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Spring Eclipse Season 2014 Begins and Astrology Forecast March 30- April 5

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Spring Eclipse Season 2014 promises to be one we will always remember.    The New Moon in Aries on Sunday March 30 at 2:45 PM EDT can be considered the time of turning the ignition key into that Season.  Aries is like the thrust outward into the world at a new baby’s birth, of the buds pushing through branches in spring, of a warrior’s courage to fight for what is right, of the courageous statement of a gay man or woman to be true to themselves and come out.   Aries is the force of nature to emerge.

If you have holding back from starting something new, doing something new, turning over a new leaf in your life, or truly living your life alive, now is a good time to begin. It is a good time to emerge from winter’s slumber of self protection.  It is time to clean up the act, dust off the cobwebs, and breathe in the fresh new air.

The day before the New Moon in Aries, while the Sun in Aries still awaited the Moon to join it there, the force of a strong 5.1 earthquake was felt in Los Angeles, which can be seen as the beginning shakeup of our USA experience this Eclipse Season.  The USA will be going through some growing pains during this Eclipse Season, in large part because the Cardinal Grand Cross, which will be in effect much of this month of April, will be exactly in aspect to the USA natal Sun position of  13+ degrees of Cancer on July 4 1776. This will happen toward the end of the month.

We citizens of the USA are on a journey of great transformation, and Spring Eclipse Season 2014 will spike and accelerate that transformation.  During our American Revolution we created sacred documents like our constitution and bill of rights, documents that channeled Universal Rights like Freedom and Liberty, Self determination, and Equality of all humans.

Our natal Moon in Aquarius gives us values aligned with the Aquarian Age, like Diversity in Unity, seen inside our shores through immigration of peoples from varied cultures over the years.   Our democracy is supposed to give power to the people, beyond the old age of kings and queens, and dictators.   Freedom of speech is another Aquarian Age principle that is a part of America.

Where we have gone wrong is the fact that many of our citizens fail to know that these Aquarian values are for all peoples, not just Americans.  We are equal to all others, not better.   Our Superpower Empire status precludes worldwide equality and Diversity in Unity.  Our invasion of other countries and pushing other countries to our style of capitalism and democracy does not allow for others’ Self Determination and freedom.

Corporate control of our country takes power away from the people.  Our over-valuing and over-paying of celebrity goes against our values of equality.

We are on the verge of a humbling and a breakdown of institutions and ways that have taken us away from our core principles.   We are at a turning point in our evolution as a country, as we choose our fate to be like Rome’s decay or like a renewed breath of fresh air in the world.

We need to return to our core soul values, values aligned with the Universe and the Age of Aquarius.   Our Moon in Aquarius reflects our soul’s voice.  When a country or an individual lose their soul, the life force that animates them dies. They become an empty shell.

As we breathe new life into our soul, we are reborn.

And soon world events will challenge us to grow and evolve or not.  Russia’s new flexing of its muscles, China’s strength in the world, Iran’s desires to be empowered, all promise a new balance of power in the world.

How will we react to others’s wanting to level the world playing field?

When the 9-11 tragic attack on the World Trade Center and America occurred in 2001, do you feel that the way the USA responded showed movement toward decay in relation to its core values or did it transform in a positive way and evolve?

New events will challenge the USA again to evolve or die another layer of soul death.

And in your personal life, which may be challenged this Spring Eclipse Season, will you see whatever happens in a meaningful context, as part of your soul journey this lifetime?   Will you learn from the experience, and take responsibility for your life?  Or will you mostly look for blame or see through the lens of good and bad luck?

Will you release that which keeps your ego in charge, keeps security needs as your top priority, and fear as your primary guide?   Or will you yield to the wisdom of your soul, and let it guide you to your authentic self and your core inner values?

This season, beginning forcefully this month of April,  will be a test of trust and faith for many.   Do you trust the new way of a new era in your life, or do you feel old fears and doubts and needs to control taking over your mind and emotions?

If the latter doubts get too strong, it is time to do some releasing- releasing old attitudes and beliefs, releasing people, jobs or property that reflect your fears and doubts from your old era of life.

As you release, doors of opportunity will open, new insights and inspirations will emerge, and light will have a place to enter your heart and mind.

Old programming creates blocks to the light, blocks in our bodies and souls.    Old patterns of thought and behavior that keep “Groundhog Day” same old, same old patterns to keep repeating, repeating can now be transformed into healthier new ways of being.

So get ready to emerge into new light rays this Spring 2014, and do not be daunted by any world events that tend to inspire fear in your heart.  All is in divine order and happening for a reason.  Your job is to stay aligned and to make choices that reflect and maintain that alignment.  Keeping your mind, body and soul healthy is of paramount importance and gives you a strong foundation for your personal evolution.  That does not mean being perfect and not enjoying life, but instead means doing what is necessary to keep you sane and in balance.

After this New Moon, which forms a strong T-square because of  a conjunction to Uranus and a square to Pluto, we will have entered our Eclipse Season.  Energies will intensify as we get into mid month of April.

On April 15 is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries/Libra.   Then the Cardinal Grand Cross gets near exact after April 19 until around April 24.  Then the second eclipse happens on April 29, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus.

Mars goes Direct on May 19, pushing us in a renewed way, forward again after the shakeups of April. Then late spring and summer bring new events that are aligned with how we weather the storms in April.

Of course we will look more insightfully into the meaning of each planetary configuration as we get closer to the actual astrological events.  We will also look more closely at how the planetary alignments this spring will affect the different astrological signs.  And we will put whatever world events that occur this spring into the context of the planetary movements and our voyage into the Age of Aquarius.

See you next week,


If you have the time please enjoy the youtube video just created for Spring Eclipse Season 2014 and the Cardinal Grand Cross.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

There is already a YOUTUBE video autumn 2013 forecast out at

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

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