,  initiated a revolutionary viewpoint on who we are, how we got here, and who the gods from mythology really were.

He began a series of books investigating our origins with the book “The 12th Planet”.

In preparation for writing this book, Sitchin studied extensively cuneiform scripts from the ancient Sumerians, who resided in what is now modern Iraq.   The writings showed pictures of rocket ships, and gods with wings.  Translations showed a story of people coming from outer space to Earth 100’s of thousands of years ago.  The planet they came from is called Niburu.

The gods that were revered by our ancestors, according to Sitchin and his research, were real not just myth.    All of the gods from so many of our human cultures were the same people with different names.  These gods needed the minerals, especially gold, from our Earth to help them on their planet as they were running out of thse elements.

After time, these “gods” needed laborers to extract that gold, and hence used genetic engineering to combine their traits with the traits of the creatures here on Earth.    What was created was us- humans.   According to this theory we are part “divine” and part creature.  Being human is the link between the two, between Heaven and Earth so to speak.

Also interestingly these Sumerian writers wrote of the planets in the solar system and knew about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  These planets were “discovered” in modern times in 1781, 1846, and 1930 respectively.  How could the Sumerians from the 3rd and 4th centuries B.C know of these planets?   Sitchin and other writers like Michael Tellinger who wrote “Slave Species of god”, say the Visitors from Niburu, the gods, brought this information with them.  Perhaps that theory is true, but even if not, How Did The Sumerians Know about the Solar System and Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto?

Of course we modern humans generally look down on our ancestors and cannot believe their writings are anything more than fables, not based on any real happenings.  But perhaps we are wrong and many of their “myths” were real. And for sure they knew more than we imagine they knew.

Expect over the next several years for our viewpoints to change radically about ourselves and our world.  Our preconceived notions, our prevailing Paradigms of our world are shifting and changing.   

The point to be made is that we do not possess all the answers as we believe we do.   Once everyone was convinced the Sun moved around the Earth and that the Earth was flat.   Those that believed otherwise were considered crazy or rebellious or heretical.

20 years ago few anticipated the revolution of the internet or that we could use something like Skype and see each other while talking to one another on computers.

Many more revolutionary changes are coming over the next 10 years, and spring/early summer 2010 will present us with clues and signs as to what some of these changes will be like.

“See” you next week

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Take a look at my website to find out more about readings that will help you move through the changes on Earth and changes in your personal life.  Those readings can be found on the Services page. You will also find more writings and past issues of Spiritual Renaissance in the Archives section.

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